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Succubus (X-Force)

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Succubus as seen in X-Force #119
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First Appearance X-Force #119
Created By Peter Milligan
Michael Allred
In-story information
Alter Ego None
Species Human Mutant
Place of Origin California, Earth
Team Affiliations Ally of the Coach and Smoke
Partnerships Smoke
Notable Aliases None
Abilities Freakish animalistic appearance complete with claws and a forked tongue
No proof of any specific succubus-like powers

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus was a mutant in the X-Force comic book series published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in issue #119 of X-Force and her final appearance was in issue #120 where Wolverine assisted Orphan in killing Succubus and her partner Smoke.

She had a freakish animal-like appearance and it was not clear what her actual powers were. No evidence was given that she had powers similar to that of the Succubus of legend nor was it explained why she had the name of Succubus.

Character Data

  • Name: Succubus
  • Real Name: Unknown
  • Species: Human Mutant
  • Occupation: Flunky
  • Affiliations: Ally of the Coach and Smoke
  • Enemies: X-Force
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Aliases: None
  • Base of Operations: California
  • First Appearance: X-Force #119 (August 2001)
  • Final Appearance: X-Force #120 (September 2001)
  • Powers: Succubus had a freakish, animalistic appearance with claws and a forked tongue. It was not clear if she had any similar powers to the classic Succubus such as the ability to cloud men's minds or any other succubus-like powers.

Character History

Succubus was added to the X-Force reserve list by Coach in order to have a back-up to add to the team after he staged U-Go Girl's drug overdose. Succubus first appeared in issue #119 when the Coach sent her and Smoke to reprimand Orphan for not following orders. As a result of this action a battle ensued between X-Force, Smoke and Succubus until the Coach called an end to the fight.

The following issue, #120, found the Coach ordering Smoke and Succubus to again attack Orphan and return him. However Wolverine interceded in the battle and saved Orphan by killing both Succubus and Smoke.


Succubus had a freakish animalistic appearance, complete with claws and a forked tongue. There was no evidence that she had the power to "cloud men's minds" or anything else succubus-like.

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