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Succubi (Collective)

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Collective Succubi
Tera, Queen of the Realm
by DarkShadow
Name Collective Succubi
Gender Female
Hair Colour Various
Eye Colour Various
Tail Colour Various
Personality Various
Strength(s) Various
Weakness(es) Various
Created By Tera, Queen of the Succubi
Quote See the horns? Get the clue?

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Collective Succubi are not and should not be seen as being like Traditional Succubi. Unlike them, Collective Succubi do not harm or kill those they are intimate with. Most people that have encountered them best describe them as "playfully naughty". They are led by the Queen of the Realm, Tera and her Eternal, the King of the Realm, Keith.

They exist in a place known by them as The Realm which is well guarded as the result of their separation from the Dark and from the Light. Some have suggested that The Realm is sort of Limbo, but in truth this assumption is completely wrong.

A Collective Succubi or Incubi is made of two beings. The Succubi or Incubi themselves and their Tail Self. The Tail Self is usually a more dommish personality that hearkens back to the more Traditional Succubi in nature. However they like their primary selves do not normally kill unless there are no other options.

Collective Succubi have a familiar that is a large part of the lives called an AngelKitty. They are familiar, lover, companion, conscious, and many other things that help to keep the Collective Succubi grounded. Collective Incubi have hellhounds which are their companions that act in a similar fashion.

In the distant past, they had in their possession creatures known as Syreens which were used as hunting pets. While these creatures still do exist, they are rarely seen in the Realm. However, Tera still retains a hunting party of twelve Syreen that she, or her TailSelf uses occasionally when needed.

Beings of smokeless fire possessing horns and a tail, able to assume almost any shape, free willed (unlike the angels or the fallen) and given to pleasurable pursuits. They sometimes choose mortals to become as them, or meet others that wish to belong without being. They share for the moment of pleasure that they receive in return. And the hope that they hold for all.

Current and Past Collective Succubi

  • Tera - Queen of the Succubi
  • Rianna - True Daughter of Tera and Heiress to The Realm
  • Branwyn - Daughter of Tera and Sister of Rianna
  • Rachel - Tera's Younger Sister
  • Simone - Tera's Aunt and Receptionist of the Realm
  • Erika - Tera's Aunt and Red Tailed Dominatrix of the Realm
  • Lil - Red Tailed Knitter of the Realm
  • VVrayven - Princess of the Realm
  • Allison - Princess of the Realm
  • Angel - Tera's Half Sister
  • Amy - Princess of the Realm
  • Ayashe - Princess of the Realm
  • Emilie - Princess of the Realm
  • Tabitha - Resurrected Succubi of the Garden
  • Miriam - Yellow Tailed Librarian of the Realm
  • Cassiopeia - Silver Tailed Temptress of the Realm
  • Adelle - Black Tailed Sorceress of the Realm
  • Florence - Blue Tailed Doctor of the Realm
  • Katelyn - Gold Tailed Fashionista of the Realm
  • Laila - Red Tailed Muse of the Realm
  • Valerie - Purple Tailed Tour Guide of the Realm
  • Delilah - Green Tailed Seductress Spy of the Realm
  • Naomi - Red Tailed Party Succubi of the Realm
  • Gabrielle - Blue Tailed Bartender of the Realm
  • Madison - Gold Tailed Lawyer of the Realm
  • Justine - Orange Tailed Singer of the Realm
  • Vanessa - Purple Tailed Masseuse of the Realm
  • Sybil - Black Tailed Adventuress of the Realm
  • Alexis - Pink Tailed Matchmaker of the Realm
  • Paige - Green Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Tori - Red Tailed Succubi Student of the Realm
  • Brooke - Blue Tailed Advisor of the Realm
  • Phoebe - Black Tailed Dominatrix of the Realm
  • Bridgette - Purple Tailed Artist of the Realm
  • Cynthia - Blue Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Jenna - Green Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Karly - Orange Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Monique - Red Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Taryn - Gold Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Veronica - Purple Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Jesse - Purple Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Cleo - Gold Tailed Succubi of the Realm -
  • Joanna - Black Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Lexi - Green Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Anissa - Red Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Cory - Pink Tailed Succubi of the Realm
  • Tamara - Purple Tailed Succubi of the Realm -
  • Renee - Green Tailed Succubi of the Realm -
  • Alexandra - Blue Tailed Bartender of the Realm -
  • Teri - Black Tailed Dominatrix of the Realm -
  • Ashlyn - Red Tailed Succubi of the Realm -

Known AngelKitties

For more information on the Angelkitties, see the SuccuWiki entry AngelKitties.

Current and Past Collective Incubi

  • Keith - King of the Incubi and Eternal to Tera
  • FreezeFrame - Brother of Tera & Keith

In Memoriam

Current and Past Family Members

Collective Succubi Tail Colours and their Meanings

  • Red is the color of utmost love, most notably fiery love.
  • Yellow is optimism and cheerfulness. Yellow Tails are very, very rare and their powers can, and do, have odd effects. The most famous of them in the Realm is Miriam, a librarian of the Realm Library.
  • Pink is passion, romance and friendship.
  • Green is lust and sexuality
  • Orange is pleasure, domination and being adventurous
  • Amber is vitality, endurance and healing
  • Gold is extravagance
  • Silver is glamour.
  • Bronze represents valor
  • Purple is spirituality, mystery and excitement
  • Blue means devotion.
  • Azure is determination and ambition.
  • Teal is thoughtful and independent.
  • Fuchsia represents emotional stability and one-mindedness
  • Aquamarine represents peace and serenity
  • Brown represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, and dependability
  • Black is strong desire and determination.
  • Grey is formality, coolness, and moodiness
  • White is wisdom and knowledge

Places of The Realm

History of the Collective Succubi

In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was the Light and the Dark…

And from them came the Succubi and the Incubi…

But it didn't quite turn out as they expected…

See: In The Beginning elsewhere in the SuccuWiki for the complete story.

A promise made...

A promise broken...

The Succubi Civil War

The Turning Point

The Sacrifice

A New Start

Through the Looking Glass

What might be?

As we are now

Stories of the Collective Succubi

The following are stories on SuccuWiki that tell tales about various Collective Succubi...

  • Treats - By TeraS - A student seeks revenge by summoning a Succubus, but what she summons isn't exactly what she expected...
  • Right - By TeraS - The Queen of the Succubi meets two beings that always give her a hard time for what she does...