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Unholy Passion (2006)

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Unholy Passion
Title Card for the film Unholy Passion
Title Card for the film Unholy Passion
Directed by Jim Exton
Produced by Bryan Foshee
Written by Jim Exton
Starring Mark Hengst
Noelle Perris
Forrest Pruett
Music by C.M. Byerly
Release date(s) 2006
Running time 84 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

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Unholy Passion is a 2006 American horror movie. This independently produced film was created by Jim Exton for self-distribution. The story revolves around a pair of succubi and a pair of men entwined in their world.


  • Title: Unholy Passion
  • Director: Jim Exton
  • Writers: Jim Exton
  • Studio: Independent
  • MPAA Rating: R - Sexual Content, Violence, and Language
  • Runtime: 84 Minutes
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Genre: Horror


Mark Hengst Jerry
Noelle Perris Misty (Succubus)
Forrest Pruett Dan
Pat Cox Mac
Lina Fritsche Michelle
Learyn Wilde Carmen (Succubus)
Cheryl Denise Wolder Mother
Jon W. Sparks Sheriff
Richie Pierce The Burcher
Marlin Richardson Bartender
Jayson Dancy Coroner
Johnny McPhail Priest

Plot Summary

Unholy Passion is a story about two men and their battle with two succubi, one that exists in waking life (the day-walker Carmen played by Learyn Wilde) and one that approaches men in their dreams (Misty Played by Noelle Perris). Misty considers Carmen competition for men’s souls, and makes a deal with Jerry (played by Mark Hengst) to kill Carmen. Jerry later has second thoughts about his agreement which puts his best friend Dan (Forrest Pruett) in jeopardy.

Critical Review

The following Review is taken from the IMDb link in the External Links below:

  • Passionless
  • Rating: 3/10
  • Reviewed On: February 12, 2007
  • Reviewed By: johnchrysostomon

This film is really dull. I don't mind low-budget films, but only when they have a point. A Tia Carrere-look-alike plays a demoness who seduces the star into an evil pact.

There's no 'passion' in this film except for a brief moment when the star is 'threatened' by the demoness into having relations with his sister - that is, the sister suddenly appears in his bed ready to get it on, unless he does what he's promised to do - kill someone.

This is violent. I was expecting another type of "Serpent's Lair" film with a succubus. But alas. If you enjoy low budget, but pointless blood and guts, this film is for you.

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