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Succubus (Being Human)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Type 5
Yvonne Bradshaw, Succubus character in Being Human UK
Yvonne Bradshaw, Succubus character
in Being Human UK
Base of operations Worldwide
Character in Series Yvonne Bradshaw
Appearance Completely human
in appearance
Physical Aspects Red eyes when their
hunger is present

Being Human is a United Kingdom television series which has supernatural beings appear as characters within it. One of these characters Yvonne Bradshaw, was defined as being a Succubus in the Series Four episode Hold the Front Page.


A Succubus is the daughter of a demon and a mortal. She unconsciously exerts a psychic or magical influence over men; from the moment they touch her, and as long as they are in her vicinity, they will passionately adore her. When the succubus sleeps with the mortal man, he dies.

However, as they are raised among humans, a succubus may never discover that it is one; she might never come to understand why men find her irresistible, or indeed why men die during intercourse with her. She will even appear to them in dreams where she acts out their greatest fantasy. Once a succubus knows what she is, and feels rejected by her inability to form real meaningful relationships, she will embrace her demonic nature and seduce men.

What precise sort of demon can father a succubus is unclear. Like other supernatural creatures, a succubus can see a ghost, although whether she can exert influence over a male ghost is unclear. Although if the male she has intercourse with is already dead, for example a vampire, they are immune from the fatal side-effects which would normally occur.

It is unknown if male incubi exist and if they attract females in the same way that succubi attract males.

History Within The Show

In the Series Four episode Hold the Front Page, Adam Jacobs returns to the Being Human house, as he's on the run from the news media after having been romantically and sexually involved with Yvonne Bradshaw, a middle-aged schoolmistress. It turns out that she is Succubus.


It is possible that since they were the newest supernatural creature to be discovered at the point in the series they appeared, a alternate name for a Succubus could be a Type 5.

The male equivalent of a Succubus is an Incubus and it is likely that if they exist in the world that Being Human is set, it is likely they have a similar effect on women as a Succubus has on men.

It is unknown how common or rare Succubi are. They are mostly likely very rare as are Zombies because only one has appeared in the entire series.

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