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  1. 'Twas the Darkest Night (eBook)
  2. (Dis)Members Only
  3. 108 Ghosts (eBook)
  4. 13:17 (eBook)
  5. 13th Floor: The Sincubus
  6. 19 True Incubus Short Stories (eBook)
  7. 2009 Christmas Sophie
  8. 2010 Convention Sophie
  9. 2011 Sophie Christmas Ornament
  10. 413 (eBook)
  11. 44 Minutes to Save the World
  12. 4:Play: A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories
  13. A 'Small' Adventure with a Succubus (eBook)
  14. A Binding of Demons (eBook)
  15. A Blasphemous Easter (eBook)
  16. A Blast from the Past (eBook)
  17. A Bloody End - Chronicles of Myra
  18. A Bride of Salt and Stars (eBook)
  19. A Brush of Darkness
  20. A Byte of Paradise (eBook)
  21. A Calling for Pleasure (eBook)
  22. A Cardinal Sin (eBook)
  23. A Chip on Her Shoulder (eBook)
  24. A Consecrated Heart (eBook)
  25. A Council of Betrayal (eBook)
  26. A Darker Shade of Dawn (eBook)
  27. A Date with Lilith (eBook)
  28. A Deal with a Demon (eBook)
  29. A Deeper Hunger (eBook)
  30. A Demon's Desires: He Takes What He Wants (eBook)
  31. A Demon's Desires: His Meeting with the Mage (eBook)
  32. A Demon's Desires and The Succubus Brothel Bundle (eBook)
  33. A Demon's Gift (eBook)
  34. A Demon's Gifts (eBook)
  35. A Demon's Heart (eBook)
  36. A Demon's Horns (eBook)
  37. A Demon's Redemption (eBook)
  38. A Demon's Wings (eBook)
  39. A DemonMinds Halloween 2010
  40. A Demon Made Me Do It
  41. A Demon in My Bed (eBook)
  42. A Demon of Needs: The Taste of Love (eBook)
  43. A Demonic Year Two (eBook)
  44. A Devil of a Time: Lucifer Thatch’s Education of Witchery (eBook)
  45. A Dish Served Cold (eBook)
  46. A Domination of Demons: A Paranormal Tale of Infernal Menage (eBook)
  47. A Dungeon's Desire: A Lewd Saga Adventure (eBook)
  48. A Familiar Magic: Lucifer Thatch's Education of Witchery (eBook)
  49. A Favor Paid, Futa (eBook)
  50. A Ferry of Bones and Gold (eBook)
  51. A Fetish For Fur (eBook)
  52. A Field Guide to Demons
  53. A Fine Necromance (eBook)
  54. A Friend In Need (eBook)
  55. A Friendly Succubus (eBook)
  56. A Fury of Angels (eBook)
  57. A Futa Demon in the Coed Dorms (eBook)
  58. A Ghost of a Chance (eBook)
  59. A Glutton for Punishment (eBook)
  60. A Good Year (eBook)
  61. A Gorgon Walks into a Bar (eBook)
  62. A Grim Pact
  63. A Halloween Collection Anthology: Sweet
  64. A Harvester of Souls
  65. A Hell of Your Own Design (eBook)
  66. A Hellish Year One (eBook)
  67. A Hope in Hell (eBook)
  68. A Job From Hell (eBook)
  69. A Kiss of Forlorn Beauty (eBook)
  70. A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing: Testing of A Werewolf (eBook)
  71. A Legacy of Strength and Fury (eBook)
  72. A Lesson Earned, Futa (eBook)
  73. A Little Death: Kindred Stories 2 (eBook)
  74. A Lust of a Chance: A Beach Battle of a Lifetime! (eBook)
  75. A Lustful Demon (eBook)
  76. A Mad World, My Masters
  77. A Made Man (eBook)
  78. A Magical Reckoning: Five Stories of Supernatural Betrayal (eBook)
  79. A Moment - By TeraS
  80. A Moment on the Lips (eBook)
  81. A Necromancer's Madness (eBook)
  82. A Needy Futa Succubus (eBook)
  83. A New Trick to Cheat the Devil
  84. A Night at McHooligans: 3 Erotic Horror Shorts in the Succubus Summoning Universe (eBook)
  85. A Night with the Incubus (eBook)
  86. A Night with the Succubus (eBook)
  87. A Passage Of Time (eBook)
  88. A Perfect Mess
  89. A Perfect Target
  90. A Personal Demon
  91. A Pervert's Guide to Monsters: Volume 1 (eBook)
  92. A Plain-Dealing Villain (eBook)
  93. A Pleasant Hell (eBook)
  94. A Princess' Duty
  95. A Promise to Keep (eBook)
  96. A Reaper's Tale
  97. A Red Hot Valentine's Day
  98. A Rogue Werewolf (eBook)
  99. A Rose By Any Other Name: A Sapphic Succubus Short Story (eBook)
  100. A Rough Start (eBook)
  101. A Shadow of Lilies (eBook)
  102. A Sinful Year Three (eBook)
  103. A Siren's Wish (eBook)
  104. A Sliver of Shadow
  105. A Snow Covered Moon (eBook)
  106. A Spell for the Succubus (eBook)
  107. A Spell for the Warlock (eBook)
  108. A Spirit in the Night
  109. A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales
  110. A Stranger's Kiss
  111. A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale (eBook)
  112. A Stranger with Secrets (eBook)
  113. A Stroke Of Desire (eBook)
  114. A Succubus' Guide to Gold Digging (eBook)
  115. A Succubus' View On Love Collection (eBook)
  116. A Succubus's Search for Love (eBook)
  117. A Succubus's Sexual Awakening (eBook)
  118. A Succubus In Heat (eBook)
  119. A Succubus Stole My Girl! (eBook)
  120. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act II (eBook)
  121. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act I (eBook)
  122. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act VIII (eBook)
  123. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act VII (eBook)
  124. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act VI (eBook)
