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Succubus (Slayers and She-Wolves)

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(Slayers and She-Wolves)
Alignment Evil
Type Demonic
Publication history
Source books Slayers & She-Wolves
First appearance Slayers & She-Wolves
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Slayers & She-Wolves war game are a type of creature in the game. The game was a 25mm miniatures wargame written and produced in Australia by Dragonbait Games and NolanBooks. Created in the early 1980s, the game is now out of print. The basic rules were written to recreate all forms of gladiatorial combat found in Roman times. An expansion to this game was created called Battlenuns.

Battlenuns allowed for Demons, Battlenuns and Succubi to be involved in battle in the game structure. Interestingly, Succubi could battle either of the two opposing groups.

The Succubus Gladiator School


The Succubus school can be found anywhere at all. They will dwell in whatever place they can find that will grant them daytime peace. From here they will spread out at night to infect the dreams of any innocent peasants and nobles they can lay their hands on. They are particularly averse to the priestesses of Vesta and their warriors the Battlenuns.

Succubus are usually not gladiators, but being demonic, they can fight if they have the need. For their stats, use the Custom gladiator base and add a skill rank for whatever weapon they choose. Suitable prepared Succubus who have access to an armourer may be treated as Amazona, Galla or Thracians for stat purposes. Succubus schools may use slaves as gladiators.

Playing Rules

  • Unlike other demonic schools, the Succubus may have as many Lanista as they like. The Lanista is known in Succubus terms as Hetairai
  • Succubus may use imps as arena animals as per the demonic school
  • Succubus may use armourers if they choose, but this is not common
  • Succubus do not use bedwarmers as such. If they win a combat against male gladiators, and there are unconscious or otherwise incapacitated men lying about, the succubus take them before the slaves dressed as Charon can deal with them. They have a once only use of the man as though he were a bedwarmer. Within succubus ranks they are known as koina
  • Succubus use bookies as per the rules
  • Succubus do use clowns
  • Succubus do not use drums, but instead use flute players known as Himations
  • Succubus do not have graffiti artists. Instead they have dreamweavers, who focus succubus/incubus activity within the arena's surrounds with the same affect as graffiti artists. Within Succubus ranks they are termed Flagrantes.
  • Succubus do not have a medicus
  • Succubus may use musicians, known in Succubus terms as Daughters of the Bacchae
  • Succubus may use slave traders who only have an effect on human slaves

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