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Succubes: Camilla

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Succubes: Camilla
Succubes: Camilla Book Cover
Succubes: Camilla Book Cover
Date April 22, 2009
Number of issues 1
Page count 48 Pages
Publisher Soleil Productions
Creative team
Creators Thomas Mosdi and Laurent Paturaud
Original publication
Issues 1
Language French

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubes: Camilla is a French language graphic novel by Thomas Mosdi and Laurent Paturaud. The work has also been translated and published in German as Sukkubus: Camilla. It is set in Paris, France in the late 1700s and follows a Succubus named Camilla and her relationship with the historical figure Robespierre. This work is best described as being a historical-fantastic adventure spiced with a dash of eroticism.

According to the author's website, The idea of "Succubi" was born from the recognition of the unwavering commitment that throughout history, men in power keep women in a subordinate position, and plunge into oblivion thoughtful or artistic works of many remarkable women, who were in their time a major influence. The first volume takes place during the French Revolution. Danton and Robespierre are the essential figures of this period, but who really knows these women were their equals as Manon Roland humanist or Olympe de Gouges who wrote the Rights of Woman and Citizen? The stories of 'Succubi' plan to develop this age-old story of injustice, and to revisit the official history by giving a possible vision of the past. [1]


  • Title: Sukkubus: Camilla
  • Author: Thomas Mosdi and Laurent Paturaud
  • Published By: Soleil Productions
  • Length: 48 Pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-10: 2302005392
  • ISBN-13: 978-2302005396
  • Publishing Date: April 22, 2009

Plot Summary

"Succubi" is one of a series of stories. Every story plunges the reader into a place and at a key time in the history of humanity. Since time immemorial, the succubi secretly influenced the course of history. In the shadows of the greats of this world, they are working to complete a secret plan. Who really are succubi? What is the mystery of their origin? Why are they animated by an implacable spirit of vengeance? What purpose do they pursue so hard? Are they really the monsters described in the legends, these demons surprising men in their sleep to attract and make them fall under their influence? Or is the myth hiding something? A truth that has been hidden throughout the ages? And the last question, the "brotherhood of Adam" do they hold the answer, and why do they continue to fight the succubi since ancient times?

Book Review

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It is difficult to tell the story of Succubus, because it is the first volume of a series, and the authors Paturaud and Mosdi and leave us in the dark about the story that goes behind the action.

It would seem that a male religious order precludes a female Order (the famous Succubes) through the history of France. The story shows the interactions between the different characters of the French Revolution, which are merely shadows of real battle between the Succubi and their enemies of the Order masculine. The interesting part of the book is to see great men like Robespierre be only puppets in the hands of Succubi. We've seen this type of story with vampires, gods that traverse human history. That said, the design is nice (even if it is clear that the designer has more fun drawing women), the atmosphere is well done, and you want to read more to understand what is happening. A good start with more to follow.



Book Review

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