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Pencheska as illustrated in the adventure
Scourge of the Sword Coast
Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Scourge of the Sword Coast, Page 13
Created by Tito Leati, Matt Sernett and Chris Sims
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Class Medium Fiend (Shapechanger)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Age Appears to be in her 30's
Title None
Alias Natyssa
Setting Module Specific

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Pencheska, also known as Natyssa, is a Succubus NPC character created by Tito Leati, Matt Sernett and Chris Sims who first appeared in the Scourge of the Sword Coast adventure module, her role in this adventure being a pivotal one. Pencheska's role in the adventure was mainly to act on her own unless she received a direct command from Tarul Var, her lich master. Otherwise, Pencheska's goal was to create chaos in the town she resides in with the ultimate goal of placing herself into a position of power.


As Pencheska

Pencheska's succubus from is generally typical for succubi in that she has wings, but it is unclear if her horns, tail or hooves, if she possesses them, are ever seen. She has dark hair and her eyes are green in color according to the artwork which

As Natyssa

Natyssa is the human form that Pencheska tends to assume has her "normal" form. As Natyssa, Pencheska’s appearance is very similar to her true form. Natyssa is an attractive young healthy appearing woman with dark hair. Her eyes are not normal as one is brown and the other is blue. She appears to be in very little distress from the situation around her. She wears attractive clothing and otherwise adorns herself with simple bronze jewelry. If asked about her past, Natyssa describes herself as a courtesan who travels with caravans along the Trade Way.

Character Background

Pencheska is a Thayan agent in Daggerford where she is first encountered. She acts on her own unless she receives a command from Tarul Var, her lich master. Her role is mainly to cause chaos in the town, sometimes shapeshifting into another form and other times using her powers to make others behave chaotically and has been able to do so with great effect. Her preferred form is that of Natyssa, an attractive human courtesan who has entwined herself into the lives of the powerful, even drawing the attention of the local duke.

Players encounter Pencheska as Natyssa and during the adventure she turns many of those under her control to the goal of delaying and obstructing the players as much as possible with the goal of using the players as pawns in her plans. Her main intent is to blame the players for an attack on the local duke.

The eventual outcome of the adventure allows for several outcomes for Pencheska. In one she may be killed, which then frees her to leave the Material Plane. Her plans are likely ended and the aftermath of her actions would be her legacy in the town. Another option is that she is captured and forced to reveal her plans, but only her freedom might persuade Pencheska to tell all. The last possibility is that Pencheska’s plans bear fruit.

If they do, then Pencheska fosters relationships that are detrimental to the characters. Eventually, as Natyssa, Pencheska becomes close to the duke of the town, eventually becoming the duke’s lover. In this role Pencheska’s influence is subtle. When her influence over the court is firm, then she moves to her ultimate plan, which is to kill the duke, blame the players, or another scapegoat, and then murder the local Lady and take her form. After passing this step in her plans, Pencheska would then easily influence the Council of Guilds to name her Duchess of Daggerford and thus become the new ruler of the town.


Name Pencheska
Type Succubus
Sub-Type Medium Fiend (Shapechanger)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 47 (8d8 + 8)
Speed 30 feet, Fly 30 feet
Statistics Str 8 (–1), Dex 17 (+3), Con 13 (+1), Int 16 (+3), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 18 (+4)
Languages Abyssal, Common, Infernal

Skills Deception +7, Perception +4, Persuasion +7, Stealth +6
Special Senses Darkvision 120 feet
Immunities Disease, Poison
Damage Resistance Cold, Fire, Lightning, Nonmagical Weapons (Except those made of cold iron)
Magic Resistance Pencheska has an advantage on saving throws against magical effects
Spellcasting Pencheska is a 9th-level spell caster that uses Charisma as her magic ability
(Spell Save DC 13)
She knows the following spells:
1st Level (At-Will) — Charm Person, Detect Good and Evil, Detect Magic
2nd Level (At-Will) — Suggestion
5th Level (1/day) — Dominate Person
Telepathy Pencheska can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet of her
that can understand a language. She can use the suggestion spell through her
telepathic communication and at her telepathy’s range.

Melee Attack—Claws +5 to hit (Reach 5 feet; One Creature)
Hit: 10 (2d6 + 3) Slashing Damage
Melee Attack—Kiss +5 to hit (Reach 5 feet; One Creature charmed by Pencheska)
Hit: 15 (2d10 + 4) necrotic damage, and if the target fails a
DC 13 Constitution saving throw, until the target completes a long rest,
its hit point maximum drops by the amount of damage this attack dealt.
If the target’s hit point maximum drops to zero due to this attack,
the target dies.
Change Shape Pencheska polymorphs into a Medium female humanoid,
and she can remain in the new form indefinitely.
She reverts to her natural form when killed.
Summon Demons (1/rest) If her hit points are below hit point maximum,
Pencheska can summon 1d6 manes


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