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Slan Witch

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Slan Witch
Virtueverse character
The Virtueverse Character known as Slan Witch
First appearance Virtueverse
First game City of Heroes
Virtueverse Wiki
Created by Mellow12
Fictional profile
A Hybrid Succubus/Human with a cursed past and an unknown future

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Slan Witch is a hybrid Succubus/Human character in the Virtueverse role playing game created by Mellow12 who was once human, but escaped from Hell and found she had become a Succubus as punishment for her actions.


If Slan Witch were a color it would have to be white. White symbolizes purity, nobility, and protection. Slan Witch is far from pure but she does consider herself noble and she defiantly feels she needs to fight for and protect something. In this way, Slan Witch has an almost maternal or big sisterly like manner about her. She is highly intelligent and often mentions terms that most people don't understand. She is also Schizoaffective.

Character History

Back in 1919, Slan Witch used to be a woman named Zola Pelikof. Zola lived on a farm in Menifee California, which back then was nothing more that a collection of houses spread apart. Menifee was a popular hang out for Southern Californians interested in witchcraft and other new age religions. Zola was one of them, she joined a coven of witches and learned the ways of a natural witch. Zola began to have darker motives behind her craft. She became so infatuated with her own brand of witchcraft that she didn't want there to be any other forms. Convinced that she was doing the right thing. Zola killed the other members of her coven and then the entire magic community between Riverside and San Diego. She didn't stop there. Zola wanted to be the only witch on earth, a "Slan" Witch, and to do that she would need to kill the most powerful magic users on earth, and they were in Paragon City.


Zola went on a killing spree the moment she set foot in Paragon. She went unhindered for days before a hero came forward to stop her. The hero was called Kamikaze Atom, and he had the power of nuclear energy in his hands. The battle between Zola and Atom was brief but decisive. Zola was killed and her murderous rampage ended.


Zola only remembered losing consciousness, not dying. When she opened her eyes she was not on the streets of Paragon City but in a vast dark sea of nothingness, she could not even see her hand in front of her face, and she was completely alone. Zola had been sent to Shoul, the waiting place for wicked souls. Hell had not yet been created because the final judgment had not yet occurred. Zola's ultimate fate would be to wait till the judgment was over and then be cast into Hell along with the devil and all those who followed him. Zola became aware of this and she became tormented by the thoughts of all the horrible things she had done.


Time lost all meaning in Shoul, Zola had no idea when she had arrived or how long she had been there. All she knew was that she was alone and constantly thinking about the evil person she was. If there were anyway to escape from the torment of being in Shoul she would do it and take any offer. A spirit in the from of fire came upon her and took control of her body. The darkness faded and she saw a way out, without thinking she ran toward it, with the fire spirit enveloping her all the way. With the aid of the spirit's power she was able to escape from Shoul, she found herself back on the street in Paragon City: naked, confused, and, abandoned.


Nothing looked the same from how she remembered it, the cars, streets, and buildings all looked different from when she had last seen them. She found an old newspaper in a gutter and looked at the date,it was 1946, 24 years had passed. Zola had felt stage the moment she left Shoul, not herself, somehow different. She found an old coat in an ally and used it to cover her body, then she went to a dinner to gather her thoughts. The owner brought her a cup of coffee and some donuts.

Zola ate and drank be realized that neither the coffee or donuts satisfied. She became even more confused when she stated to feel aroused for no reason. The feeling eventually became to much for her. She saw that the dinner owner was napping behind the counter. She quietly went up to him, undid his pants, pulled out his penis, and impaled herself on it. When she finished she felt the sanctification the food and drink did not give. In this way, Zola became aware of what she was.

Just as when the angels fall from heaven become demons. Humans who escape the after life become demons too. By leaving Shoul Zola had become a Succubus. A female demon who has sex with people while they sleep in order to steal their life's energy. Terrified by what she was, Zola fled from Paragon City and ended up on the island that would become Grandvile.

Awareness and Acceptance

Zola refused to leave the island, but soon she became so physically weak that she couldn't avoid people any longer. She started out by sucking the life from fishermen who were fishing near the island and then eventually any weekend visitors to the island. Zola started to change also. She grew horns, a tail, and wings, looking more like the demon she really was. The possession by the fire spirit also had an effect on her. She found that she could control and manipulate fire, a talent she hoped she would rarely would use. Zola remained on the island for six years. In that time she grew to accept what she was and even learned how to return to her original form by transferring her energy into a gold chain, but she still felt that there was an aspect to her that was missing, she would not discover this missing aspect until an abrupt encounter forced it on her.


