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Seducer Devil

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Seducer Devil
Seducer Devil - Succubus Form
Primary role Corruption
Secondary role Trickery
Power source Sexual Desire
Alignment Lawful Evil
Publication history
Editions OGL Compatible NPC Character
First appearance The Engine of Oracles
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Seducer Devil is an OGL compatible NPC character based on the Incubus/Succubus legends according to medieval lore It is described as being not the stuff of sexy fantasy art, but a horrible fiend with a real “ick” factor by the character's creator.

Character Description

Sexual desire is the perhaps the most powerful of the passions, and a special breed of Devil exists to exploit the lust of humanity. These fiends creep into bed chambers at night in the shape of handsome strangers, seducing virgins and married women alike. They assume the forms of beautiful but unobtainable women to trick men into succumbing to their lust. They also seem to have a particular attraction to Good-aligned clergy, especially those who are cloistered or under vows of chastity. Occasionally, these Seducer Devils simply use brute force rather than trickery – sometimes as part of some diabolical plot, other times simply to gratify their own brutal desires. They have even been known to forbear engaging in acts of lust themselves, in order to tempt mortals into ever greater acts of depravity.

Perhaps the most insidious of the Seducer Devil’s activities is the breeding of hybrid children called Cambions. Many sages speculate that the Seducer Devil visits men in a female form in order to obtain their semen, and then transmits the infernally corrupted material to women by visiting them in a male form. Evidence for this belief is provided by the testimony of women who claim that the emission of an Incubus is cold, not warm. Other sages believe that by the foul will of the Powers of Darkness the Seducer Devil is capable of breeding with humanity unassisted. Seducer Devils who have been bound and interrogated by the most powerful wizards have given contradictory answers to the question of their unassisted fertility, even when placed under the most fearsome of spiritual tortures.

Physical Description

When assuming a female form, the Seducer Devil is called a Succubus. The same creature, but in a male form, is also called an Incubus. The Seducer Devil has, in fact, no single gender. Their natural male form is a 7 foot tall, nude and bald male humanoid, with red skin; prominent, bull-like horns; spreading, bat-like wings; goat hooves instead of feet; and a prehensile tail that ends in a arrow-shaped stinger. The true female form of a Seducer Devil is similar, but that of a incredibly well-formed nude woman, also with red skin, but possessing a full head of hair, and much smaller horns. The Seducer Devil’s female form shares the wings, goat hooves, and the long tail of their male form. If forced to assume their true form by some magic, Seducer Devils are equally likely to appear male or female. Some Seducer Devils have even been seen to take a hermaphroditic form.

Seducer Devils have the ability to assume any humanoid shape, of either gender and any age, at will. They particularly enjoy assuming the form of someone their intended victim loves or trusts, or else feels an overpowering but forbidden desire for. They will also do such horrible things as seduce a victim in one form, and then change into the shape of a family member while the act is in progress. When they force a victim, the Seducer Devil is particularly prone to take the form of some trusted authority figure, in order to increase the mental anguish of their prey. They also enjoy seducing a victim in a form of one gender, and then switching genders once the victim is off guard and in a compromising position.


Seducer Devils avoid physical combat, considering it to be beneath them. If forced into it, they prefer to attack with either a vicious scourge, or else a thin, poisoned blade. They can use any weapons available, however, particularly if they wish to maintain a human disguise. Their natural strength adds a +2 to weapon damage. If grappled or forced into close quarters without other weapons, they can sting opponents with their tails. The Seducer Devil will always prefer to resolve any conflicts with their spell-like abilities, however. They do not like to kill uncorrupted mortals, because it can deprive Hell of new souls.


Name Seducer Devil (Incubus/Succubus)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Type Extraplaner
Number Encountered 1-4
Size Medium (7′ tall in natural form)
HD 8 (d8)
Move 30′, 60′ (Fly)
AC 20
Attacks 1 Weapon (by weapon type +2, usually 1d6+2) or 1 Sting (1d8)
Special Magic or Silver Weapons To Hit, Deepvision, Fire Resistance (Full),
Immune to Poison and Emotion-affecting Magic, Enter Dreams, Exhaust Partner,
Immune To Turning, Spell Resistance 15, Spell-like Abilities
Saves M+P
INT Superior
Treasure 10
XP 3275+8
Example Example
Spell-like Abilities
At Will Alter Self, Charm Person, Detect Thoughts, Hide Lies, Suggestion
3/night Hold Person, Hypnotism, Major Image
1/night Dream, Sympathy
  • Like all common Internals, Seducer Devils can also roam the Ethereal and Astral planes; speak, write, and understand all languages and forms of communication; become Invisible; see in complete darkness; Teleport with no chance of error; perform feats of Prestidigitation; Know Alignment; assume the form of a snake, black dog, black cat, goat, toad, raven, or owl; and create Darkness, all at will. Once per night they can Summon 1-4 other common Devils of any type, with a 75% chance of success. All abilities have an effective caster level of 8. Seducer Devils are able to teach the Arcane Spells that correspond to any of their spell-like abilities, and are sometimes summoned for that purpose.

  • Exhaust Partner: Anyone who is a partner to a Seducer Devil’s lust, willingly or unwillingly, is exhausted by the act. Victims lose 1 point of Constitution, which can only be restored by magical means or 1 week of complete abstinence. Anyone drained completely of Constitution by a Seducer Devil dies, sometimes returning as an Undead creature.
  • Enter Dreams: A Seducer Devil can enter the dreams of one target per night. The Devil can appear in any form that it can assume in the waking world, and gains knowledge of everything the subject dreams about. The subject and the Devil can interact just as in the waking world, including engaging in combat. A Seducer Devil can Exhaust Partners in their dreams, just as if they visited them in the flesh. Any Constitution points lost in this way will be real, but hit points lost in dream combat will be regained upon waking. Characters who actually die in their dreams will die in real life, however. The Enter Dreams ability is separate from the Seducer Devil’s ability to send messages using Dream as a spell-like power.
  • Immune To Turning: Uniquely among common Infernals, Seducer Devils cannot be turned away by a Cleric’s faith. The reason for this is unclear, but many Good clerics speculate that it may be allowed by Heaven to test the faith of men.
  • Immune To Fire: Like all Devils, a Seducer Devil cannot be harmed by fire.

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