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Succubus (Star Ocean)

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Succubus (Star Ocean)
Star Ocean character
Star Ocean 2 Succubus Art
from Creative Uncut
First appearance Star Ocean 1
First game Star Ocean 1
Fictional profile
A monster that appears in the Star Ocean series
Star Ocean
Genres Action role-playing
Developers tri-Ace
Publishers Enix (1993-2003)
Square Enix (2004-2010)
Creators Yoshiharu Gotanda
First release Star Ocean
July 19, 1996
Latest release Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
February 4, 2010

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Star Ocean video game series are a type of monster that players encounter.

Star Ocean 1

In Star Ocean 1, a Succubus appears in the Moore Emblem quest in the last stage.

Succubus from the Star Ocean 1 videogame


  • Name: Succubus
  • Type: Vampire
  • HP/MP: 25800/50
  • Elementals: DA+
  • EXP/Fol: ??/??
  • Items Dropped: Cure All
  • Notes: Tri-Section Staff
  • Location: Portmis Castle Treasure Vault

Game Hints

  • Vampire (Death Terror, Dark Stalker, Lady Elvira, Succubus)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Very nasty! They can teleport around. They have two hurting attacks: A normal attack whereby they quickly surround themselves with spears which then disappear; that one's not bad if you stay away. The really bad one is where they shoot spears straight into the air which then fall on you! The later Vampires can easily kill one or more characters with this attack, which they can pull off almost immediately. Luckily they never appear in more than groups of two. Your only chance is to have different characters tackle each one and keep 'em busy.

Star Ocean 2

In Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, a succubus appears as a monster in Level 2 at the Maze of Tribulations. Her attacks include Charm Person, which causes the chaos status ailment on male party members.

Succubus from the Star Ocean 2 videogame. Art from Creative Uncut


  • [M.2] - Succubus
  • Gal: 400,000 HP / 50,000 MP
  • Uni: 600,000 HP / 75,000 MP
  • 4-d: 800,000 HP / 102,500 MP
  • Specials: Radial Shot (W), Charm Person (S)
  • Elemental: Earth, Fire, Wind (Half)
  • AAA: Homing
  • Notes: She moves very slowly, and it's possible to win this battle without ever seeing her attack by just attacking from long range. Her most dangerous move is her regular strong attack, which winds up and then shoots about 6 beams in an arc towards its target's current location. She also has a nasty back-minor which comes out very quickly and can cause freezing.

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