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Succubus (Fiesta Online)

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Succubus Queen Karen
Fiesta Online character
Succubus Queen Karen from the YouTube video outtakes of Outspark 2010
First appearance March 31, 2010
First game Fiesta Online
Fictional profile
Succubus boss character
in the Thorn Cave dungeon

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus Queen Karen was a Succubus boss character in the Fiesta Online massively multiplayer online role playing game published by Ons On Soft in Korea[1], and hosted by Outspark for the North American English market. Fiesta features anime style characters rendered in 3D with limited customizing options.

Succubus Queen Karen

Succubus Karen appeared in the game on March 31, 2010. She is not an easy fight, though. Her lair, Thorn Cave, is one of the most difficult dungeons ever released, packed full of creatures that will challenge even characters at the level cap. Succubus Karen herself holds nearly divine power, and defeating her will take power to match.

But there are rewards for heroes! When Succubus Karen was first defeated, her power was released and flooded the world itself. The first server where a band of heroes defeated the Succubus Queen enjoyed an entire week of bonus Exp for everyone on the server, as Succubus Karen's stolen power was returned to Isya.

Character Story

"Once, the Succubus Queen Karen did not command legions of deadly monsters. Once, she was merely a human girl named Karen. Her family loved her. Her life was peaceful. She was one of the thousands of fairy tale beginnings that dot our world.


No one knows what tragedy claimed Karen's family, claimed her happy life. We only know that she left the ruins of her life behind, consumed with sorrow and impotent fury. Some legends say that Apoline found her, and granted Karen perfect dominion over all creatures of evil. Others say that the young Karen perfected her magical arts alone, and claimed her own place in the forces of darkness by sheer power. She became the Succubus Queen.

In the end, it doesn't matter what drove poor Karen to darkness. All that matters is that she has occupied the sacred Thorn Cave. She has sent her monsters out to capture innocent elves and men. We have all lost friends, neighbors, family to this monster. This will not stand!

I say we go to Thorn Cave, and drive this creature of evil to her well-deserved grave -- or die trying!"

-Antion, Human Guardian. Final words before venturing into Thorn Cave. Body found half-consumed some months later.


In game image of the Succubus Queen Karen

Found within the dark depths of the Thorn Cave comes an enemy yet to be defeated. The indomitable Succubus Queen Karen will find her way to Isya in this patch and she will be all but easy to conquer. The Thorn Cave has been opened in this patch and made available only to those who dare venture inside. The current available quest for this content will be made available through a single NPC close to the entrance of Thorn Cave named Bat Hunter Polan. The entrance of the cave can be found in the northeast area of Alberstol Ruins.


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