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Sons of Succubus (Webcomic)

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Sons of Succubus
Sons of Succubus Webcomic Logo
Website http://sos.rabbidforce.com/
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date July 25th, 2007
End date July 27th, 2007
Rating(s) Mature

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Sons of Succubus was a very short lived webcomic hosted on rabbidforce.com. It followed two sons of a Succubus and their misadventures on Earth where they were sent by their mother.

Because the series was so short lived, only three days, the Succubus herself was never named, revealed or was explained in anyway in the series itself. The only information that was available to explain this work was by the creator's post in a thread on the Web Comic List forum.

Series Information

  • Title: Sons of Succubus
  • Began: July 25th, 2007
  • Ended: July 27th, 2007
  • Rating: Mature
  • Website: http://sos.rabbidforce.com/ - No Longer Active

Plot Summary

Because the series was so short lived, there is little information on it save for a post by the series creator on the Web Comic List.com discussion pages as follows:

The Dark Lord of Hades, Lucifer has a wife and/or significant other and/or mistress (I haven't decided) who is a Succubus, and if you know anything about what a Succubus is, it is a demon who usually takes the form of an attractive woman and has sex with men in the night, usually taking their lives and souls in the process. Well, this particular Succubus was just doing her job...but some how the man she was..ya know..with gets her pregnant.

She ends up having twins and trying to keep it from Lucifer she stashes em on earth, and they grow up like normal people. (Hence their dorkiness and the lame pop culture references)

The Succubus (sorry haven't figured out her name yet) sends a couple of demons to act as their watchful eye to keep em out of trouble and to keep some of the underworld from harming them..at least at first.[1]


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