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Wicked City (eBook)

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Wicked City
Wicked City eBook Cover, written by Tracey H. Kitts
Wicked City eBook Cover,
written by Tracey H. Kitts
Author(s) Tracey H. Kitts
Publisher Smashwords
Amazon Digital Services
Publication date November 20, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 203 Pages
ISBN 9781301399185

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Wicked City is an eBook written by Tracey H. Kitts. In this work the character Lavinia is a Succubus.


  • Title: Wicked City
  • Author: Tracey H. Kitts
  • Published By: Smashwords & Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 203 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781301399185
  • Publishing Date: November 20, 2012

Plot Summary

Lavinia accepted what she is a long time ago. She isn’t squeamish when it comes to blood or her sexuality. After all, both blood and sex are necessary to sustain a succubus. She is a well-trained assassin. Working for her fellow vampire and occasional lover comes naturally for her. When she is sent out to kill someone, they die. It’s that simple. But what if her target means more to her than he should?

Synn thought he knew what he was getting into when he encountered the succubus that first night, but he may still be in over his head. She was sent to kill him, and still he wants her. One man has never been enough for Lavinia, however, the wizard Synn thinks he’s man enough for the job.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on July 17, 2016

Lavinia’s life, such as it is, seems simple enough. She’s a succubus and a vampire, she’s also an assassin as well. Love, for a very long time, hasn’t been part of the equation because there’s a hole inside of her that nothing can fill, even if the sex eases the pain a bit. Encountering Synn brings complications, confusion, and changes she never could have imagined… and something more that she wishes she could forget.

Lavinia is interesting as a succubus-ish character, though the succubus aspects of her are somewhat focused upon her sexual needs and otherwise don’t really come to the fore of the story as a whole. Being that most of the work revolves around vampiric society, that makes sense, and as such, her vampire aspect is at the forefront of the story. Still, there are mentions made of her not being a “true” succubus, and the explanation of that does make some sense in some way, if a bit thin perhaps. She doesn’t have any of the usual succubus aspects to her, she does have everything a vampire has, including weaknesses and so on.

She is a strong character, there is a lot of background to her life, and the relationships she has are interesting for how they reflect her personality and what she’s come to accept and need. But there’s a certain disconnect between herself and those around her that leads to some confusion and concern. Still, being a strong independent woman, she has friends, not a love per se.

Enter Synn into the picture who is very much a man cloaked in mystery, quite literally, and how he connects to Lavinia is a lovely story with a lot of heat along the way. Finding out about him, where his life and Lavinia’s intersect and why has some neat little plot twists and I think that worked well.

There are quite a number of hot flashes of erotica in this work, driven by Lavinia’s succubus half, and with that comes a little bit of D/s, bondage, and perhaps a shade of mind control. The heat is well written, the scenes aren’t silly or too far over the top. For the most part they work into the story quite well and don’t feel out of place. There is one scene however which, while making sense, seems like there is a disconnect between Lavinia and Synn and I’m not sure why that is exactly.

A solid plot, the main characters are well written and have good voices, most of the secondary characters as well work really well and I liked the ensemble as a whole. I did have a problem with some of the storytelling when events were moving quickly, there seemed to be a rush to get to the next bit of erotica in the middle of the work and I think that hurt the story to an extent.

The other thing that I wished for, and didn’t see, was more of an exploration of Lavinia’s succubus side. It seemed like Lavinia was party a succubus to allow her to have a lot of lovers and really not a lot else. I would have liked to know more about how that all worked and why. In the same way, Synn’s story was told, but so quickly that I think a lot of the emotional impact was lost. A bit more time exploring the characters I think would have led to a better story.

Four of out five pitchforks.

I would have liked more told about Lavinia’s past, the part of her that is a succubus. The vampire side takes up almost all there is and I think there was more otherwise that could have been explored.

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