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Lillithian Satyri / Soap Satyri
An example of a Satyri as drawn by the artist DPRagan
An example of a Satyri as drawn by the artist DPRagan
Appearance DPRagan's Magic School Storyverse
Physical Aspects Similar in most aspects to Succubi

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Satyri are a form of Succubi created by online artist DPRagan, who's works can be found on Deviantart. Initially, the Satryi were created as an independent character type that DPRagan drew, but he has expanded and codified these Satyri into a variety of different types, as well as created a story universe called the "Magic School Universe" in which these beings are somewhat more well defined.

General Description

Satyri are a form of half human, half succubus mortals. Universally created from the transformation of an unwilling human victim into their current form, there are three variants of the "Satyri" depending exactly on how they were changed into their current form: "Soap Satyri", "Lillithian Satyri", and "The Exiled". The first two Satyri variants are both contained in the "Magic School Universe", a story universe that DPRagan has created, whereas the Exiled take place in their own unique storyline.

All Satyri, despite their variant origins, share similar physical features -- they all look like shiny, rubber skinned Succubi. This is mostly a cosmetic effect; for the most part they remain human on the inside.

One specific quirk that most Satyri share is that the Satyri transformation almost exclusively involves some form of permanent and involuntary gender changing -- Satyri may look like Succubi, but originally were human men. The Exiled are an exception to this and most other "rules" about the Satyri. [1]

Regardless of transformation style, all Satyri are fully functional (read: fertile) in their resultant bodies.

Whether transformed by Lilith Brand Bodywash or kidnapped and drained/transformed by a hungry succubus, these human men -- now mostly-human girls -- have to live with the result.

Satyri Subtypes

Three known variants of Satyri exist, the Soap Satyri and the Lillithian Satyri (or Lillithian for short) in the Magic School Universe, and the Exiled in the Revelations Universe.

Soap Satyri are by far the most common form of Satyri. These are Satyri that have been transformed passively by cursed objects, most commonly "Lilith Brand Body-Wash." Soap Satyri are left with few changes other than their physical change to their resultant body.

Lillithian Satyri are the other, lesser known type of Satyri. These are Satyri who have been actively transformed by a "mother" Succubus, not unlike how a Vampire or Werewolf can transform human victims into thralls. In addition to their physical change, Lillithians are given a fragment or seed of a Succubi soul in their own, resulting in them gaining the same instinctive urges that a true Succubus has.

The Exiled are a group of Satyri from another world. Unlike the main series Soap and Lillithian Satyri, Exiled are typical humans who have been transformed into Satyri by magic, which is still a secret on their world. As a rule they retain human modesty and have completely human souls, merely gaining the physical appearances of Satyri.

Physical Description

All Satyri are, as a rule, extremely attractive, this is a result of the Succubi (or male wizard, in the case of the Exiled) influence in their various transformations. Satyri invariably lose any imperfections such as excess weight, scars, or tattos after their change, although they do retain their general individuality and non-cosmetic flaws, such as the need to wear glasses.

Satyri are easily recognized by their skin, which is far closer to a form of latex than human flesh. This rubber pelt is invariably a bright, inhuman color like Crimson Red, although "Cobalt Blue," "Bubblegum," "Jade," "Royal Purple," "Eggshell White" and other variants are also common.

This skin is universally very shiny, as if treated with some form of polish; this is due to a natural form of oil the Satyri secrete instead of sweat that constantly polishes and treats the skin. This "polish" also leaves the Satyri's skin feeling somewhat slippery and slick to the touch at all times, although this varies between each Satyri and over time.

Outside of the effects of the shine Satyri skin is near monochrome, although some areas such as the areola or lips experience a different coloring, similar to natural human pigmentation.

The color, shine, and "rubberness" of the skin extends to the Satyri's hair, which is frequently the same color (albeit a darker shade) as their skin. Satyri hair takes dyes and other hair treatments about as well as human hair; many Satyri bleach and then dye hair various "human" colors in an attempt to fit in better.

A pair of small horns is always found peeking out from the hair, these are invariably a still darker shade of their skintone, and tend towards being fairly straight and about 2 inches long. The occasional rare animal style (ram, goat, etc) can be seen, although they remain purely decorative on all Satyri despite their shapes. These horns regrow over time if removed or damaged.