Zola, who by now called herself only Slan, tended to stay in the center of the island to avoid being seen, no one came that far in. She was siting on a rock looking up at the sky when she felt three presences close to her. They were Arachnos soldiers who had come to investigate the strange things that were reported on and around the island. The soldiers forced her to come with them to the beach. On the shore, Slan saw a fleet of ships anchored in the water around the island. Lord Recluse, leader of Arachnos, met her and informed her that he was taking control of the island, Slan had to leave or they would force her off. Reluctantly, Slan left for Cap au Diable and Mount Diable. There she swore that she would use the fire power she had against Arachnos to regain her lost home. For the first time since she died she had a cause, and that was to defeat an evil even greater than her. He felt a great since of nobility, but soon she would feel something even greater.


On Cap au Diable, Slan found plenty of men and women to sustain herself on. She would go out every night to gain more energy than she needed just in case she had to fight Arachnos. This increase in her activity started to attract unwanted attention. Slan ran into other demons on Cap au Diable, but they were not like her. When she met another demon they would always try to get her to rethink everything she was doing, give her doubts, discourage her. This happened on many occasions and it always felt like there was someone watching her. In one encounter with one demon, Slan refused to listen to what he said. He became angry and cursed her for living. After this Slan figured out what made her different from them. These demons had once been angels, the ones that fallowed the devil in his rebellion against heaven. Because they had been angels, it meant that they did not have souls. Slan had only been human, which meant that she still had her immortal soul. The demons were trying to make her feel as though she didn't so she she would be like them, hopeless. The knowledge of these new facts did give her hope. Hope that unlike the fallen angels, she was redeemable.


Slan had felt that someone had been watching her for a long time, and she had an idea of who it was but wasn't sure. OnE night, Slan went to he top of Mount Diable, and there waiting for her was Lilith, the first woman. Slan and Lilith spoke for over an hour. Lilith basically said that if Slan joined her in her quest to destroy the descendants of Adam and Eve, Slan would never face the judgment. Slan was very tempted to accept the offer, but in the end refused. No matter who or what you were, there would be a judgment. Slan knew this and so did Lilith. Lilith left Slan but told her that she would make her suffer for the choice she had made.


In the streets of Mercy, Slan found a naked girl lying face down in an ally, half dead. It didn't take Slan more than a few seconds to realize what had happened. The girl had left Shoul no more than 5 five hours ago, far too long to go without life energy. Faced with no possible alternative, Slan fed the girl some of her own life's energy from her breast. Slan took the girl back with her to. Mount Diable, Slan listened to what the girl had to say. The girl said that she died when she drank too much beer at her friend's 14th birthday party, she didn't remember how long it had been since then. Then she told Slan that she had gotten out Of Shoul because Lilith had offered it to her. Once she was out, Lilith left her and said that one day she would be back. Slan was terrified of what the girl had agreed to, but it seemed that her soul was still intact. Slan now had two missions, get her island back, and protect this new succubus from Lilith.


Slan never learned the girl's name, instead she gave her a new one, Diablo Moppet. Slan taught Diablo all she had learned about being a succubus and the two would form a sort of mother and daughter bond as the years went by. Diablo also helped Slan in her quest to retake the island.


Currently Slan lives with Diablo in an old coal mine under Mount Diable, which she has rents from the city. To pay her rent she works as a bartender in on of the isles nightclubs. Late at night she flys through Cap au Diable looking for men and women to steal life energy from. Her battle to clam Grandville continues.


Slan Witch
Name Slan Witch
Origin Magic
Archetype Corruptor
Threat Level 45
Real Name Zola Pelikof
Known Aliases None
Species Succubus/Human
Age 27 at Death/ 90 Current
Height 6'1
Weight 174 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Nationality American
Occupation Rouge Witch
Place of Birth Menifee, CA
Base of Operations Mount Diable
Marital Status Unmarried
Known Relatives None
Known Powers Confidential
Known Abilities Fire and Dark Manipulation

Additional Notes

  • Slan is technically over 117 years old. She has lived through the 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the first decade of the 21st century.
  • Slan Smokes a Chinese tobacco pipe.
  • Slan never has to eat, drink, or sleep.
  • Slan loves the sunshine on her skin when she is in human form.
  • Slan has no sense of taste on her tongue.
  • Slan's body is unaffceted by high heat.

Slan and the Kennedy Curse

Slan has a unique tie to the Kennedy family. Once in 1938, three of Joseph Kennedy's son's, Joe,Jack,and Bobby, were sailing in their father's yacht off of Port Oaks. Slan Suddenly appeared on deck in human form and naked and asked them if they wanted to spend some time together. Slan made love to all three of them, and stayed with the boys for the rest of the trip. Slan was very upset that all three died tragic deaths, She believes that she is the origin of the Kennedy Curse.

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