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Silver Succubi (Felarya)

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Silver Succubi (Felarya)
The Silver Succubus Iridan
The Silver Succubus Iridan
Character in Series Iridan
Physical Aspects Female demons with a tail, bat-like wings and horns who
use magic based on
manipulating metal and

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Silver Succubi in the Felarya universe are female demons with the appearance of women adorned with various demonic features such as a tail, bat-like wings and horns. They use magic based on manipulating metal and magnetism.


Their name comes mostly from their long, shiny, silvery hair. The way light plays on it is fascinating. Silver succubi are usually smaller than other species (about 95 feet tall rather than the average of 110 feet for other species). They have pale white skin, delicate features, and are masters over their facial expressions, able to display a look of perfect innocence in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Silver succubi are famous for this, it's as if they are constantly wearing a mask, able to change to a new one anytime they wished. A silver succubi will show their true expressions only to very close friends, making them incredibly good at bluffing and deception.

With their wings folded and hidden by their long hair, they could easily be mistaken for an angel, if it weren't for their goat horns. While they may look like how people typically imagine an angel, they act far differently. Silver succubi are commonly known in Hell for being naughty, Hedonistic and very provocative, even by succubi standards. They never wear much in the way of clothes (or if they do, the clothes are highly suggestive, like garter belts, transparent bustiers, and the like. They also have a very large appetite. They are ravenous, and anything that crosses their path and is small enough to be gulped down is considered food. While their stomach is smaller than other succubi, they can't stand having it empty for very long.

Powers and Abilities

Silver succubi master a strange magic based on metal and magnetism. Their most common trick is to spread their wings before fight, making them act like magnets, instantly attracting any metallic weapons or armor to them. Once the piece of metal hits the succubus's wings it sticks, giving them a ready source of ammo for another one of their tricks: reversing their magnetic polarity. When they do that all the bits of metal that are stuck to them are violently repelled at very high speeds.

A skilled silver succubus can literally make pieces of metal dance around her like they're alive, just by varying the magnetic flux of her body. Also, the skin of a silver succubus is totally immune to any kind of metal, magical or otherwise. Should a metal weapon strike a Silver Succubus it either breaks, or bounces off harmlessly.

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