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Shami-Amourae, the Lady of Delights, with the chokesnake Molypente, as depicted in Dungeon #148
Game background
Title(s) The Lady of Delights, Goddess of Debased Eros, (former) Queen of Succubi
Home plane Abyss
Power level Demon Lord
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Debased Sexuality
Domains Sexuality
Deviant Sexuality
Superior Malcanthet
Design details
First appearance The Stolen Power -
Dragon #5
Settings All Editions D&D
Mythological Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Shami-Amourae is a Succubus Demon Lord and former Queen of Succubi in the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. She is known, along with her sister Succubi Lynkhab, Xinivrae and Malcanthet, to be the first of the the Succubi to come into being in the Abyss. Whereas Xinivrae is concerned with the seduction of women and Lynkhab is patroness to the self-destructive, Shami-Amourae is focused upon debased sexuality.

Her first appearance in Dungeons and Dragons lore came in the adventure The Stolen Power which appeared in Dragon #5. While she did not actually appear in the adventure, basic statistics and background appeared to provide flavor to the adventure.

She was next referenced as part of Dungeons and Dragons lore in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss where it was revealed that she had been overthrown as Queen of Succubi by Malcanthet.

Her major appearance in Dungeons and Dragons lore occurred as part of the Wells of Darkness adventure which appeared in Dungeon #148 as part of the Savage Tide Adventure path. Her background and statistics were greatly expanded upon within this adventure as she played a central role in its outcome.

Character Information


Shami-Amourae physically appears as a beautiful succubus with pale, almost white skin and long blonde hair. Sharni-Amourae's focus prior to her imprisonment in the Well of Debased Eros focused upon Demogorgon who she claims is her rightful consort. In that came her need to remove all competition for Demogorgon's affections and thus brought her into conflict with Malcanthet, the reigning Queen of Succubi.

After her plans and manipulations of Demogorgon were discovered and she was imprisoned, she came to loathes Malcanthet for taking Demogorgon away from her and taking her place, even though the fault for this occurring is Shami-Amourae's own fault. She also hates Demogorgon for his actions and plots against him for spurning her. It is possible that she may never forgive Demogorgon for his betrayal.

Both beautiful and terrifyingly deviant in her own sexual desires, she is a prime example of the Succubi in what they are capable of. Though known as the Lady of Delights, any that she takes a fancy to can only look forward to a few moments of bliss that quickly ends in the complete draining of their lifeforce before Shami-Amourae discards the dry husk and seeks out her next conquest, thrall, distraction, or at worse, meal.


As one of the first of the succubi birthed from the raw matter of the Abyss, Shami-Amourae's existence predates most mortal races, including humans. Her skill at her "craft" so impressed the Prince of Demons Demogorgon that he took her as his consort, thus greatly increasing her personal power and influence. At the same time, she declared herself the Queen of Succubi and her cult flourished on the Prime Plane. However other ambitious succubi also claimed the title and this struggle, known as the War of Ripe Flesh, became a long drawn out battle in which only one would survive to claim the title of Queen of Succubi.

Shami-Amourae discovered that Demogorgon's twin heads had individual personas, and she began to manipulate him by literally playing off one head against the other, hoping to goad him into attacking the realm of Malcanthet, her greatest rival for Queen of Succubi. Her scheme failed when Malcanthet revealed to the Prince of Demons his consort's true motives. Enraged by Shami-Amourae's manipulations, he had Shami-Amourae imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness, where she has been trapped ever since.


Shami-Amourae's greatest enemies are the two demon lords that were responsible for her imprisonment: Demogorgon and Malcanthet. As a goddess of debased eros, she has made enemies with numerous deities whose portfolios include love, marriage, beauty and physical attraction.

Cult of Shami-Amourae

The followers of Shami-Amourae are known as the Disciples of Delight. Shami-Amourae prefers handsome male clerics and the cult sacrifices attractive male humans, elves and half-elves to her every month. Even after Shami-Amourae's imprisonment her cult never abandoned her and constantly seeks a way to free her from her impervious prison. Even though her rival Malcanthet is now Queen of Succubi, some renegade succubi continue to honor Shami-Amourae.

In Universe Appearances and Information

The following describes Shami-Amourae's official appearances in the Dungeons and Dragons universe:

The Stolen Power

The Stolen Power was an adventure module for Dungeons and Dragons that appeared in Dragon Magazine Issue 5, written by Robert Kelk. This adventure marked Shami-Amourae's first mention in Dungeons and Dragons lore.

While Shami-Amourae was mentioned as part of the adventure she did not actually appear as a force within the course of the adventure. She was referenced as being, at that time, Queen of Succubi and her powers were described as being that of a demigoddess. A statistics block was provided at the end of the adventure to give some idea of her powers and abilities in the event that Dungeon Masters wished for her to appear at some point in their games.

