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Succubus Sorcery (3.5e Feat)

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Succubus Sorcery (3.5e Feat)
Game background
Title(s) Succubus Sorcery
Type Inherited Power
Succubus Heritor
Effects Increase in powers of sorcery, but toward evil only
Source D&D Wiki.com
Design details
Settings All settings
Mythological Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Sorcery, in the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons role playing game ruleset, is a power which can be inherited by characters when their ancestors were Succubi. The ability was created by the user Mkill on the D&D Wiki.

Succubus Sorcery (Abyssal Heritor)

The Succubus heritage is strong in you and increases your sorcery might.

Prerequisite: Ability to spontaneously cast arcane or divine spells, as per Succubus Heritor.

Benefit: Select one of your spontaneous casting classes. For each Abyssal Heritor feat that you possess (including this one), you may add one of the spells from the list below to your class list and your list of spells known, at the indicated level. Additionally select a gender. As long as you wear no armor, you gain a +2 competence bonus on Charisma based checks that effect that gender, and the save DC for any mind-affecting spells or abilities you use against this gender is increased by 1.

  • Charm Person (1st)
  • Detect Good (1st)
  • Hypnotism (1st)
  • Beckoning Call (2nd)
  • Detect Thoughts (2nd)
  • Suggestion (3rd)
  • Tongues (3rd)
  • Charm Monster (4th)
  • Dominate Person (5th)
  • Mass Suggestion (6th)
  • Ethereal Jaunt (7th)
  • Greater Teleport (7th)
  • Soul Link (7th)
  • Sympathy (8th)
  • Summon Monster VIII (Vrock only, 8th)
  • Dominate Monster (9th)

Special: Your spellcasting becomes noticeably demonic, and you are unable to cast spells with the Good or Lawful descriptors.

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