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Succubus (Fallen Sword)

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Succubus from Fallen Sword
Alignment Evil
Type Demon
Stats Fallen Sword Wiki
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Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Fallen Sword continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplaying game are demonic horrors that have assumed the form of a woman. Their primary intent is to seduce their victims before butchering them with their powerful demonic powers.

Game Background

The ancient world of Erildath consists of four world realms; The North Lands of Eredas where Eribor, a mighty human fortress sits guarding the valley pass. Eribor is home to Iluthar, the Sword of Light. The East Lands of Mora is home to the Elven race along with dark mercenaries. The West Lands of Eagos is home to the magnificent dwarven citadel Mitoa. Finally, the Withered Lands in the south, bastion to the forces of darkness.

Legend tells of ancient times where humans waged an everlasting war against the hordes of darkness that emerged from the deep south, locked in bitter conflict to ensure their lasting freedom against the ruthless Shadow Lord. From his magnificent Ice Fortress of Mogroth, the Shadow Lord began amassing an army that would bring the forces of order to their knees.

The Shadow Lord devised a major campaign that would divide the united forces of light. A massive army of mercenaries were dispatched to lay siege to the Elven fortress Lanslil in the East Lands of Mora. Meanwhile, the Shadow Lord had dispatched five legions of greenskin warriors to invade the West Lands of Eagos, burning and pillaging every village and town they encountered before arriving at Mitoa where they finally laid siege to the mighty dwarven Citadel that stood there.

Taking advantage of the distracted state of the elven and dwarven armies, the Shadow Lord launched a final siege against the human Fortress of Eribor in the North Lands of Eredas, home of Iluthar, the Sword of Light, where five thousand humans along with six hundred dwarves and two hundred elves rallied against the opposing two hundred thousand greenskins that had slowly poured through the Liwen Valley. The seemingly endless ranks of greenskins assembled before the Fortress of Eribor on the fields of Erila. It was on these fields where the free people of Erildath witnessed the fall of Eribor and with it the fall of Iluthar, the Sword of the Light. The absence of Iluthar has enabled the Shadow Lord to unleash his hellish terrors upon the world of Erildath.

Some claim the Shadow Lord hid the sword deep beneath his Fortress in the Withered Lands. Others say the Sword was hidden deep within the Dark Forests of Eagos, the West Lands, lair of the Ice Dragons and home to Edalir, the Dwarf King.

The sword remains hidden to this day, leaving the fate of Erildath still undecided.


Succubi are a type of demon who has assumed the form of a woman Their primary intent is to seduce their victims before butchering them with their powerful demonic powers. This being is part of the Bestiary, within the Demon Class of opponents.


Name Succubus
Class Demon
Level 5
XP Exam17–22ple
Attack 12–13
Defense 11–12
Armor 5–6
Damage 10–12
HP 19–20
Gold 7–10
Enhancements None
Drops Piercing Blade
Amethyst Weed
Areas Varas Dungeon

Hunting Information

Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat 12 13 12 26 16 13 11 10 10
Target Stats 14 15 14 29 18 14 12 11 11

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