Outside of this hair and their eyebrows, Satyri are hairless under the neck. Indeed, the vast majority of Satyri skin lacks any form of hair follicles and simply cannot grow hair in any form. This includes the arms, legs and genitals, which are permanently denuded.

Satyri eyes are slit and catlike, although they retain standard human eyesight (albeit with slightly better night vision). Some rare Soap Satyri gain a black sclera (the "whites of the eyes"), although this this is significantly more common in Lillithians (who always have this effect manifest).

Satyri with a black sclera also gain a slightly golden band around their irises, similar to the effect seen in some hazel or animal eyes. This band reflects light but has no bearing on vision. It is heavily implied that all True Succubi have this black sclera effect as well, although this is not common knowledge in the settings.

Some Satyri, even those without this change, manifest black sclera during periods of extreme distress. It is implied this is a defense mechanism of some kind, and this continues until the source of the agitation is removed or resolved.

Similarly to the eyes, Satyri ears are long and elf-like externally. Internally they are unchanged but the ability to move them and the extra size allow Satyri to pick up more sounds than standard human hearing.

Satyri tongues are split like a viper's, and are roughly as maneuverable and stretchy as a frog's. They appear normal (sans a small notch in the middle) at rest, but a Satyri can stretch their tongues out to a full foot, as well as "smell" the air with the tongue like snakes. Similar "snakelike" changes occur to Saytri teeth, which have much more prominent canines. Despite these changes, Satyri remain as omnivorous as humans.

All Satyri also have unguligrade legs, similar to a Satyr of Greek myth (hence the name) or a Draenei from the popular "World of Warcraft" MMORPG. These legs end in cloven hooves (technically Satyri toenails) and are slightly longer than normal legs, but are folded inward slightly to compensate -- a Satyri's height is relatively unchanged after their transformation. Satyri do require physical therapy to re-learn how to walk after their changes, however after this training they are as mobile as a human.

Satyri universally have a thick tail ending in a heart or triangle shaped spade, this tail is fully prehensile, but remains under the control of the Satyri's subconscious, not conscious, mind. Satyri emotions are easily discerned by the motions and posturing of the tail; the tail also acts as a natural counterbalance, helping the Satyri walk on their new legs.

Some Satyri have wings, although this is exceedingly rare. No Satyri can fly without magical assistance, although this magical assistance is instinctive to most Satyri.

Satyri that are not in the "prime of life" invariably find themselves in their prime post-change; as part of the change all Satyri tend to lose a few years of physical age. The vast majority of Satyri victims, those adult age or beyond, find themselves physically a young adult again (roughly equivalent to a 21 to 25 year old human woman), those victims who are in their teens may find themselves regressed to as young as 13 years old, left to grow up again and acclimate to their new life.

This regression effect is permanent; Satyri grow and mature until they appear as young adults, at which point physical maturity stops. While most Satyri have the same lifespan as humanity (Lillithians being an important exception), Satyri will appear young until the very end of their lives, whereupon they will appear to physically age very rapidly.

Rarely, and seemingly at the incomprehensible whim of whatever force causes the change, older Satyri victims can be regressed as far back as 13 years old, leaving them not only to deal with their physical transformation, but also the indignity of having their rights and responsibilities of adulthood stolen from them.

This is always a regression effect: Satyri never gain physical maturity due to their change, and the exceedingly rare pre-pubescent victims invariably retain their current physical age.

Satyri and Society

After their transformation, new Satyri are left to their own devices to re-integrate themselves in their previous lives. They retain all their previous memories, although this is colored by their changes -- for example, a Soap Satyri can remember wearing clothing, but no longer feel the modesty that led them to dress as a human. Lillithians retain their previous opinions on things, but can "smell" male essence, and find themselves attracted to it despite themselves.

Enough people are aware of the situation that Satyri usually do not have any problems getting new ID and their identities switched over; the biggest challenge Satyri experience immediately after their change is the need for physical therapy to learn how to walk on their new legs.

Satyri and Humanity

Satyri are generally, as a whole, well accepted in most of the societies DPRagan has described. While some bigotry has been mentioned -- Fundamentalists harassing or even killing Satyri victims, for example -- a few stories also involve a high school aged boy being turned into a Soap Satyri and still going to his old school. This suggests at least some level of common acceptance.

