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Succubus (Ultima Online)

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Ultima Online character
Planned Succubus character
for Ultima Online X
First appearance Ultima Online
First game Ultima Online
Fictional profile
A female Demon (Daemon)
of considerable power
Ultima Online
Developer(s) Origin Systems (1997–2004)
Electronic Arts (2004–2006)
Mythic Entertainment (2006–2014)
Broadsword (2014–)
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Producer(s) Richard Garriott
Designer(s) Raph Koster and over 20 more
Composer(s) Kirk Winterrowd
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Linux
Release date(s) 24 September 1997
Genre(s) MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Media/Digital distribution CD

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Ultima Online massively multiplayer online role playing game are a type of female demon of considerable power.


A female daemon type. Succubi are known to lure innocent men by charming them with their appearance. Don't let their fragile appearance fool you. A succubus can take on a blood elemental and a daemon at the same time and survive. Succubi have a dangerous aura around them, if you are within 2 squares they can do 10-40 damage from their aura (the same as fire gargoyles and snow elementals, but much more dangerous).


Special Abilities Life Draining aura that will drain life
from any nearby characters
Loot 1000 - 1200 Gold
2 Medium Level Scrolls
Magic Items
Carved 1 Raw Rib
Special Level 5 Treasure Map
Found At Abyss Champion Spawn
Blood Dungeon
Fan Dancer Dojo Level 2
Fan Dancer Dojo Level 3
Palace of Paroxysmus
Related To Semidar
First Seen Third Dawn
Damage 57 - 94 HP
75% Physical Damage
25% Energy Damage
Fame Level 5 (24000)
Karma Level 5 (-24000)
Magic Level Grandmaster
Poison Level Magical Poison
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability Demon Slayer
Ranged Attack None
Required Taming -
Speed Fast
Pack Instincts None
Auto Dispel No
Preferred Foods None
Barding Difficulty 107.2
Taming Notes Not Tameable
Barding Notes -
Difficulty Ratings
Class DR
Archer 8
Bard 8
Mage 8
Tamer 9
Warrior 9
3 Readings Hit Points Stamina Mana STR DEX INT
Minimum 312 121 498 488 121 498
Average 333 146 578 554 146 578
Maximum 353 170 657 620 170 657
3 Readings Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Minimum 80 70 40 50 50
Average 85 75 45 55 55
Maximum 90 80 50 60 60
3 Readings Wrestling Tactics Magic Resistance Anatomy Poisoning Magery Evaluating Intelligence Meditation
Minimum 80.1 80.1 100.5 0.0 - 99.1 90.1 90.1
Average 85.1 85.1 125.3 0.0 - 99.6 95.1 95.1
Maximum 90.0 90.0 150.0 0.0 - 100.0 100.0 100.0
Equipment Advisor
Best weapon material
against this creature
Most important damage type
against this creature
Most important elemental resistance
against this creature

Ultima Online X Succubus

There were a number of monsters planned for the never-finished Ultima X. Their design sketches and renders had been released, so there is a catalog of the more or less prominent monsters that were planned. One of these was a reworking of the Succubus in the game.

Ultima Online X Succubus
  • Name: Succubus
  • Disposition: Cruel and sadistic
  • Locale: Dark dwellings where tortured souls reside
  • Organization: Found alone or in small groups surrounded by their mindless past victims
  • Height: 6'0" - 7'0"
  • Description: Succubi use their raven-black wings and the face of an angel to lure their victims into a false sense of security. Shunned by those who know their ways, they have retreated to the most twisted and dark areas in hopes of catching a traveler down on their luck who may mistake them for an angel. In areas where their deeds are more well known, they will send their minions to flush a traveler into their domain. Should a traveler fall prey to the charms of the succubus, their souls will be forfeit and their body will be damned to remain enslaved as another minion. However, those who are able to refuse the charms of a succubus are still doomed. The succubi, who pride themselves on their sexuality, will revert into a violent and bloody rage. Changing into the antithesis of aesthetic perfection, the only way she will find satisfaction is by cleaning the blood of the one who rejected her off her perfectly polished nails.


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