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Succubi (Lavarocks)

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Succubus (Lavarocks)
Founded Post destruction of Demons
Founder Unclear
Current leader Unorganized
Capital None
Home world Atlas
Base of operations Llyr Nation
Appearance Lavarocks
Physical Aspects Generally human with some demonic features though this varies

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubi in the Lavarocks story universe are beings created when the race known as the Vessi arrived on the planet Atlas where this story universe is set. The Vessi caused Succubi to come into existence through the interbreeding of Humans and Demons.


The Succubi are one of the 5 races of civilized people in Atlas. Although they are half Demon they claim the Llyr Nation as their official affiliation. Their bodies although more Human like in appearance, are coated with delicate Demon skin making them extremely weak Defensively. However their well bred bodies allow them a great deal of agility to dodge and return blows in a fight as well as bend Fire in a Job Class known as Pyromancing.


The history of the Succubi is relatively short as they are a relatively new race, half human and half demon. This hybrid species was created shortly after the arrival of the Vessi. When the futuristic visitors informed the nations of Atlas the Humans would conquer all other life on the planet it sent shock waves through the world. The humans quickly became arrogant and pompous, and the Drows focused all of their attention on their study of the Vessi to prevent their seemingly inevitable demise. However the news hit no other Nation quite as hard as the Demons. After all what is the point in living if eventually society as the Demons knew it would fall?

Within days the Demon nation was destroyed, not by the Humans or any other nation but by themselves. Chaos and anarchy replaced democracy and civility, as the demons destroyed their own cities in fiery riots that lasted for months. Unfortunately it wasn't until every Demon city in Atlas was destroyed that the surviving Demons realized they had made their own self-fulfilling prophecy.

The surviving Demons were scattered across Atlas. While most took shelter in the darkest corners of the world some looked for another alternative. If humans were to be the inheritors of the earth than a cross breeding between their species would at least ensure some minute part of the demons would be saved from extinction. With this goal in mind Demons fled to every city and port in the Llyr Nation with scaly claws full of gold. The humans arrogantly and unwittingly obliged to take on the refugees, their eyes too glazed with the shiny glint of gold to see the seeds as they were sewn. After several generations the original pure blood Demons died and were replaced with their Succubi children.

The Succubi were the next generation of socially accepted Demons. They appeared Human enough to be allowed in their cities and with it gained the protection of the Llyr Nation. Unfortunately, the Demons were never truly accepted by their Human mother's and fathers and most were orphaned. Since the History of the Demons was destroyed and the remaining Demons scattered around the globe the Succubi were left to scrape out an existence as pseudo lower class humans.

Although there are enough Succubi to form their own Nation the Succubi are hardly ever organized. The only real unifier amongst the all Succubi is their long held craft of Pyromancing. Combining the Human art of dancing and their Demon resistance to fire, they have single-handedly created a job class accepted by every Nation in Atlas.


The Succubi are known world round for their Lusty appearance to Humans, Males are naturally more muscular and leaner than your average Human boys and Females generally have a larger bust and waste length than average human girls. This is suggested to be a mechanism they gained over time to attract Humans with which they mate. A Succubi's height is not limited, although females are considerably shorter than their male counterparts. Succubi are also known to have short vestigial bat wings and forked tail, which can be coaxed with the right potions to grow large enough to be used in flight. From their Demon blood Succubi's are blessed with two horns situated on either side of their scull, but these are merely ornamental and many Succubi choose to remove them.

In terms of clothing the Succubi have been notoriously picky about what fabrics touch their skin. Generally wear for this species is light and silky, usually in the form of draped clothes and flowing gowns. It is also common for Succubi to show more skin than most creatures in Atlas, as many prefer not to wear armor.


Having no real home, the Succubi rarely gather and are usually seen mixed in among Humans.

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