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Phantom Succubi (Felarya)

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Phantom Succubi (Felarya)
Home world Felarya
Physical Aspects Female demons with a tail, bat-like wings and horns

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Phantom Succubi in the Felarya universe are very rare female demons with the appearance of women adorned with various demonic features such as a tail, bat-like wings and horns. They have ghost-like powers and ablities. This concept was created by Sean Okotami on the Felarya Forums.


Phantom Succubi are a reclusive race of demons living in the gloomiest, and creepiest planes of Hell. They are not very numerous in Hell, or anywhere for that matter. They are quite an oddity among demons.


In appearance, a Phantom Succubus will look like a normal Succubus, but emanating an aura that gives them a ghostly feel or sort. They usually have dark tones, most commonly dark gray. This applies to their skin, hair, and eyes. Phantom Succubi are in average 100' tall. However, the size varies a lot between individuals.


Most Phantom Succubi have psychotic-like behavior. They are usually playful, but their fun gravitates often around malicious acts, sadistic practical jokes, and dark humor. For this reason, they are known as Trickster Demons, usually referring to the obscenely life-threatening "jokes" they tend to pull on mortals. They are also curious and fascinated by the behavior of other demons. Because they are usually cut-off from other demons, they are very interested on how a "city demon" react in general, as they are unpredictable and twisted. For some odd reason, Phantom Succubi come out to the public more often on a particular day that is celebrated every year on a backwater planet of no importance.

Powers and Abilities

Phantom Succubi are masters of illusions. Their illusions are so realistic that they can be used as potential weapons. Getting out of a Phantom Succubus' illusion is all but impossible, mainly because their way of thinking is so foreign to most races. Their illusions can range from simple duplication, to pseudo-reality altering, limited only to the target's perspective. However, they are not without their flaws. Phantom Succubi all have weak physical attributes for demons. Phantom Succubus' strength, speed, agility, senses, stamina, and durability would be classified as merely peak human abilities in average. Compared to that of most Succubi, this is sub-par. Phantom Succubi' illusions aren't made of common magic illusions most mortals use. They are actually born from a certain immaterial phantasm they create. Because of this method, normal dispel magic doesn't work well against their illusions. Instead, anti-ghost or spirit magic must be used.

Phantom Succubi can also turn immaterial like ghosts. However, instead of becoming immaterial the same way spirits do, they become a living illusion, a sort of phantasm without substance. They indeed turn into the same phantasm they produce to create their deadly illusions. In this state, they have complete control over their non-physical form, allowing them to shape their body however they please. The downside to this is that, while immune from physical harm, they can't physically harm anything anymore. In addition, they are very vulnerable to many forms of magic. In particular, dispel types of spells, which are capable of harming them in this form. However, they still can solidify their phantasm to become pseudo-semi-tangible. In this state, they can still shape-shift, but it is only limited to body shape in that form, no longer their full appearance, and they are now vulnerable to both physical harm and dispel magic. As solid phantasm, they can only use illusions to return to immaterial phantasm. A Phantom Succubus can only turn into solid phantasm by turning into immaterial phantasm first. The same applies for the reverse process.

Phantom Succubi are voracious, and usually feeds on anything small, mainly mortals and souls. They uses their skills at manipulating illusions to attract their preys. Even when becoming human-sized, and looking like a human, they can still pull off a very stretchy and strong digestive track to eat you even if you are about the same size when they solidify in phantasm state. Their digestive track, like that of other Succubi, are very strong and neutralizes magic. Also, if they turn into immaterial phantasm when they have eaten something, whatever they ate will become immaterial phantasm as well. Interestingly enough, will vulnerable to magic in that state, it doesn't work from the inside.

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