The source of the Satyri varies wildly as the rumor mill spins along. Satyri have any number of supposed origins -- from being minor demons that have gotten away from spellcasters, to being redeemed demons escaping hell, aliens on vacation, evil people being cursed for their wickedness, or even Satyri supposedly being a form of magically enhanced fetish subculture. The rumors that Satyri used to be human men has not traveled as far, although most occult and legal experts know about it; most Satyri themselves do not openly discuss this matter, seeking to reduce any further attention to themselves.

The Soap Satyri's predisposition towards casual nudity and the Lillithian's "nude week" have both entered common wisdom, because of this "everyone knows" that Satyris of all types are nudists. Similarly, the Lillithian "frenzy" and the Soap Satyri's reaction to holy items are also commonly whispered about; many people assume all Satyri are easy lays, or at the very least extremely sexually liberated. In each case, the Lillithian and Soap Satyri are quick to correct this misunderstanding.

Most humans are preoccupied with the Satyri's obvious physical changes more than anything else. A sub-race of extremely attractive, sexually active nudists generates many jokes and much good will, especially on late night talk shows. The general consensus, as much as one can be formed, is that Satyri are more harmless than anything else. If they are a form of demon they aren't the fire and brimstone type; if they are a subculture of magic using sexual deviants they really aren't harming anyone.

Fortunately, the Satyri have appeared in an age post-sexual liberation, meaning that a person occasionally forgetting to dress or seeking out consensual recreational sex partners is not terribly shocking.

Satyri Spirituality

The spirituality of a Satyri, as a whole, is not directly affected by their change: A Christian Human becomes a Christian Satyri, a Buddhist Human becomes a Buddhist Satyri, et cetera. All Satyri are effectively normal humans as far as spirituality is concerned -- they have mortal (and redeemable) souls, they remain on the path of the dharma, et cetera.

However, It is not uncommon for a Satyri to have a crisis of faith post-change, particularly if they are a member of a Judeo-Christian faith; Eastern religions tend to lack the "demon" arctype that would prompt such a crisis in the first place. The magnitude of this crisis of faith is dependent entirely on what support (if any) they receive from their religious community. The opinions on the Satyri in religious circles are legion; Satyri are just as likely to be politely asked not to return as they are to be welcomed back with open arms.

Religious people are more likely to react poorly to unknown Satyri presences, and the feeling is generally mutual. Immediately following the introduction of the Satyri to the world, many Satyri were the target of hate crimes, up to and including assault and murder. While instances of this are now extremely rare in most civilized countries, it is not uncommon for a Satyri to be harassed or insulted by ignorant people.

Unfortunately, many "Fire and Brimstone" style Fundamentalist religious leaders, particularly those in more rural areas, use Satyri as an easy target for hate speech. In addition, even the most open minded of religious people have some difficulty coming to terms with the Satyri's appearance and their quirks. It takes only one or two times of a Soap Satyri forgetting to dress before Church, or a Lillithian's willpower breaking in public before someone will pull the unfortunate victim aside and invite them to no longer participate.

Ironically (or perhaps intentionally) this also cuts off Satyri from the one group that could possibly find a cure to their situation -- occult and quantum researchers with the various religious organizations throughout the world.

In the story settings that have magic, Satyri tend to be more magically attuned than the average human, but this is not a hard and fast rule. As mentioned above, all Lillithians can shapeshift and "sense" essence. A few rare Satyri have wings (and Lillithians who have trained their natural shapeshifting skills can create them at will), which require magical power to use, as they are not sized properly for natural flight, only gliding.

Satyri and Super/Pseudo-naturals

Succubi and Fallen Lillithians (themselves effectively Succubi) tend to be very protective of all Satyri, although this is almost always in the form of anonymous support; a Succubus is far more likely to hide as a normal human and offer help to a Satyri than approach them in Succubus form. This can be taken to quite the extreme, it is suggested that some of the more "Meta-Human Progressive" charities and organizations were founded or managed by Succubi in disquise.

Satyri that experience extensive harassment can usually count on any Succubi in the area retaliating in some fashion; many a Satyri that has been harassed or attacked by someone will find the attacker has either vanished (consumed outright or banished to hell) or gained themselves a karmic transformation into a Lillithian Satyri. Lesser punishments can involve the Succubus using her powers of seduction to humiliate or blackmail the harasser into submission. Unfortunately, this only adds to the distrust and mystique around the Satyri.

