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Xinivrae, The Black Widow and Ruler of The Sighing Cliffs
Game background
Title(s) The Black Widow
Lady of Love and Loss
Lady of Desire and Depression
Ruler of The Sighing Cliffs (Layer 270)
Home plane Dreaming Gulf (layer 230)
Power level Sexuality
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Sexuality
Domains The Sighing Cliffs (Layer 270)
Alias(es) The Black Widow
Superior Malcanthet
Design details
First appearance Dragon #353
Settings AD&D First Edition Onwards
Mythological Succubi

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Xinivrae, in the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, was a contender for the title of Queen of the Succubi along with Shami-Amourae, Malcanthet and Lynkhab. She was a succubus lord who reveled in the seduction of women. Her first appearance was in Dragon #353 where she was briefly mentioned.

She was cast into the Dreaming Gulf (layer 230) after her loss to the Queen of the Succubi Malcanthet.

Character Background

Xinivrae, The Black Widow, was once a powerful succubus and contender for the title of Queen of the Succubi. She was a legendary seducer of women, and drew her power from the corrupted souls of the married women she seduced and convinced to murder their husbands and families.

Those who claim to have seen Xinivrae describe her as a beautiful young woman with pointed ears and clawed fingers. A pair of gnarled horns extend from her brow, and a pair of large bat wings extend from just below her shoulders. Completing the package is a thin, reptilian tail.

Xinivrae was engaged in war with three other mighty succubi demons: Shami-Amourae, Malcanthet, and Lynkhab. After Shami-Amourae's imprisonment by Demogorgon, Xinivrae began to focus her efforts on the destruction of her primary rival: Malcanthet. However, when battling Malcanthet in one on one combat, Xinivrae was struck by Malcanthet's cursed lash. Badly wounded, Xinivrae was left at the mercy of Malcanthet in her weakened state. Malcanthet had her tossed deep into the Dreaming Gulf, a wind-swept layer of the Abyss filled by the dreams of dead and forgotten deities and demons.

Xinivrae remains trapped within the Dreaming Gulf, but her possible return to power is one of Malcanthet's greatest fears. She has very few followers still remaining on the Material Plane, but a number of succubi continue to work for Xinivrae's release. Her cult has almost entirely been absorbed by Malcanthet, although those that do call her Mistress honor her by seducing women, preferably married or engaged, and then convincing them to perform horrid acts against their families.

Alternate Character History

One of the first three succubi in existance. Sister of Malcanthet and Shami-Amourae, mother of Red Shroud, and ruler of the Sighing Cliffs. She is the patroness of love that is lost, betrayed or broken, and the misery it drives people into.

Xinivrae suffers from a terrible Geas: Everyone she loves will be lost to her. This can be by accident, design, betrayal, or war. After losing twice in the struggle for Queen of the Succubi, Xinivrae despaired, but then the Wormgod Kyuss, fell in battle, and fate began to shift. She realized that she could escape her fate by undoing it while the ripples still made it possible.

Xinivrae drank the Waters of Forgetting, and became a mortal soul. She was born into the body of an elf named Chastity, but she has not truly escaped yet. Only by dying of natural causes, mourned and loved by true loved ones, will Xinivrae finally be able to break the vicious cycle, and go to whatever reward the afterlife holds for her.

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