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Simone by DarkShadow
Name Simone
Title(s) The Receptionist
Tera's Aunt
Guardianess of the Realm
AngelKitty Unnamed
Age Physically mid-40s, though she is actually several centuries old
Gender Female
Hair Colour Raven
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Red
Personality Very protective and single minded with a hint of formality wrapped around a will of iron
Strength(s) Accomplished warrioress, both in battle and bureaucracy
Weakness(es) The losses of the past, remembered
Favorite Place Her office in the Realm Palace
Home in the Realm Reflection Estates
Alias The Receptionist
Created By TeraS
Quote Sarcasm does not befit you, young man.

Simone, better known as The Receptionist, and Tera's Aunt, is a Collective Succubi, having served both Tera and her Mother in that role. She is a red-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty has not been revealed.

Simone, being Tera's Aunt, is a member of Tera's immediate family and appears in physical form to have some family traits as such. Her role in the Realm is that of protector, advisor and confidant to Tera and Keith, but more importantly, Simone guards the Portal to the Realm from outside dangers trying to enter.

Physical Description

Simone is a mature member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-fourties. She is a red tailed succubi and is slightly taller than her niece Tera. Her normal scent is almond. Simone has dark raven hair, like her niece Tera, but instead of being somewhat curled, it is mainly straight and reaches midway down her back. She has piercing green eyes which she frames with silver rimmed glasses.

Simone is one of the most "endowed" of the succubi, her cleavage well on a par with Ayashe who is generally noted as being the most endowed of the Realm's succubi. She normally dresses formally as her role in the Realm's bureaucracy would suggest. However, she does tend to show off her cleavage to her advantage, mainly to divert the attention of visitors to her office and allow her to get the upper hand on them. Her wardrobe is mainly in shades of red with some accents of black. Her focus isn't specifically towards being overtly sexual in appearance, but rather to make it clear that in her role as The Receptionist, she suffers no fools.

In the past Simone was somewhat more wild and sexually aggressive in her tone and dress which had some influence on Tera's overall look and presence. Tera's mother teased that Simone was a "bad influence" on Tera, but Tera has never accepted this. When outside of her role as The Receptionist, Simone's tone of dress is highly dominant including thigh-high boots and corsets. Being so, her hair style changes from being draped over her shoulders to a severe ponytail.

Regardless of her role, Simone's pose and attitude is reflective of her past, being sure of her place in the Realm, her purpose and most of all, her singular desire to protect. Should Simone be charged to go into battle, her armour is deeply black, covering her entirely save for her tail. The armour is made of variously fitting plates of material that reflects light similarly to latex, but is made of material who's origins have been lost to time eternal.


Powers and Abilities



Simone's Tailself has appeared rarely and mainly in times where the Realm's future was at stake. Known in legend as Kayleigh, she is a black tailed succubi of great renown, almost as feared as Tail, Tera's Tailself. Possessing the knowledge of the time before the Realm came to be, she can be said to be very much a "traditional" succubus in her drives and appetites. Unlike most succubi, Kayleigh and Simone share the same hair colour, but Kayleigh's tail and horns are black. Like Simone, Kayleigh's battle scars run deep and her battles are told in whispers of awe and fear which most in the Realm see as being exaggerations, though Tera knows far better than they only suggest the truth untold.


Simone's AngelKitty has been absent since the passing of Simone's sister, Tera's mother. Their whereabouts are currently not known and the reason for their vanishing Simone has not discussed with anyone. It is known that when Simone held her royal title in the Realm, she and her AngelKitty was inseparable. Following the Queen's passing and Simone's abandonment of her title, her AngelKitty was never seen again. This is a point of concern for Kitty, the mother of the AngelKitties who continues to try to untangle the mystery.


  • Simone is, compared to many succubi, somewhat more endowed with cleavage than most.
  • Tends to dress professionally at all times, but since having reconciled her place as Tera's Aunt, has rediscovered her "fun" side.
  • Does not drive, prefers to walk
  • Is one of the few Realm characters that has appeared in other story universes written by other authors.


  • For many years before Keith's mother passed, Simone had breakfast with Keith every morning, usually pancakes.
  • Prefers Earl Grey tea with oatmeal cookies.
  • Has, on occasion, had an ongoing craving for crullers.
  • Simone has appeared in several of Tera's stories both about the Realm and in other universes. She originally appeared in the incomplete series Storm Clouds, but has appeared in many other stories.

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