Those Satyri that remain or are trapped in hell are usually used as clerical personnel by the true Demons; one particular reoccurring storyline involves a temp agency that is actually working for a Demonic social services company in hell, all workers hired for this position are transformed into Satyri for the duration of their work shifts. Satyri share the Succubi's near unique disposition that they can survive equally comfortably in pocket-dimensions that are similar to Hell as well as on Earth, the lack of a taboo about nudity may be related to the temperatures in Hell (which preclude all but the briefest and resistant of clothing).

Satyri of all types tend to cluster in support groups and their own neighborhoods, similarly to cultural specific areas in the real world like New York City's Chinatown or gay bars. These "Satyri friendly" areas such as dance clubs, bars, stores and apartment buildings are much more accepting of Satyri instincts and nonsexual nudity, although they are extremely rare and often targeted for harassment by bigots and perverts. The fact that the Satyri transformations are taking place in the age of the Internet has been very good for them, Satyri usually can count on some measure of acceptance online, where forgetting to dress before logging into a chat room means nothing.

Satyri gatherings are the stuff of common Internet jokes, as Satyri certainly see no need to wear clothing when in the company of their own kind. Satyri membership in naturist organizations such as the American Association for Nude Recreation or the "Satyri Society for Body Acceptance" is incredibly high; these organizations have active outreach programs for newly transformed Satyri and their families, including therapy, brochures, legal help and posters to try and help Soap Satyris remember the nudity taboo.

Specific Satyri Storylines

The Satyri exist in a multitude of DPRagan's works, being somewhat of a mascot character type of his. Originally in their own storyverse, most Satyri material has been merged with the Magic School Universe setting (detailed below).

The Exiled

One particular Satyri storyline, "The Exiled", involves humans being forcibly given computer implants by a particularly charismatic leader who turns out to be the Antichrist -- these chips turn out to be the mythical "mark of the Beast." Those that refuse are magically transformed to Satyri to ruin their credibility with humanity. Those that survive the procedure are usually killed by the Antichrist's army as a PR ploy, those that escape join communities of like minded individuals in the destroyed areas of the United States. Unlike standard Satyri, these Exiled Satyri retain human modesty and are, as a whole, not gender swapped, retaining a mostly human ratio of male to female Satyri.

A similar storyline involving the main universe's "Soap Satyri" being placed into concentration camps was dropped outright when the Satyri storyline was merged with the Magic School Universe.


A "slightly darker" take on the Satyri, Hellhouse revolves around experienced succubus Morrigan infecting a human embryo much like how a Lillithian Satyri is created. 18 years later, she came to collect, activating the demonic seed that had grown up in equal parts with the human part of Carson's existence. Caitlin, or rather the young Succubus Caililth, must now learn the ropes of being one of the lustful and damned...

Soap Story

An early multi-parter, Soap Story told the story of "Alexa", a high school boy who was transformed as a result of Lilith Brand Bodywash. Some highlights of this series include the revelation that chocolate affects Satyri as an aphrodisiac, that the world the Satyri are in is aware enough that the authorities have procedures in place for handling victims of the bodywash, and that Soap Satyri require physical therapy to re-learn how to walk.

The Artist's Original Description of Satyri

The following is a slightly cleaned up explanation of Satyri as written by the artist DPRagan and posted on his Deviantart page.[2] The Magic School Universe document is considered more up to date than this, and most information has been adjusted and included in the above description.

Race Summary

  • Race: Latex Skinned Demi-Succubus
  • Type: Mortal
A comparison of Satyri and Human physiology. Note that despite the Satyri leg being much longer, the overall height of the person is unchanged.


The internal organs of Satyri are identical to those a human if only slightly tougher. The skin of the Demi-Succubus bears a strong biological resemblance to that of natural latex. The hide covers nearly the entire body, with the only exception of where it meets the hooves, at which point it sometimes becomes scaly. Satyri have no whites in their eyes, there is only a dark shade that seems to absorb most light. The irises vary in shade from the human normal color range to exotic colors. However, all have to some degree yellow near their slit pupils. Satyri have smallish to medium sized horns and they regenerate if broken or sawed off. Demi-Succubae have a three to four foot long fully prehensile tail capable of grasping objects with their spade shaped tip. The tails have clusters of "knot-like" neurons that can cause it to behave erratically at times, usually in a manner that is annoying to the owner, however this can be controlled with practice.

