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Valerie by DarkShadow
Name Valerie
Title(s) Purple Tailed Tour Guide of the Realm
AngelKitty Exy
Age Physically late-30s
Gender Female
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Green
Tail Colour Purple
Personality Inquisitive to the point of becoming focused on a question to all other concerns
Strength(s) Photographic memory, remembers everything she has seen
Weakness(es) Doesn't know when to leave something, or someone, alone
Favorite Place Remembrance Park
Home in the Realm Cherry Lane
Created By TeraS
Quote I remember... You.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Valerie, one of the Realm's most sought after tour guides, is a purple-tailed member of the Collective Succubi, her AngelKitty is called Exy. One of the first of the Collective Succubi to be born to Realm parents since Tera became Queen of the Realm, she is the first of a new generation of souls who are born rather than become Succubi or Incubi.

Physical Description

Valerie appears to be in her late-thirties physically. She is an purple tailed succubi and is slightly above average height for one of the Succubi. Her normal scent is, oddly, similar to Tera's own cherry scent. Valerie has bright red hair which falls to her shoulders messily, green eyes and and normally wears red lipstick and nail polish, but has been seen with very dark purple colouring on rare occasions. She is no more endowed with cleavage than most Succubi, though this simply disguises her true personality. Her normal choice of fashion revolves around her role as a tour guide and therefore is tastefully sexy, but not overwhelmingly so.


Powers and Abilities



Kali is Valerie's Tailself, being a red tailed member of the Succubi with piercing green coloured eyes and jet black hair. Very little is known of Kali, save that she existed when the First of all Succubi existed. Beyond some myths and legends which suggest an intimate relationship with the First, nothing else is known of her. She has not appeared to any in the Realm, not even Tera for reasons unknown.


Valerie's AngelKitty is Exy, a female Ocicat AngelKitty with spotted fur and charcoal wings. Exy's human form is that of an elderly woman in her middle 60s with short shockingly white hair and a thin body shape. She is possibly one of the oldest AngelKitties in existence, possibly being present when the First vanished at the beginning of the Realm's creation. Suffering no fools, her advise is not to be ignored, nor are her opinions to be dismissed out of hand.


  • Valerie is the most requested tour guide of the Realm, she being in constant demand because of her knowledge.
  • Her wardrobe contains one latex dress in black which she has no recollection of purchasing or wearing and yet it remains in her closet.. waiting.
  • Prefers low heels because of her role in the Realm, but has one pair of thigh high leather boots which she cannot remember wearing.
  • Since encountering Lil on one of her tours, Valerie has experienced loss of time and memories which have no clear explanation.


  • Valerie has been spending a significant amount of time in the Realm Library with Miriam, seeking out information on the First as she cannot get her out of her thoughts.

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