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Rosier (Marked)

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The Incubus Rosier
Series Marked
Created by Athena
Game information
Homeland Earth
Gender Male
Race Incubus
Class Half-Breed
Age Physical: Mid 20's
Actual: 1777
Title First Lieutenant

For other uses of the word Incubus, see Incubus (disambiguation).

Rosier is an Incubus character in the Marked online text based role playing game, created by Athena on the Marked website.


  • Name: Rosier
  • Race: Incubus (Half-Breed)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Physical: Mid 20's, Actual Age: 1777
  • Created By: Athena
  • Position: First Lieutenant
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Special Abilities: Flight, Intoxicating Scent, Light Manipulation, Hypnotism, Healing


Rosier is on the tall end for Incubus height. Standing at a looming 6’6”, he towers over most people, humans especially. He weighs around 195 pounds although if you add the weight of his wings, it pushes him to about 240 pounds. His blue-black wings, when fully extended, reach 13ft. across which is twice his height and quite normal for an Incubus of his size. When folded against his back, the top of his wings extend a 1 ½ ft. above his head and the tips reach to the back of his knees.

Just like all Incubi, Rosier’s hair color matches that of his wings, in his case a deep blue-black. His is kept at a longer length, it falling a few inches past the nape of his neck at it’s longest. Rosier’s eyes are an emerald green color, a trait he inherited from his human mother along with his longer thin face and tan skin. His horns, however, are a trait inherited from his father although with a unique tidbit. They protrude from just behind his hairline, in line with his ears and evenly spaced near his temples. They grow forward a few inches then curl back, away from his face, being thicker at the base and coming to sharp points at the tips.

Being proud of his bloodline, Rosier opted for a brand of the royal symbol on his lower back, above his left kidney, allowing him to hide or display it when he pleases. Having opted for the brand, it shows his strength rather than a simple tattoo that others may have.

In Rosier’s glamour form, he blends in more naturally with the human race. His wings are first and foremost, are hidden by the glamour along with his horns. His blue-black hair is darkened to a flat black since the blue hue isn’t a natural feature in humans. Rosier wears normal human clothes when among them, so there is no reason for his glamour to disguise this. His personal preferences are usually jeans matched with t-shirts and jackets but he also likes to dress nicely to fit the occasion when luring and tricking humans for his own pleasures. He also wears a few pieces of jewelry, a necklace here and there and a simple silver ring. Rosier's glamour also gives him a bit of facial hair from time to time, giving him a somewhat scruffy appearance.


Just like his Incubi brothers, Rosier is vain and self centered. Along with these traits, he has a sarcastic type of humor and enjoys frustrating people during conversations, often answering questions with more questions or giving such a vague answer that it’s pointless to ask him again. Although he is loyal and trustworthy to his King and other superiors in his race, this isn’t something he gives to others outside of his own race. Rosier will resort to lies and treachery if he thinks they will help him attain what he wants at that moment, whatever it may be.

Because Rosier is one of the few direct descendents of the King, he tends to look down on others of a lower status. Also those with a less dignified career are deemed less worthy than ones with one such as his own. He is quick tempered and has quite a nasty one if pushed hard enough. Rosier seems to have nearly no patience or the ability to brush off snide comments; even the smallest remark directed at him will cause him to become irritated.

Despite Rosier’s negative qualities, he is capable of having nice moments just like everybody else. Even though the circumstances of his Incubi birth weren’t that of love and affection, he does have the ability to love others, his King and General being two of them, seeing them more like father figures than his real one. He strives to become the best in everybody's eyes, even becoming the First Lieutenant of the King’s favorite General, Azazel. Rosier also has a keen sense of justice, preying more often upon people who have done more wrong to others than most, toying with their emotions then tossing them to the side.


Rosier’s past begins with his birth to a young Roman woman in 234 AD. Terrified at the knowledge that she was having a child out of wedlock, her family had hidden her away in an abandoned house just outside their small village. After he was only a few nights old, his Incubus father returned to retrieve him and raise him in the Carpathian Mountains with his own kind. He grew quickly like any other Cambion. He had always known he was special, not only because of his much stronger gift at hypnosis and flight than the others around his age, but also because of the blue-black hue of his wings and hair.

It wasn’t until he was considered a fully grown Incubus that he discovered he was in fact, a descendant of the King himself. Going by human standards, the King was his Great-Grandfather. Rosier began to strive to become the best he could be. Because of the results of the test that checked his natural abilities, he was offered further training at age 117 so that one day he could join the higher militant ranks of the social order instead of only being a noble by birth.

