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Dreamgirls (Buffy Campaign Concept)

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Rules required Buffyverse Role Playing Game
Character levels All
Campaign setting Any
Authors Craig Oxbow
First published 2008
Linked modules
Buffyverse Role Playing Game

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Dreamgirls us a role playing concept for the Buffyverse role-playing games by Craig Oxbow. The overall idea of the campaign is that Succubi arrive in Sunnydale and have to be dealt with.

Dreamgirls - A Buffy RPG Concept

  • Hook: The hottest girl in school has just been upstaged by not one, but two transfer students. She's understandably miffed. And the new girls seem to know and dislike each other too.
  • Problem: The new hotnesses are succubi, appearing physically to encourage students to dream about them so they can then drain their life energy. Normally solitary, these two cousins have been feuding over territory for centuries.
  • Complications: Someone is probably responsible for summoning one or both of the cousins. They might already have killed the summoner after a few nights of life-draining dreams, or the summoner might still be around and trying to recover the succubi.
  • Sub-Plots: Between these two different types of hotness, someone in the Cast or someone a Cast Member is into is bound to get all distracted by one or both. Maybe they start fighting over that soul in particular.
  • Resolution: Find the summoner and "persuade" him to dispel the cousins. Or encourage their main victims to dream about someone else, which might involve invading dreams magically while they're inside, or having to seduce the victims yourself. Failing all that, they'll be a whole lot less pretty without their heads.
  • Fun Stuff: Rampaging hormones. Invading dreams of a steamy nature. Trying to out-hottie the succubi and seduce their victims.
  • Theme: You all know beauty is skin deep, right?

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The original website posting of this idea is at http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=381085