Satyri legs are comparable to humans, and identical to the point of the kneecaps. Below that point, the calves and bones of the lower legs are half the size of a human's and unguligraded, with long foot bones that end in cloven hooves. The mouth of the Demi-Succubus has several diffrences from that of a human. Both the upper and lower canines are elongated and pointed. Demi-Succubus tongues while appearing normal, other then a short slit along the last quarter inch of the tip, are actually elastic like a frog's, but with more control and are able to taste the air similarly to that of a snake's.


Demi-Succubae are still mortal in that they are living breathing creatures that eat food just like the rest of us. They do have special physical dietary needs that can be taken care of in their home "pocket" realm. They still possess Agency or free will, and their finale fates are determined by their actions. The yellow of their eyes gives them a good indication of their position on the path towards becoming demonic in nature. The more yellow seen indicates the worse off they are, and how likely they are to cross over into being a True demon. No one knows what happens if the yellow disappears, but there is speculation, ranging from returning to being a normal human to transforming into an angel, or possibly nothing.

Other interesting info

Demi-Succubae don't really sweat. The shininess on their latex skins is produced by the skins excreting oils to keep the latex shiny. But that has little to do with temprature regulation of their bodies. (That being less than 2%.) They displace heat through their spade shapped tailfin (5%), and their horns and ears (10%). This can make them a little on the warm side, so the rest is absorbed into their "Mana" pool. (At least that is what the author is going with at the moment.)

The Process

The transformation process starts with a True Succubus choosing a virgin male of generally upright moral standing. Changing someone who is already doing evil is redundant to them. She then forces sexual activity with him in her realm. She can even take over his peripherial nervous system to make him preform for her if needed. She draws the yang energy out while replacing it with a part of her dark essence.

Then the transformation goes through several stages:

  • The boy first transforms into a girl, and then morphs into a Satyri or Latex Demi_Succubea. Throughout most of the transformation, the male is likely unconcious from pain and pleasure, mostly pain.
  • He wakes up now a girl, and no longer human, but still alive and mortal.
  • She finds that now she is Hetrosexual in her new gender. She might still like females, but the sexual drives are no longer there.
  • The new Satyri has all the memories and personality of her former life, otherwise it wouldn't be delicious torture on the part of the True Succubus that began the transformation.

Explanation of Satyri Eyes and their color changes

Satyri eyes really are windows into their souls. That is why they are worried about the amount of yellow in their eyes. It is, in its most simplest form, a "Sin Gauge" for them. Normal feeding, even if the guy they feen upon ends up a girl, won't do anything. Sins of higher order, such as murder, rape, theft, blasphemy, turning another boy into a succubus, will cause the narrow band of yellow in their eyes to expand. Once the eyes are completely yellow, they become full demons and cannot be saved. If they should die before that, then they are judged as any other mortal. If they somehow make the yellow band dissappear...no one knows, they might become human again of become a demi-cherribi or Living angel?

Latex Demi-Inncubae

Latex Demi-Inncubae are made in a similar process involving virgin females being simialry tainted by a Parent Incubae.

Satyri Offspring

When a Male and Female Satyri have intercourse, there is a slightly higher then average chance of producing a satyri offspring. The offspring are born having the physical traits of a Satyri except that they don't gain the starter yellow ring in their eyes until age 8, and they don't have to start feeding until they reach sexual maturity.

Magic School Universe

In August of 2009, DPRagan posted an FAQ on a setting he called the Magic School Universe.[3] That outline is reproduced here for completeness with the Satyri, and recent updates to the document have incorporated updates to the "Urban Fantasy" version of Satyri.

General Concept

Early in the 21st Century quantum physics experimented with feedback techniques, this lead to the discovery that humans with the proper training could manipulate reality to a small degree.

Unfortunately while studying it under controlled conditions, environmental terrorists, through a sympathetic researcher, used the research to create quantum-charged bacteria. This bacterial-culture was based off of the Wolbachia parasite came to be called called Q1T1 through Q1T8 parasites, or collectively known by slang names such as "Cat Scratch Fever" or "Neko-jin Syndrome".