According to the lore provided, Sharni-Amourae was one of the first intelligent beings on the Prime Material Plane. Upon her death, she became a larva, then a quasit, then a succubus. Her abilities convinced Demogorgon to elevate her to a demigod and she used that new found status to become the queen of all succubi. This was, however, a nominal title, since succubi are highly chaotic. Nonetheless, Shami-Amourae is the one being with any measure of control over every succubus.

In the past, she warred with Aphrodite, Hanali Celanil, Hera, and Ishtar. Her allies included Demogorgon, Pan, and Tlazolteotl. She maintained an uneasy truce with Pazuzu, but did not like sharing the sky above her small Abyssal stronghold with him.

Shami-Amourae's male clerics must have a comeliness of not less than 15, while her female clerics must have a comeliness of not more than 14. This is because Shami-Amourae enjoys seeing a higher level of male beauty than female beauty. Humans, half-elves, elves, and halflings are welcome as her clerics. Such followers may not knowingly aid worshipers of Aphrodite, Hanali Celanil, Hera, or Ishtar. Her worshipers sacrifice human, half-elven, or elven males to her once a month at midnight on the night of the full moon.

The lore provided gave a glimpse into the first Queen of Succubi, but her reign would be short-lived as Malcanthet would scheme to overthrow Shami-Amourae and claim that title for herself.

Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss

Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss was an optional supplemental source book for the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game written by James Jacobs, Erik Mona and Ed Stark. This sourcebook marked Shami-Amourae's second mention in Dungeons and Dragons lore.

While no statistics were provided for Shami-Amourae, her lore was expanded upon from her first appearance, noting the loss of her title as Queen of Succubi, the events leading to that event, and Shami-Amourae's current situation and condition.

According to that lore, Shami-Amourae was described as a former consort of Demogorgon who resides in the Well of Darkness as a result of being overthrown by the current Queen of Succubi, Malcanthet of Shendilavri.

Being that the Well of Darkness is, at its most basic form, a prison, Shami-Amourae cannot escape from it, but it is possible to communicate with her. As a result, only the most rebellious succubi dare to visit Shami-Amourae’s prison, often goaded into her service by the demon’s few remaining loyal lilitus. Shami-Amourae can communicate, if she so desires and holds the secret to an important weakness of Demogorgon learned while the two were lovers.

While she no longer appears to be a threat to Malcanthet, if she escapes her captivity, her goal would be to reclaim her throne at any cost and restore her powers as a Demon Lord.

Well of Darkness

Well of Darkness was an adventure module that was part of the Savage Tide Adventure Path for Dungeons and Dragons that appeared in Dragon Magazine, written by Eric L. Boyd. This adventure marked Shami-Amourae's third mention in Dungeons and Dragons lore and provided the most information about her past, her situation, goals, and possible future.

Shami-Aumorae was described as a stunning, statuesque woman with flawless pale skin and long golden tresses. Her angelic form is marred by the wanton, lustful pout of her smile, the all consuming hunger that lurks within her eyes, the large bat wings that unfurl from her back, and the writhing tail that coils around one leg.

In the course of the Savage Tide Adventure Path, players will have encountered Red Shroud, another Succubus in the Abyss who holds a measure of power, who holds the information needed to be able to find Shami-Aumorae as part of their quest. Upon leaving Red Shroud, players travel deeper into the Abyss, their destination being the Well of Darkness where Shami-Aumorae can be found.

Upon locating Shami-Aumorae's prison there, players attempt to communicate with Shami-Aumorae to learn the secret she holds with regards to Demogorgon. However, she refuses to share that secret unless the players free her from imprisonment.

Assuming the players do so, Shami-Aumorae is released but at a cost. In order to protect his secret, Demogorgon has set various traps and barriers to prevent both Shami-Aumorae and anyone that has freed her from escaping the Well of Darkness at any cost.

What follows is a battle for survival to overcome the barriers that Demogorgon has placed. The result can be the escape of the players alone to continue the adventure, the escape of the players and Shami-Aumorae, loss of some of the players, the death of Shami-Aumorae, or the death of all of the players and Shami-Aumorae as well.

Should Shami-Aumorae survive, she will reveal the secret of Demogorgon to them. She will warn the players against opposing Demogorgon on their own, suggesting that they gather an army. She however, has no interest in taking part in attacking Demogorgon and after providing the players with further information she then planeshifts away leaving the players to contemplate their future plans.

Shami-Amourae's future plans after she has been freed focused upon hiding somewhere in the Abyss to plot her future revenge if possible, rebuild her cult and followers to their previous strength as a necessity, and seek out revenge against Malcanthet when the time is right for her to do so.


