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Succubus (2Moons)

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2Moons character
2Moons Succubus
First appearance Dekaron
First game Dekaron
Created by David Perry

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi are monsters that can be found in the Dekaron, also known as '2Moons' online role playing game, published by GameHi in Asia and in North America by Acclaim Games. Players control a single character, and move around a three-dimensional world, completing quests and defeating fiends (which may either be monsters, known in Dekaron as the Pitborn, or other players) to gain experience and become more powerful. In terms of player and player interaction, there was also a PVP option, and sometimes a PK (player killing) option outside safety zones. The ultimate goal in Dekaron was for a player guild to obtain Genoa Castle through a siege war.


Total Health 14,533
Example Example
Experience 1,232
Defense 308 - 441
Physical Resistance 0%
Lightning Resistance 0%
Fire Resistance 5%
Ice Resistance 0%
Poison Resistance 0%
Curse Resistance 35%
Magic Resistance 0%
Range Damage Resistance 0%
Knockback Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0%
Locations Castor Cave Fl2
Norak Cave Fl2
Attack 1
Damage 267 - 402 (Poison Damage)
Ranged Attack −8 HP/Sec
−1% Movement Speed (5 seconds, 50% chance)

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