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Succubus (Heroes of Might and Magic VI)

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Heroes of Might and Magic VI character
Succubus from Heroes of Might and Magic VI
First appearance Heroes of Might and Magic VI
First game Heroes of Might and Magic VI
Fictional profile
Core creature of the Inferno Faction

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Heroes of Might and Magic VI computer role playing game by UBSoft are a Core creature of the Inferno faction, and the creature's upgraded version is the Lilim.


Official Heroes of Might and Magic VI artwork of a Succubus


Some children of Asha, having promised themselves to Urgash and the lords of Sheogh, are raised after their death as Incubi or Succubi. As reincarnations of powerful Demon cultists, they have a relatively high and unusual rank in the hierarchy of Demonkind, though many of them lack the wit, devotion, or power to be anything more than servants or courtesans. Their “mortal” origins make them useful as spies, infiltrators, and diplomats, and to support this role they are granted powers of illusion, charm, and shape-shifting.


Faction Inferno
Tier Core
Upgraded No
Hit Points 20
Might Attack 2
Magic Attack 4
Might Defense 11%
Magic Defense 7%
Damage 1-3 (Might)
3-5 (Magic)
Initiative 25
Speed 6
Range Full
Morale 5
Destiny 15
Dwelling Hall of Temptations
Cost Per Unit 105 Gold
Growth Per Week 7
Size Small


  • Pleasure in Pain: Attacking a Succubus is never a painless affair. Each battle becomes a romantic dance similar to the courting parade of two wild Griffins at the beginning of spring. When one attacks the Succubus, there is a natural and instinctive pheromone-driven reaction, and the pretender does a little bit of damage to itself in its over aggressiveness as if to prove to its partner that he or she would make a worthy mate.
  • Melee attackers deal only 90% of their normal damage to the creature. The remaining 10% is dealt to themselves.

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