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Succubus (Sea of Souls)

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Sea of Souls episode
The Succubi Sisters of the episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 5
Directed by Patrick Harkins
Written by Sergio Casci
David Kane (Creator)
Story by Sergio Casci
Produced by Stephen Garwood
Featured Music Edmund Butt
Sheridan Tongue
Editing by Caroline Bleakley
Production Code 3x5
Original Air Date February 4, 2006 (2006-02-04)
Length 60 Minutes
Guest Actors

Bill Paterson, Dawn Steele, Iain Robertson, Mabel Aitken, Mark Ajayi, Carolyn Calder, Emma Campbell-Jones, Maureen Carr,
Andy Clark, Lauren Freeny, Kay Gallie,
Lucy Griffiths, Jonathan Holt, Cara Kelly,
Lisa Livingstone, Bryan Lowe,
Vincent McCread, Stephen McCreadie

Episode Chronology
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"The Newsroom"
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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is the fifth episode of the third season of the Sea of Souls BBC Television drama series. The series was based around the fictional activities of a group of investigators into psychic events.

Production Data

  • Series: Succubus
  • Season: 3
  • Episode Number: 5 (17th Overall)
  • Episode Title: Succubus
  • Directed by: Patrick Harkins
  • Writing credits: Sergio Casci
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Actor / Actress Role
Bill Paterson Dr. Douglas Monaghan
Dawn Steele Justine McManus
Iain Robertson Craig Stevenson
Mabel Aitken Valerie Ashe
Mark Ajayi Currency Exchange Worker
Carolyn Calder Mother
Emma Campbell-Jones Sarah
Maureen Carr Rose
Andy Clark Andy
Lauren Freeny Daughter
Kay Gallie Betty
Lucy Griffiths Rebecca
Jonathan Holt Paul Mason
Cara Kelly Librarian
Lisa Livingstone Jenny
Bryan Lowe Mick
Vincent McCread Elderly Man
Stephen McCreadie Chemist

Episode Summary

A young man is approached by lady who predicts his death, handing him a card bearing a drawing of a strange owl-like creature. He approaches the department, but Craig and Justine are skeptical. When he dies soon after his visit, the pair begin an investigation.

Justine follows up the drawing, while Craig checks out a business card for an escort agency that was left in the man's jacket. When he tries to log on to the agency's website his computer crashes but shortly afterwards he is approached by a beautiful woman claiming to be from the agency, who begins to seduce him. Although she does not tell him who she is, she is the dead man's fiancee. Meanwhile Justine's investigations suggest that the man's death may have been the work of a succubus - a demon that seduces men to produce more succubi, killing those who do not successfully impregnate them. When Craig is hit by a mystery illness, it appears that he might be the succubus' next victim.

Succubi Characters in the Episode

There are two Succubi in the episode, but much of their existence remains a mystery. Little is delved into within the episode as to their mythos and so forth. The only point that seems to be clear is that the Succubi seek to become pregnant and when a male cannot do so, they kill them. It is unclear whether they have any kind of mind control or other powers save they being seductive.

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