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Old Church
Old Church eBook Cover, written by Jay Lucas
Old Church eBook Cover,
written by Jay Lucas
Author(s) Jay Lucas
Publisher Smashwords
Publication date April 6, 2021
Media type eBook
Length 210 Pages
ISBN 9781005388171

Old Church is an eBook written by Jay Lucas. In this work one of the main characters is a Succubus.


  • Title: Old Church
  • Author: Jay Lucas
  • Published By: Smashwords
  • Length: 210 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: 9781005388171
  • Publishing Date: April 6, 2021

Plot Summary

Justin Thomas is coming off a divorce and is starting a new life in a quiet rural town. His neighbor is old and friendly and soon Justin starts adjusting to his new life. The neighbor has an old church in his back yard but assumes that it is just an abandoned church from a better time. When his new friend passes away suddenly, Justin finds himself inside the old spooky church. What he thought was just an old church has something more sinister down in its basement as he now wonders what his neighbor was hiding.

What he thinks is an innocent kidnapped girl crying for help in the basement of the old church turns out to be something far from sinister. When Justin discovers and saves Lena, he founds out that the world of magic and demons is true. Justin learns how to navigate a world with a sexual demon helping him pursue power through sex and magic. Lena introduces Justin to new power while helping him impregnate all the woman that he comes across as Just deals with hunters looking demons.

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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