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Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology (eBook)

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Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology
Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology eBook Cover, written by Elle Foxe
Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology eBook Cover,
written by Elle Foxe
Author(s) Elle Foxe
Series Tales from Lisica Anthologies
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date October 10, 2020
Media type eBook
Length 243 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology is an eBook anthology written by Elle Foxe. It is the first work in the Tales from Lisica Anthologies series by this author. In this work one of the characters is a Succubus.


  • Title: Of Fire, Fae, and Devious Desire: A Steamy Romance Anthology
  • Author: Elle Foxe
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 243 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B08L1QNKV5
  • Publishing Date: October 10, 2020

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Plot Summary

An anthology of four short, steamy fantasy romances destined to take you to another realm.

  • The Princess & The Arcanist: The seeds of a steamy, forbidden romance are sown when the King’s closest friend and advisor, the High Arcanist Julian, overhears the sensuous secret of the swashbuckling, sword-loving Princess Aveline. The feisty Aveline had never been a second thought to Julian until one day, by a star-crossed stroke of fate, he learns of a not-so-innocent crush that only intensifies by the day. When he learns of Princess Aveline’s forbidden desire, Julian’s entire world is turned upside down. Aveline has unwittingly stolen the heart of the High Arcanist and soon, her mere presence will become too hot to handle. The willful Princess spins Julian’s mind in a web of temptation as he resists her challenge to be tamed. Surely her feelings are just a fleeting infatuation…? But if not…?
  • Hot Springs Heat: The Bathmaid Eriol is a great, winged Night’s Fae who finds a place of pleasure for all of humanfolk, faefolk, and beastfolk alike. The Bellaviste Springs Bathhouse is an establishment of comfort where all receive care and luxury in the tender touch of their diverse bathmaids. His heart is weak for human maids, despite the way his Night’s Fae body dwarfs their own. Fate would have other plans for Eriol, as despite his best effort and even prior heartbreak, he was bound to meet the woman of his destiny. Kara is a soft-hearted bathmaid who is eager to please. Aching only for a happily ever after and a beloved to create a future with her, Kara finds a match in the steam of the hot springs.
  • Hot Springs Heat: A Summer in Verseau Verseau is known to many as a place of wonder and beauty. Summers are long and steamy-hot and the glittering rivers of the countryside and forests are favored by human and fae alike. When a quiet wallflower named Elena meets a Night’s Fae called Lucian, the passionate man is eager to draw her out of her shell… A hot summer followed, quenched by the cool rivers of the Verseausi countryside. Elena and Lucian grew closer with each passing day. Every kiss convinced her with more and more certainty that perhaps he wanted more than a mere summer fling. Taking a chance on a passionate and romantic soul, Elena gives in to Lucian’s advances—will she find love as well as satisfaction to quell her melancholy?
  • The Arcanic Academy: Their Devious Obsession In a university for mages, an artist named Morgan becomes obsessed with a new peer called Amelia. His deviant daydreams fill the pages of his sketchbook and he is content to linger in silence until the day his secret is revealed… His sketchbook is filled with steamy illustrations of his beloved, Amelia, in scenes lifted from his limerent imagination. Prone to intense fixations for those who catch his eye, Morgan knows better than to pursue star-crossed romances destined for failure. He keeps his obsession to himself, opting to suffer in silence until it passes—until the day Amelia finds both his sketchbook as well as the deviant secrets within. And what if the angel of his deviant daydreams was just as twisted as he?

Book Review

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