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Zhilla Char

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Zhilla Char
The Marvel comic book character Zhilla Char
Art by Hugh Haynes
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First Appearance Alpha Flight #67
Created By James D. Hudnall
In-story information
Full Name Zhilla Char
Species Succubus
Team Affiliations Independent
Partnerships None
Abilities Mind Control
Siphon Lifeforce
Super Strength

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Zhilla Char was a succubus character in the Marvel Universe who appeared in the Alpha Flight comic book series. She is the mother of the supervillian Dreamqueen, giving birth to her in the aftermath of Nightmare's actions and perishing soon afterwards. She first appeared in Alpha Flight #67 where Dreamqueen's origin story was told.


According to Dreamqueen's origin story, eight hundred years ago Zhilla Char was captured by Nightmare, the lord of the Dream Dimension, when she was wandering through the borders of Nightmare's domain. He then impregnated Zhilla Char and exiled her to a pocket dimension. She then soon after gave birth to Dreamqueen in that dimension. For succubi like Zhilla Char, giving birth to another demon meant the end of her life. Zhilla Char was consumed in flames as she went through the process of giving birth and when they vanished the unclothed, adult form of the demoness that became known as the Dreamqueen was present.

Dreamqueen possessed all of Zhilla Char's memories as she had with her own mother before her. Before she died, Zhilla hoped that her daughter would take revenge against Nightmare for the indignities she had suffered, but the Dreamqueen instead embraced her new life, feeling no need for revenge against Nightmare and began on her own path.

Powers and Abilities

Zhilla Char's powers were never clearly defined, but it can be assumed that as she was a Succubus, she would have most, if not all, of the powers of the Succubus of legend. This would infer that she had the abilities of mind control, polymorphing, dimensional travel, and the ability to enter and influence dreams.

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