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Succubus Lore (Poem)

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Succubus Lore 
by Amy ´Insom´ Downum
Written 2005
First published in Elfwood
Language English
Subject(s) Succubus
Lines 36

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Lore is a poem written by Amy ´Insom´ Downum.

Succubus Lore

Succubus Lore
by Amy ´Insom´ Downum

Sickly shadows scrape their way o’er
Ghastly branches of forest Lore.
The moonlight, a glowing galleon, rides
Upon a sea of stars.
Whistles pierce silence thick,
Rabbits hide for owls are quick
‘Pon silent wings of death.
Shadow Lore is sung,
By crickets on their violins,
And wolves accompanying in bass through the trees.

Through the night she steps,
Silken slip and rustle or a satin gown follows.
Quiet. Silent.
Moonshine hair, golden sheen, ripples down
To shoulder-length.
A mystery revealed,
As the gown is peeled
By his fingers from her skin.

Dare he tease a kiss?
Denied once. Twice.
A third, and he sighs and caresses her thighs,
Waiting for his moment.
Fingers trace patterns of feathered lace
O’er his chest, waiting for her moment…

Bodies hot, a press of impassioned flesh.
Hungry on her part.

So soft a kiss, dismissing this
Notion wild of his.

Comes true when slowly the moon fades
From skin of alabaster purity.
Now scales of demoness
And cool, clawed fingers choke him
With detached finesse.

A gurgle, a gag.
A limp jaw that sags.

The succubus rides again.

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