The release of the Quantum-Altered bacterial strains into the general population opened Pandora's box. Once "Magic" re-entered human culture, people incidentally found that manipulating reality became easier and easier as belief that magic didn't exist quickly eroded.

Magic, as Quantum Manipulation is more popularly called, is now quantified as part of Quantum Physics.

Some churches condemned the usage outright, others embraced it, but for most of the faiths the jury is still out. However, as irresponsible magic users and crimes involving magic rise, more and more churches are leaning toward condemnation other then certain disciplines that seem to mirror the Kabalaah and Theurgy or Monk-like feats.

Magical Phenotypes

Endo-Magic: Magic that involves strengthening the human body in some way, either that of themselves or others. These skills seem to be much like the classic classes such as the Monk or Bard. 90% of Endomages are Male, Female Endomages seem to gravitate towards Dance as an expression of their magic or seem naturals at shape shifting.

Endomages can use Exo-magic but it requires more concentration and power usage, and feels like trying to use their off-hand to write.

Exo-Magic: Magic that involves the projection or manipulation of forces, matter or energy outside the human body. These skills are what most think of when Magic is mentioned. 90% of Exomages are Female. Males who are Exomages talents seem to run more toward combat magic.

Exomages can use Endomagic but it requires more concentration and power and feels like hot and cold flashes.

Meso-Magic: It is rare that mages are proficient in both, but either through natural talent or practice some mages can utilize both styles. 3% of all mages are Mesomages, this breaks down to 2% female and 1% male. Many Mesomages suffer from QHS/MSS

Known Syndromes and Curses

Quantum Hypersensitivity Syndrome (QHS)

More Commonly called Magical Sensitivity Syndrome or MSS, Humans with this syndrome are especially sensitive to the fluctuations, in the local Quantum fields aka Mana.

Symptoms include:

  • Glowing and hyperactivity during times of cresting levels of mana
  • Lethargy and even depression during waning levels of mana
  • Sympathetic reactions to nearby spells
  • Headaches and Body aches
  • Sudden Mana Discharge

Most suffers of QHS/MSS are Mesomages, some "non-mages" have also been known to suffer from the syndrome. Current theory is that they might be more in denial of their hidden talents then true non-mages.

Cat Scratch Fever

This quantum-mutated bacteria was originally created to take "useless" (in they eyes of the group) Humans and transform them physically into endangered cats thereby making infected humans less of a burden to mother Earth.

Indeed the first generation of the parasite did just that, luckily for humanity it was only capable of infecting 0.1% of the population, which ironically included 100% of the research staff that created it.

Once it got loose both the parasite and the curse quickly "mutated" gathering in domestic felines, leaving more human features and increasing the infection rate to 5% of the human population. It is now rare that someone devolves to full animal from the curse.

Symptoms Include:

  • Body fur long/short
  • Feline like feet
  • Semi-prehensile tail
  • Feline ears
  • Whiskers
  • Slight snout
  • Extra mammary glands (rare)
  • Twice yearly "heat/rut"
  • Transgender shift (more common in males then females)
  • Claustrophobic-Feral-mental regression (Extreme cases cause a partial or full devolve into a feline body type)

Emotional/Quantum Resonance Event(aka Angst Storm)

People with magic are, well people, and like anyone else can have issues.

The difference being is that powerful emotions (usually negative but sometimes hyper-positive ones also cause the issue but tend to be less destructive) can cause a warp in the local quantum field which can feedback into immediate surroundings with the emotions causing the laws of physics to warp and bend.

The size of the storm is relative to the power-level of the patient suffering the "Emotional Meltdown".


  • Cat-1 This is the most common and least dangerous, usually only temporary, caused but short term issues. (Being Dumped, failing a test, sometimes drastic hormonal shifts)
  • Cat-2 Caused by strong emotions can can be seen by non-quantum sensitives in the form of a poltergeist. (Being dumped in public, failing and important test)
  • Cat-3 Usually a stronger version of a Cat-2 caused by sustained versions of the emotions that cause a Cat-2 (Several bad events happen one after another, Being Dumped-Father Died-and failed a test in a week)
  • Cat-4 (aka "Carrie") Very rare, looks like a small hurricane with the patient in the eye, usually caused but a lifetime of abuse (lifetime social outcast, very public humiliation, long-term physical or sexual abuse) the difference here is that patients like these are good at hiding their feelings, even from themselves. Sometimes even the true trigger is missed even by the patient experiencing the emotional feedback.