Rosier trained relentlessly, injuring himself on occasion from pushing himself too hard. During this time he also performed his regular appointed duties of training new Cambions in hypnotism. After the next six centuries, he was finally offered a Second Lieutenant position. His first assignment was to create a life for himself among humans and gather information on other Half-Breeds in the area. Rosier managed to pass himself off as a young noble, still appearing to only be in his early 20’s. He bought himself a house in the inner city in Rome, mixing with humans easily and became knowledgeable in various art forms and religions, especially Christianity.

Occasionally Rosier would meet a Half-Breed and seduce them into telling him information about their race. He would always relay this information back to his First Lieutenant and General, wanting to exceed their expectations of him. After two decades, Rosier was called back to Domus, the Incubi home in the mountains. After doing his job terrifically, they felt they had gotten hold of enough information from the area. Upon his return, he was given praise for his incredible skills during his short assignment. In return for this, he was offered a First Lieutenant position for the General Azazel, his previous one having died unexpectedly from a disease he had caught while among humans; the plague. Rosier immediately accepted the position, even more astounded that the King’s favorite General was the one who had suggested such an idea.

Since he was appointed as a First Lieutenant in the early 1300’s, he has spent most of his time in Domus, leaving only to feed or learn about new human technology. Because of his position among the Incubi ranks and his noble bloodline, Azazel and King Shamyaza felt it was best to keep him close to their home in the mountains, hoping that someday, he would become a General himself and possibly the King’s appointed heir to the throne. After hearing rumors from encounters with other Half-Breeds, the Incubi decided that they needed somebody to investigate why other Half-Breed races were beginning to congregate in a small town called Haven, just outside of Whitley, MA. Because of his earlier accomplishments as a Second Lieutenant, it was decided that Rosier would be the one to leave and relay information back to the King and General Azazel. They would then decide that if Rosier were to suggest sending others was in their best interest, they would do so.

Special Abilities

Rosier has the same abilities as any other Incubus. Flight is the most obvious one, his wings providing him with such a skill. Like others of his race, he is able to carry twice his own body weight and travel long distances. The farthest Rosier has ever traveled without stopping for rest was about 600 miles. Because he’s a First Lieutenant, he has to have better flying skills than others in the event there’s a battle and he has to fight.

Hypnotism is another skill that Rosier was required to be skilled in before he could attain his position in the higher ranks of the Incubi social order, as a First Lieutenant. He is able to create an illusion that will cover his glamour form, allowing him to disguise himself as somebody else. He has used this skill many times before to sneak into buildings for various reasons, whether they’re personal or attaining information that he was ordered to get. Of course, this can easily be resisted by anybody with a strong mind that can be closed off. Luckily for Rosier, most people don’t keep their mind closed off at all times so using this as long as he first gets eye contact, he is able to disguise himself.

Light manipulation is something that is taught to all Incubi during their growth as a Cambion since they have a more natural ability than other Half-Breeds who may have to teach themselves from scratch. Obviously Rosier would also know at least the basics of such a skill. Although he can’t create or extinguish light through this skill, he can bend the particles around him, allowing himself to hide more effectively in a shadow. Like any other Incubi, he cannot create a shadow from nothing. A shadow from any light already has to exist in order for him to manipulate it. Also, he can dim or brighten lights within a few yards of him but as stated earlier, cannot turn them on or off completely with this ability.

As an Incubus, Rosier has what the Incubi call an intoxicating scent. They are able to control the potency of their pheromones which cause those who breathe them in to enter a relaxed and sometimes arousing state. If inhaled in great quantities or at a great potency, Rosier can cause somebody to enter a deep sleep which they will awaken from after he’s left and the scent has dissipated. This ability isn’t effective on all humans and Half-Breeds. Some who have a keener sense of smell can recognize the scent if they know its origin and are able to avoid it if they so choose. Those with a more dull sense of smell do not feel the effects of this either since their receptors do not work as well as others. Rosier’s personal and distinct scent is more of a woody or spicy scent, rather than the natural musky smell that most males, human and Incubi alike, have.

Rosier’s last racial ability is his ability to heal at a more rapid rate than humans. As long as Rosier feeds regularly as he should, he can maintain this rate of healing but should he not feed, this ability quickly loses its effectiveness. There have been times that Rosier has had to refrain from feeding and his healing slowed to an even slower rate than that of humans. Within one feeding, this strengthened back to it’s normal speed.

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