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Succubus (Guardians)

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Succubus (Guardians)
Succubus card in the Guardians Card Game
Artwork by Brom
Designer(s) Keith Parkinson and Luke Peterschmidt
Publisher(s) Friedlander Publishing
Players 2-4
Age range 12+
Playing time 45 minutes
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required Card playing
Basic Reading Ability

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus was a card in the Guardians collectible card game created by Keith Parkinson and Luke Peterschmidt and published by Friedlander Publishing Group between 1995 and 1996.

The aim of the game was a battle between two (or more) Vierkuns or Guardians for the control of a kingdom constructed of territories called the disputed lands. To win, players must, helped by their creatures, eliminate their adversary within their stronghold or otherwise occupy all of the territories of the kingdom. Each Vierkun has a stronghold, more or less powerful creatures, terrains which give an advantage to certain creatures, shields to protect the creatures that move in the kingdom, magical objects and spells.


Type Elemental Creature Card
Group Devil
Vitality 9
Size M(F)
Immune to fire. +7 Vitality vs. any Creature who can be bribed by Babes.
Misc. information
Set Guardians (Original Set)
Revised Singles (Reissue)
Rarity Uncommon-1
Artist Brom

The Succubus card first appeared in the Guardians original release and then was reissued in the Revised Singles edition of the game with no changes from the card's original appearance. Card artwork was by the artist Brom.


  • Rarity: Uncommon-1
  • Type: Elemental Creature Card
  • Vitality: 9
  • GMP: Red
  • Group: Devil
  • Size: M(F)
  • Note: Immune to fire. +7 Vitality vs. any Creature who can be bribed by Babes.

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