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Snivgrits Ptui Kinkinspire is, bluntly, an imp from Hell. On the Collective he has generally been seen as a cartoonish figure about three feet in height, red skinned, bulb nosed with horns, tail and some form of footwear; either boots or tennis shoes.

Snivgrits, who sometimes goes as Sniv for short, was originally a Malach of the Heavenly Host, one of the lowest form of angels responsible for performing routine chores at the behest of higher ranked angels.

During the War in Heaven, when Lucifer and his followers rebelled, Snivgrits joined the side of the Fallen and was cast down with them by the Archangel Michael and the rest of the loyal Host. Exactly what role, if any, he played in this contest is not well known. His record after being pressed into service with the Legion of Hell is equally obscure. What is known is that during the vast time he has existed he never progressed beyond the rank of imp to fiend. Most have attributed this lack of advancement to a combination of low ambition, lazy resolve, and ill-luck.

At this time, he works part time as a doorman at the little used Tenth Gate into Pandesmos, the Capital city of Hell. The rest of the time he has spent in service as an abbey lubber, an imp who prompts the virtuous to such vices as overindulgence in alcohol and fornication.

Snivgrits, on his frequent visits to the Earth, frequently indulges his taste for liquor at the Club EnTrance. He also has dealings with many members of the Collective, some of whom have become inexplicably fond of him.

As a gift Snivgrits created an artificial being he called "Bunny" Sniv. Bunny is part dream demon and part human construct created by a coherent form of computed language from the hidden desires of her observers. In other words, people tend to see whatever attracts them when they look at her.

Sniv gave Bunny to the Collective as a "gift" to see what they would do with her. Much to his surprise, instead of simply using her as they saw fit, many members have imbued her with further human like qualities, including providing her with a soul and making her mortal.

It is likely that Sniv will get into a great deal of trouble for using the resources of Hell in an experiment with such an outcome.