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Succubus (Poem III)

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by Louise Anne Pritchard
Written 2003
First published in 2003
Language English
Subject(s) Succubus
Publisher FictionPress
Publication date 2003
Media type Electronic
Lines 22

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus is a poem written by Louise Anne Pritchard and was first published on the FictionPress website in 2003.

by Louise Anne Pritchard

You can wake up
and see the blood trickling from her lips,
You can taste
the lust on your tongue from her finger tips,
And she is the bringer of all your dreams,
The desire you have to hear those screams,
The craving to feel her against your skin,
The ecstasy you want when her teeth sink in.
She can arise
from the Flames to feed her passion and need,
She can imprison
your body to her will and empower her greed,
She is a demon summoned to your deprivation,
A sadist to ignite an orgasmic sensation,
And at night you will wait for her arrival,
Dependant on her hunger for your survival,
A Satanic poison is contained in her kiss,
An impending death hidden in sexual bliss,
Numb from reality she will take life from you,
Discard all you once saw as right and true,
She is no witch of whom you're under a spell,
She is your mistress from the dark of Hell

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