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Succubi (Short Story)

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by Francis James Franklin
Written 2000
First published in 2000
Language English
Subject(s) Succubi
Publisher Francis James Franklin
Publication date 2000

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi is a short story written by Francis James Franklin and first published on the author's website in 2000. It is included in the author's collection of stories and poetry titled Lesbian Succubus Diary and Other Steamy Stuff.


Do you know what a succubus is? People used to believe in succubi. Not any more. In folklore they are creatures of the night, women who sneak into houses to steal the seed of men. These days you laugh at such a notion, but what do you know? I know. There have always been succubi, and will always be succubi, and She who was first will be last, for She is eternal.

She was born of the Light, the fairest daughter of Heaven, and She knew it. She gloried in it, exulted in it. And for the sin of Her pride She was cast out of the Light.

But drawn to the light She stood at Eden's gates and wept.

Israel's progenitors spied Her there. They who knew nothing of Darkness, nothing of sorrow or of wanting, spied Her there, and he knew lust, and she knew jealousy, and for these sins they too were expelled from the Light, from Paradise.

And for the corruption She had brought She was punished, cursed so that the Light repelled her, even as it attracted her. She swore vengeance then, embraced the Dark that brought no solace, emptied her soul with it, and that vacuum brought a terrible hunger.

That very night She came to Adam, but despite his apparent lust he drove Her away. The following night She came again, but again he drove Her away, and at last She perceived his love for Eve, an unbreakable chord that bound them, and She hated it, hated them. A third night She came, but in the guise of Eve, and She lay with Adam. She laughed to feel his fertile seed in her womb, laughed to see the grief in his eyes when She revealed Her true self.

So if sometimes men have an instinctive fear of women, perhaps this is why.

People used to believe in succubi. Used to be that when a girl reached womanhood, if she craved only to take the place of another woman she would know, or at least suspect, her true nature, would seek out others of her own kind and learn from them the secrets of glamor, for such is the nature of succubi that no matter how ugly or rotten they may become they have the aspect of beauty, and such is the nature of their magics that apparent beauty is achieved at the cost of real beauty.

But these days very few believe in succubi. Most succubi never realize their true nature; they grow into mature women with confused desires, moving from disastrous relationship to disastrous relationship in search of a satisfaction they do not understand. A few, however, do escape the prison of ignorance that modern society has constructed.

This I know, so perhaps you should think twice before adopting a baby girl, no matter how beautiful she may be.

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