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Phoebe by DarkShadow
Name Phoebe
Title(s) Succubi Dominatrix of the Realm
AngelKitty Pet
Age Physically early-40s, though she is actually just over a century in age.
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Black
Personality Extremely dominant
Strength(s) Exacting Martinet
Weakness(es) Holds regrets for a past error in judgement
Favorite Place Playthings
Home in the Realm Thorncliff Manor
Alias The Discipliner
Created By TeraS
Quote You will learn your place.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Phoebe, known as one of the Realm's most severe dominatrixes, is a mature member of the Collective Succubi. She is a black-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is called Pet, who is one of the few male AngelKitties in existence.

Phoebe encountered Erika, one of Tera's aunts, at a BDSM club, the location of which remains unclear. During an event held there, the two found themselves locked into a disagreement which continues to this day. Seeing something worthy in Phoebe's character, in spite of their mutual dislike,

Erika brought this "bothersome" human to Tera's attention. Bemused at her aunt's reaction, Tera found herself wondering about Phoebe's true desires. Offered a glimpse of the Realm, Phoebe found a place there and after some time asked to be allowed to be one of the Succubi. Following her becoming, Phoebe created a club called Playthings for dominants and submissives to which she controls to this day.

Physical Description

Phoebe is a mature member of the Succubi who appears to be in her early forties in age. She is a black tailed succubi and is about as tall as Simone, one of Tera's aunts. Her normal scent is clover. Phoebe has somewhat straight blonde hair which falls to the middle of her back. Though not one of the most endowed in body shape, her choices in fashion tend to emphasize her form to its best, this being a slight character trait in her.

She prefers to wear silver, specifically dresses and gowns that show off her legs and cleavage, mainly to entice others. In private, or when reigning over her dungeons, she strictly wears black leather outfits and thigh high leather boots. It is not uncommon for her to be having in her possession various kinds of whips, crops and leashes in order to meet out discipline as needed.


Powers and Abilities



Silk is Phoebe's Tailself, being a red tailed member of the Succubi with short curly auburn hair. Her actual name being lost to the ages, her being attracted to silks of all kinds brought her to decide that the word suited her for a name. While a dominant personality like Phoebe, she tends to be more of a "soft" domme which has created some confusion amongst Phoebe's submissives when she appears. Rumour has it that she was once closely tied to Tera's mother, but the exact relationship isn't well known.


Pet can be described as a grey male AngelKitty with grey wings who in his human form appears to be a thinly built human male in his early twenties. He is almost always seen in this human form, being covered from head to toe in black latex, only his short blonde hair appearing from the latex that covers him. Never speaking a word in the presence of others, he took on the aspects of a severely submissive male to reflect Phoebe's dominant personality. Acting as a gatekeeper to those wishing to be be owned by Phoebe, his approval, or dislike, removes many that may not be able to meet with Phoebe's exacting standards. Although Pet is not his real name, he has cast that aside and sees no concern with being known as "Pet" for Phoebe referred to him as such from the beginning of their relationship.


  • In public Phoebe almost always wears clothing in silver and when in her dungeons is always in black leather.
  • Is never seen without her crop in her right hand
  • Occasionally will lead toys and playthings through the Realm on leashes
  • Will take any slight towards her very personally


  • Prefers thigh high leather boots over stockings
  • Acts like royalty, which amuses Tera
  • Is confused with the concept of love, seeing it as a weakness
  • Has become obsessed with an item in the Realm Museum

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