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The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2

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The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2
The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2 eBook Cover, written by B. R. Kingsolver
The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2 eBook Cover, written by B. R. Kingsolver
Author(s) B. R. Kingsolver
Series Telepathic Clans
Publisher B. R. Kingsolver
Publication date July 13, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 472 Pages
ISBN 9781476021300
Preceded by Succubus Unleashed
Followed by Succubus Rising

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2 is an eBook written by B. R. Kingsolver. It is a compilation of the first two books in the Telepathic Clans series by this author. In this work the character Brenna possesses powers similar to that of a Succubus. In this story universe, Succubi do not have the stereotypical features of horns, tail and other similar characteristics. They do however have the ability to feed on the sexual energies of others in a similar fashion to the traditional Succubi, as well as use their inherent powers to control and influence others. Also in this work, several other characters are Succubi. As well, in this universe, they are not seen as being evil, but part of a little seen world.


  • Title: The Telepathic Clans Saga: Books 1 and 2
  • Author: B. R. Kingsolver
  • Published By: B. R. Kingsolver
  • Length: 472 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ISBN: 9781476021300
  • Publishing Date: July 13, 2012

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Plot Summary

  • Book 1 of the Telepathic Clans Saga

The history of the Clans, called the Sidhe by the Irish, stretches back to antiquity. The Goddess blesses Her people with 25 Telepathic Gifts. In addition to Telepathy, the Gifts include command over Air and Fire, Telekinesis and Teleportation. In over 2,500 years, She has never bestowed more than 15 Gifts on a single person.

Brenna Morgan was orphaned at eight when her parents were killed in a plane crash. Through one foster home after another, she carried the ornate, carved wooden box her mother had left with her, keeping it always a secret. Then one night she stumbles over a man who claims her as family.

Brenna’s life isn’t the same after she discovers her unusual and mysterious heritage. In addition to being a telepath, Brenna learns she has the Succubus Gift.

That’s just the beginning of her problems. Someone is stalking her. Then there’s the tall, dangerous woman who shadows her and hints a Goddess has linked them. And what is she going to do with a handsome, charismatic, womanizing man she knows she should avoid?

Some days a girl just wants to pull the covers over her head and stay in bed -- with a willing young man of course.

Urban Fantasy with a dash of romance. The Succubus Gift is a completely different take on the succubus myth. Beautiful women and hot men in a world with a hidden telepathic subculture.

  • Book 2 of the Telepathic Clans Saga

It's not easy being a succubus.

Brenna O'Donnell and Rebecca Healy continue their integration into the Clan. Learning more about their Gifts and always seeking someone who will love them. After a crash course in learning about her genetic heritage, Brenna O'Donnell has discovered what it really means to be a succubus and has learned to embrace her strange Gift. Her major concern is whether Collin will accept her for what she is. As she adjusts to telepathic society, others in the Clan have plans that will strip the last of her freedom.

The social season is around the corner, including events that Brenna never imagined in her wildest dreams. The succubi, representatives of the Goddess on earth, are at the center of an ancient worship. And if a girl is going to be the center of attention, then obviously she needs a new dress.

Between the romance and glistening balls of the Clan's social events, Brenna and Rebecca discover life is not secure. Telepaths from other Clans are kidnapping young girls and selling them into slavery.

Book Review

The two books in this collection have been reviewed on Tera's Blog - A Succubi's Tale on May 12th, 2012 and on June 30th, 2012

Both books received a Five pitchfork rating.

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