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Succubus (Diablo III)

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Diablo III character
Diablo III Succubus
First appearance Diablo III
First game Diablo I
Fictional profile
The Handmaidens and Daughters
of the Maiden of Lust

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Diablo III video game are the servants of Azmodan. They have appeared in all three games of Diablo series. Described as beautiful but deadly demons, the succubi attack with homing missile Bloodstar projectiles. Succubi can fly in from any direction, making them hard to avoid in combat.

Besides normal Succubi, there are two other variations: Hell Witch and Vile Temptress. There are also super unique succubi as there were in Diablo I.


I once met a raving drunk who claimed he had wrestled with a succubus—a demonic creature that possesses the form and face of a beautiful woman. He said she cursed him and tore out the heart of his friend before he made a narrow escape! Really, young men are given to such exaggeration these days...

—Abd Al-Hazir

Succubi in Diablo III as handmaidens and daughters of the Maiden of Lust. They can be found in different areas of Act III and IV, respectively in the Arreat Crater and in most areas of the High Heavens. Their appearance is different from that in the first two games, but like in Diablo I, they fight completely unarmored.

As seductive and deadly as always, the Succubi possess their signature BloodStar attack that applies a curse on damaging hit, reducing Armor by -50% for 5 seconds.

The Succubi are support attackers, not too deadly by themselves, but they do make it much easier for all other monsters to kill a hero, especially towards classes that rely on Armor instead of all resistances as their major form of protection. Succubi are fragile, and killing them is only problematic if they are hiding behind their more resilient allies. The damage of a Succubus attack is low, and their BloodStar homing projectiles are quite slow and easy to dodge. Avoid large groups of other monsters accompanied by the Succubi, or separate them for easier dispatching. Remember Succubi can fly over the impassable terrain and even have a backflip move that allows them to escape melee combat.

There is a mini-event in Tower of the Cursed involving several Keep Guards mind-controlled by the Succubi as they are being prepared to be sacrificed to Cydaea. Upon the death of their tormentors, these guards join the hero to help with clearing the rest of the tower. However they cannot last long against the monsters in the tower, especially Champion/Rare packs.

There are two sub-types of Succubi. In Act III the Succubus is encountered. In Act IV the Hell Witch and Vile Temptress are encountered.



Classification Demons
Monster Family Succubus
Role Spell caster
Monster Stats Norm/Night/Hell/Inferno
Life Unknown
Mana Unknown
Armor Unknown
Resistance Unknown
Offense Norm/Night/Hell/Inferno
Armament Spells, Claws
DPS Unknown
Low Damage Unknown
High Damage Unknown
Range Unknown Speed
Fast Movement Fast
Monster Modifiers Unknown
Spells/Abilities Bloodstar
Found In Act III, Act IV

Hell Witch

Stat Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno
Level 0 0 0 0
XP 0 0 0 0
HP 0 0 0 0
  • Appears in Act IV - The Silver Spire Level 1

Vile Temptress

Stat Normal Nightmare Hell Inferno
Level 0 0 0 0
XP 0 0 0 0
HP 0 0 0 0
  • Appears in Act IV - Gardens of Hope 1st Tier, Hell Rift (2)

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