"Lilith Brand Body-wash"

First sold door to door then later using a glamour to make it appear as a brand name body-wash in stores. This "soap" seems to effect human male virgins the most, followed by in rarity female virgins and very rare cases non-virgins. Authorities are trying to track down the person or persons responsible for this terror wave.

Once unwittingly (usually) applied, the user's human skin begins to dissolve and slough off, this process is painless and some users don't even notice, some have even been known to have an erotic reaction to it and begin pulling it off believing that it is a hallucination.

The exception to this is the face, the skin there does not automatically slough off, however it does become increasingly irritated and people have to show great mental self control not to rip the facial skin off.

Under the skin is a rubbery hide, with Red is most common followed by Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, and Egg-White in the effected population

The user almost universally change genders (99.5% M2F) gains a fully prehensile tail and unguligrade cloven-hoofed feet.

Note: There are rare cases where no gender-shift occurs but these are isolated cases and usually in places of heavy conflict, theorized that the heavy adrenalin levels might inhibit this trait for some unknown reason.

Satyri, as the suffers of the transformation are called, have physically "forked" tongues. Much like a pit viper, although with elasticity of a frogs, the tongue is semi-prehensile. At rest, the tongue looks much like a normal human tongue only with a slight notch at the tip, it can however stretch to a length of a foot (30.48 cm). Satyri are omnivorous, with they same dental alignment of normal humans, with the notable exception of their upper and lower canines being more prominent.

95% of Satyri seem to have normal human eyes (with feline slit pupils) but some rare ones seem to have "black" sclera's and a small band of gold along the split pupil black sclera eyes are also reflective.

It has been noted in Medical communities that extreme biological stress (Starvation or massive injuries) can cause Temporary Umbral Sclera to develop. Usually this fades once the stimulus that cause the condition has been corrected, During this time sexual encounters are discouraged without both parties consulting a SRS Specialist.

Satyri have elf like ears, while their hearing is the same level as that of a baseline humans, their ability to move their ears more easily and their enlarged pinna allow for picking up sounds that most humans would miss.

All Satyri have at least vestigial horns with the average being about an inch and a half to three inches long, and the largest horns usually resembling a ram, goat or cows with the rare gazelle in both shape and size. Larger horns occur more in the rarer male satyri.

Satyri also appear to have odd reactions to holy items; Most items cause them to become sexually aroused, with Holy Water demonstrating the most interesting effect in that it literally dissolves their clothing, usually underwear first!

It should be noted that Satyri with permanent umbral sclera tend to have the classical allergic reaction to the quantum elements behind holy symbols and Holy water.

Satyri like chocolate, nearly to the point of addiction! It also causes arousal that is twice as intense as experience by a human woman, tales of "Sexual Berserkerism" are unfounded however, and are later proven to be psychosomatic in origin.

While uncommon, some satyri develop vestigial wings thus form along the clavicle/shoulder-blade line, They are not capable of sustaining a satyri in flight, nor are they large enough to glide effectively. While it is very rare, some satyri are actually "reborn" with wings.

The wings are large enough to act as "oars" when combined with levitation runes tattooed on the outer patagia.

While it is not instinctive, satyri can shape-shift, however it takes a lot of discipline and more advanced changed feel uncomfortable. Most can only hold a form for a few hours before having to revert and rest:

  • 92% of Satyri have no idea how to even learn how to shape-shift and those who stumble upon how have trouble teaching others.
  • Hide or Eye Color is easiest and usually produce no discomfort although they tend to revert when asleep.
  • The classic faun/satyr form is often an intermediary form for a satyri and they can hold this form the longest usually eight to ten hours or until the fall asleep.
  • Human form is more difficult and opposite gender is nearly impossible and the known record for holding a human form is just eight hours with four being the more common limit and fifteen minutes for opposite gender.

Up until recently it was unknown why Satyri tend to have a noticeable lack of modesty when it comes public nudity, MRI scans of several satyri brought in for other reasons have detected brain damage in the exact same spot in the ventromedial frontal lobe, neurosurgeons liken the damage to a part of the brain that has been electrocuted and/or scarred over.

Theory's are abound on the subject, but the leading one is whatever is causing the transformations usually takes up residence in that part of the brain for the transformation then leaves.