The Stolen Power

Shami-Amourae - Demigoddess of Debased Eros, Queen of Succubi
Name Shami-Amourae
Demigoddess of Debased Eros
Queen of Succubi
The Lady of Delights
Armor Class -6
Move 24"/36"
Hit Points 200
Number of Attacks 2
Damage/Attack 1-6/14
Special Attacks Energy Drain
Special Defenses +3 or better weapon (+1 if iron) to hit
Magic Resistance 85%
Size Medium (6' tall)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Worshipers' Alignment Chaotic Evil
Symbol Image of a succubus
Plane Abyss
Cleric/Druid 19th-level cleric
Fighter 12th-level fighter
Magic User/Illusionist 22nd-level Magic User
Thief/Assassin Nil
Monk/Bard Nil
Psionic Ability Nil
Abilities S: 13/00 (+3, +6) I:18 W: 20 D:20 C:19 Ch: 22 Cm: 24

Notes: Shami-Amourae normally appears as a succubus with white skin and golden hair. No matter what her form, she always has a comeliness rating between 22 and 25, and never appears as a male. Shami-Amourae has all the abilities of a succubus and all the standard divine abilities listed in Legends and Lore.

She can also use the following powers at will: charm monster; clairvoyance, darkness 15' radius, energy drain, and trap the soul. She can gate to her location her entire retinue or any one other inhabitant of the Abyss except for the demonic deities and Abyssal planar rulers (such as Lolth or Demogorgon). Her retinue is made up of six succubi with maximum hit points. Once a day, she can change one person's comeliness score by /d4 points, either up or down. Once every two days, she can cast a wish spell.

Shami-Amourae prefers to attack (when necessary) by draining the levels of her opponents. If forced to fight a being resistant to energy drain, she attacks with her fingernails.

Well of Darkness

Shami-Amourae - Lady of Debased Eros
Name Shami-Amourae
Title Lady of Debased Eros (Minor Demon Lord)
CR 19
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Type Medium Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Tanar'ri)
Sub-Type Succubus
Init +11
Senses Darkvision 60 ft., Listen +29, Spot +29
Languages Abyssal, Common
Telepathy 300 ft.
Armour Class 40, Touch 31, Flat-Footed 33 (+7 Dex, +9 Natural, +14 Deflection)
hp 319 (22 HD)
Fast Healing 5
DR 15/Cold Iron and Good and Epic
Immune Electricity, Mind-Affecting Effects, Poison
Resist Acid 10, Cold 10, Fire 10
SR 32
Fort +23
Ref +20
Will +17
Speed 30 ft., fly 50 ft. (perfect)
Melee 2 Claws +28 (1d6+6 plus Lust)
Base Attack +22
Group Attack +28
Attack Options Combat Expertise, Flyby Attack, Improved Grab
Special Actions Life Drain, Summon Tanar'ri
Abilities Str 22, Dex 24, Con 30, Int 22, Wis 18, Cha 38
Special Qualities Profane Beauty
Feats Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dark Speech, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative,
Negotiator, Quicken Spell-Like Ability (charm monster)
Skills Bluff +39, Concentration +35, Diplomacy +49, Disguise +39, Escape Artist +32,
Intimidate +43, Knowledge (arcana) +31, Knowledge (the planes) +31, Listen +29,
Perform (dance) +39, Sense Motive +41, spot +29 ,Tumble +32, Use Rope +32
Spell-Like Abilities (CL20th)
At Will Astral Projection, Blasphemy, Charm Monster (DC 2S), Clairvoyance/Clairaudience, Deeper Darkness,
Desecrate, Detect Good, Detect Law, Detect Thoughts (DC 26), Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Teleport,
Plane Shift (DC 31), Shapechange, Telekinesis (DC 29), Unhallow, Unholy Aura (DC 32),
Unholy Blight (DC 28)
3/day Quickened Charm Monster, Energy Drain
1/day Soul Bind (DC 33)
  • Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, Shami-Amourae must hit a large or smaller target with a claw attack. She can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity, If she wins the grapple check, she establishes a hold and can energy drain her foe.
  • Life Drain (Su): Shami-Amourae drains energy from mortals by luring them into acts of passion, or Simply by planting a kiss on the victim. If the target is unwilling, she must first grapple the target. The kiss bestows 2 negative levels, and also has the effect of a suggestion spell, asking the victim to accept another kiss from her. The victim mu st succeed on a DC 35 Will save to negate the effect of this suggestion. It's a DC 3S Fortitude save to remove the negative levels. Both save DCs are Charisma -based.
  • Lust (Su): Shami-Amourae's touch incites overwhelming lust in any corporeal living creature. The victim must make a DC 35 Will save or suffer a - 20 penalty on grapple checks against Shami-Amourae. The save DC is Charisma-based.
  • Profane Beauty (Su): Shami-Amourae's otherworldly beauty grants her a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma bonus to her Armor Class as long as she doesn't wear armor.
  • Summon Tanar'ri (Sp): Once per day, Sharni-Amourae may summon 2d4 succubi. This ability is the equivalent of a 9th-level spell.

Publishing History

Shami-Amourae debuted in Dungeon #5 in the adventure "The Stolen Power" where she had the power of a demigoddess.[1]

She was mentioned again years later in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss, where it was revealed that she was imprisoned in the Wells of Darkness as a result of her war with Malcanthet.[2] Shami-Amourae's statistics were considerably powered down for her third edition debut in Dungeon #148, in the adventure "The Wells of Darkness.". Her ultimate release from her imprisonment is the goal of the adventure.[3]

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