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Succubus (Blood Bound)

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Succubus (Blood Bound)
The Succubus Sassanah Amelia from the Blood Bound webcomic series
The Succubus Sassanah Amelia
Current leader Countess Amelia
Capital Vienna
Home world Earth
Base of operations Mobile
Official language English
Character in Series Sassanah Amelia
Countess Amelia
Physical Aspects Attractive Female with horns, tail and elongated ears

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Blood Bound webcomic series are a humanoid female species of demon noted for their horns and tail, as well as their attractive figure. The primary Succubus character in the series is Sassanah Amelia.

Species Information


  • Type: Humanoid inhuman demon
  • Species: Homosapian Demonicus Eros
  • Lifespan: 1200 Years


Succubi are a humanoid female species of demon noted for their horns and tail, as well as their attractive figure. These demons are also known for their high libido.


Succubi like all demons have a genetic trait allowing them to make use of arcane abilities. This allows for the use of N space, to alter their appearance and for those with training, to make use of N space portals for near instant transportation. Ritual use of these and other arcane abilities also form part of their religion.


The skeletal structure of succubi follow the hydrostatic standard of most vertebrates, supporting the weight and musculature though the bones themselves are very thin, an advantage in flight. The wings structure blend into the back and fade into what is believed to be N space, meaning that they pass into the skin of the back and apparently disappear completely, only to be exposed when flight is needed. The tail of the succubi is prehensile and able to grip onto objects or their prey. The horns do not appear to have any practical use, but may be early evolutionary baggage. However, the horns may serve as a cultural symbol of status or sexual maturity.

Scent glands in the wrists of the succubi emit a pheromone that causes arousal in humans and some inhumans and the succubi able to “blow kisses” to direct the pheromones towards intended targets.

Succubi are not solely dependent on the spirit or life-forces of their prey for sustenance and can and do eat normal foods and drink. However they do require life force for existence. This leads to the main interactions between them and humans. This has led to many succubi working in human sex industry where they are able to make a living, and feed at the same time. Of course in such things, the death of the human is avoided.


Succubi culture on the whole is reminiscent of Imperial cultures with classes of High and Low born demons depending on the family, and of the manipulation of their brother species, the Incubi. Status and rank feature highly as well as devotion towards the patron deity known as Nyx.

The relationship between succubi and incubi is defiantly not as equals, Incubi do indeed hunt etc, but in regards to their relationship with Succubi, they are submissive . Succubi may marry them, but it is a female dominated relationship. Similar to a reversal of the "1950's" housewife taken to extremes. Succubi see incubi as genetic material donors, and laborers. Incubi see succubi as goddesses (avatars of Nyx?) and will do anything for that pleasure of a succubi's sexual attention. Its not unusual for a Succubus to have a husband and several incubi lovers.


Most succubi revere Nyx as their patron goddess and invoke her name in many dealings they have with each other. Organized temples exist in most centers where succubi live, and many high born succubi have spent time serving as priestesses or acolytes. This places the religion as a powerful organization in their culture. Rituals invoked during worship often involve the use of arcane abilities, and or sexual activities.

Views on Other Races

Many highborn succubi consider their species to be the most pure of demon species, and consider most other species of demons and inhumans to be second class, and that humans are merely a food source. Younger succubi can take this to extremes and exhibit racist behavior.

Sassanah Amelia

Sassanah Amelia
Blood Bound character
The Succubus Sassanah Amelia
Created by

Species Succubus
Gender Female
Relatives Countess Amelia
Christine La Rouge
Jinni Darque

Succubus daughter of Countess Amelia, and known as Sassy to her friends, and Demona while performing as an erotic dancer. Born in Vienna in the 18th Century, she was the only daughter of the Countess to survive the trials that would give her the right to life. After the trials she left Vienna and went to live in the newly human discovered “New World” settling in what would hundreds of years later as Kentucky. She made a profitable living as a prostitute, where she was able to feed on sexual energy, as well as make money while avoiding her mothers ire. Over time Sassy has had many relationships, mostly with like minded inhumans of various species, from other demons, vampires and weres.

In modern times, Sassy started working as an erotic dancer, where she was able to feed on sexual energy from her audience, as well as make enough money for her small one bedroom apartment. Sassy met Christine La Rouge during an intimate moment with a free-were known as Anubis. Despite this less than ideal introduction, Sassy formed a very loose friendship with the vampire, whom was able to rebuff all her advances, and in time, Christine introduced her to Jinni Darque. From there a relationship formed between the two girls.

In an effort to increase the social standing of House Amelia, the Countess traced her daughter down and confronted her about her relationship with a vampire, rather than breeding with an incubus and bearing more succubi. This lead to Sassy and Jinni going out, and in an act of rebellion, Sassy got tattooed. This is a serious taboo in succubi culture who believe in the purity of fleshly beauty. On their return the conflict escalated until the Countess left. Sassy is very highly charged, as a succubus would be by nature, but very loving and loyal to those whom she has formed an attachment with. She is a lover not a fighter, but there are times when she is willing to take a random humans life.

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