It is an urban legend that those with umbral sclera have no such limits to their transformational abilities.

  • Among those in the know those with Umbral Sclera are artificial Half-demons. Sometimes called Latex-Demi Succubi the proper term for them is Lilithian.

The Benefactors of the Lilithian are trying to find those that are to be sealed during the Time of Revelations, neutralizing and marking in one stroke so far their success rate has been zero. Those turned seem to be "decoys".

Sexdoll Spell

Sometimes shortened to 'Doll or dispersively Fuckdoll, Fucktoy.

There are actually two different types of this spell the more commonly seen TG-01P which is used by the mob to force delinquent debtors to pay them back (much more profitable then standard Legbreaking and if the girl can never be a guy again, who cares it'll teach the next bum)

The TG-01P however is infertile and does not menstruate. Oddly the TG-01P is the least mentally stable of the sexdoll morphs.

The TG-02.5S Is exactly the same as the TG-01P except that it is fertile and used more in the slave trade.

Traits of the "Sexdoll" package include:

  • Whatever the real personality is they have an implanted subconscious desires Usually Hereto-Bisexual and nearly always Submissive to the point that if you slip a collar around one of their necks they become very obedient. If not used the implanted desires and sub-persona will fade over a period of nine months to a year.
  • Skin-tone and hair-color and breast-size can change if she senses a preference in her SO's desire, these changes take about a week start to finish. This includes rubber-skinned forms that are popular enough that this is where the Sexdoll tag has come from.
  • While the spell seems resistant to them becoming a male again, it seems the person who originally created the spell was odd and if they since the desire in their SO (this usually happens when the SO is female as well) they can grow their clitoris (incorporating the urethra) into a "penis". Testis never form and the seminal fluid has no spermatozoa. this form is often called the futanari form.

This process is easily reversed and can happen overnight.

  • Sense of Smell and touch are heightened, they are much more sensitive to pheromone scents and tactile stimulation then an normal girl.
  • Subjects that have any magical ability also begin to produce a low-grade glamour making them sexually desirable to both genders (This can easily be overcome by strong emotions).
  • Apparently there are safety features included the safe-word RED can be used if there is a life and death situation or if the 'Doll is not "owned." They however have to know about the safe-word.

Magic Primer

All actual "magic" is an act of will, however to keep the person who cut you off in traffic from being splattered against a hill by a mage's unfocused will, people are taught to use spells.

It sounds archaic, or something like summoning a demon. (That is also possible and illegal, using one to commit a crime carries the same penalty as a terrorist act.) In actuality it's a mnemonic/trigger/emergency stop system. This allows one to shape the spell as needed.

Scientists have pushed for Latin to be the language of Quantum Manipulation due to it's status as a dead language, surprisingly, those who follow the more...paganistic paths, agreed. They have already been doing so as well for some time. The reason for Latin? Someone who uses common words and phrases for a mnemonic will find that the mere act of talking casts wild spells.

Certain sub parts or objects in a spell are assigned a Latin word with an action often ending up as a phrase. By practicing each word while practicing that part it becomes fixed into the mind. Stringing the words together creates a more complex "Quantum Program" as the process is called in scientific circles.

Speaking or singing works best for quantum manipulation, while a person could do it in their mind, things can get garbled as stray thoughts cross.

The Lefay Academy

One of the more prominent magic schools, this a once private academy has been forced to become a public school for those in the school district that pass a significant magical benchmark. (One that many teachers think said benchmark is too low) It has also been forced to accept male students, a decision that rubs many of the teachers the wrong way.

So when male students began to spontaneously become turned into fully functional members of the feminine gender it caused some controversy, here are the most popular theories.

Making the leading theory behind the sudden transformation the simplest,...someone did not like the school becoming coed nor where they comfortable with so many boys with POWER that should be best left to females. (A Sexist Elitism)

Other ideas include producing powerful yet submissive concubines/wives/bodyguards for well connected political figures. (Political Maneuvering)

There are even "no-fault" theories, such as the culmination of the disgust some students and faculty have created a subconscious consensual reality on the school premises. However the booby-trapped items and places seem keyed to specific individuals.

Production test for a new generation of sex-slaves that are normally powerful but the power is in mental chains and can be directed at the will of the owner... (Human trafficking-NOT B&D which is consensual)

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