  125. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Act V (eBook)
  126. A Succubus Tale: Deadly Connections: Acts III and IV (eBook)
  127. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-2
  128. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-3
  129. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-4
  130. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-5
  131. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-6
  132. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-7
  133. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-8
  134. A Succubus Tale: Volumes 1-9
  135. A Succubus Teaches Magic 1: An Improvised Sex Based Apprenticeship (eBook)
  136. A Succubus Teaches Magic 2: An Improvised Sex Based Apprenticeship (eBook)
  137. A Succubus Teaches Magic 3: An Improvised Sex Based Apprenticeship (eBook)
  138. A Succubus for Christmas (eBook)
  139. A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights
  140. A Succubus for Freedom and Other Tales of Obscene Orgies
  141. A Succubus for Halloween (eBook)
  142. A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses
  143. A Succubus for Remembrance and Other Tales of Femme Fatales
  144. A Succubus for Saint Patrick's Day and Other Tales of Sinister Sirens
  145. A Succubus for Valentine's (eBook)
  146. A Succubus for Valentine's Day (eBook)
  147. A Succubus for Valentine's Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures
  148. A Succubus for the Holidays (eBook)
  149. A Succubus in Seattle (eBook)
  150. A Succubus of a Game (eBook)
  151. A Summoner's Mishap (eBook)
  152. A Supernatural Futa (eBook)
  153. A Surprising Summons (eBook)
  154. A Symphony of Starlight
  155. A Symptom of Magic: Five Stories of Supernatural Curses (eBook)
  156. A Tail of Two Cities (eBook)
  157. A Taste for Power (eBook)
  158. A Taste of Grace (eBook)
  159. A Tempting Demon (eBook)
  160. A Touch Of Death (eBook)
  161. A Touch of Oscar, Wild
  162. A Touch of a Devil's Heat
  163. A Trace of Moonlight
  164. A Treatise on the Incubus or Nightmare
  165. A Trick of the Light (eBook)
  166. A Troll of My Own (eBook)
  167. A Twisted Pact (eBook)
  168. A Vampire's Seduction (eBook)
  169. A Vampire Turned Me Into A Blood Gathering Succubus (eBook)
  170. A Vessel for Him (eBook)
  171. A Vial Full of Magic: Lucifer Thatch’s Education of Witchery (eBook)
  172. A Victim of Magic: Five Stories of Supernatural Carnage (eBook)
  173. A Violent Seduction (eBook)
  174. A Visit from the Incubus (2001)
  175. A Warrior's Quest (eBook)
  176. A Whisper in the Dark
  177. A Wicked Desire (eBook)
  178. A Wicked Hunger (eBook)
  179. A Wild Night with the Succubus (eBook)
  180. A Willing Plaything (eBook)
  181. A Wish Too Far (eBook)
  182. A Witch's Best Friend (eBook)
  183. A Witch's Fury (eBook)
  184. A mystery and a meal. (eBook)
  185. Aaron Burr: Necromancer (eBook)
  186. Abaddon
  187. Abbadon
  188. Abide with Me (eBook)
  189. Abigail the Redeemed
  190. Abilene (2012)
  191. About.com - Succubus
  192. Above the Waves (eBook)
  193. Absolute Ecstasy (eBook)
  194. Absolutely Ecstatic! (eBook)
  195. Academy of Six (eBook)
  196. Academy of the Elites: Broken Magic (eBook)
  197. Academy of the Elites: Fated Magic (eBook)
  198. Academy of the Elites: Unbound Magic (eBook)
  199. Academy of the Elites: Untamed Magic (eBook)
  200. Accidental Incubus (eBook)
  201. Accidental Succubus: Everything's Shifting (eBook)
  202. Accidental Succubus: Love At First Bite (eBook)
  203. Accidentally Demonic
  204. Acquiescence (eBook)
  205. Adara: Succubus
  206. Addictions of a Sex Demon (eBook)
  207. Adelle
  208. Adia Barton
  209. Adrasteia (eBook)
  210. Adventure for Hire (eBook)
  211. Adventures In Fae-bysitting
  212. Adventures of a Succubus Call Girl: The Stressed Out Senator (eBook)
  213. Aensland
  214. After-Door Incubus (eBook)
  215. After Her Death (eBook)
  216. After Hours
  217. After The Rabbit (eBook)
  218. Afterlife (Novel)
  219. Aftermath (eBook)
  220. Ageha Kurono
  221. Agrat Bat
  222. Agrat Bat Mahlat
  223. Agrat bat Mahlat: Futanari Succubus 3 (eBook)
  224. Aife
  225. Aimee-Lynn Chadwick
  226. Ain’t Nothin’ Like Succubus Lovin’
  227. Air Bunnies (eBook)
  228. Akuma
  229. Al Basti
  230. Albaster
  231. Albrecht, the Nightmare (eBook)
  232. Alei
  233. Alersia
  234. Alex
  235. Alexis
  236. Alice (Felarya)
  237. Alien Succubus Invasion (eBook)
  238. Aliisza
  239. Alistair's Bed (eBook)
  240. Alistair: The Descendants of Lilith (eBook)
  241. All's Fae in Love and War (eBook)
  242. All About Eve (Paperback)
  243. All Give Thanks And Praise To The Cure (eBook)
  244. All In (eBook)
  245. All Souls Near and Nigh (eBook)
  246. All That She Needs (eBook)
  247. All This and Love (eBook)
  248. All the Pretty Bones (eBook)
  249. Allison
  250. Allu

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