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Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Original Sins Cartel
Created by Ken Lipka
(Original Sins Cartel)
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Age 16 (Physically)
Title Member Original Sins Cartel
Nari The Favored
Setting 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Nari is a Succubus NPC character in the second edition ruleset of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game created by Ken Lipka. She is the most recent addition to the Original Sins Cartel, this occurring less than 50 years ago.

Nari in truth is actually a pre-planned scapegoat for the organization, though she is not aware of this fact. Being the most openly ambitious and obvious of the Cartel, she appears to be the perfect sacrificial lamb to satisfy the plotting lords though Nari has plans of betrayal of her own as well.

Physical Description

Nari physically seems to be 16 years in age. She has tanned skin, long blondish-pink spiky hair, blue eyes, and garish pink wings. She favors leather lingerie. Her general appearance can be compared to an American punk rocker or biker chick. Besides her natural Succubus abilities, she is a 6th level thief.


Name Nari
Nari The Favored
Size/Type Medium Outsider (Chaotic Evil, Planar) (Succubus)
Hit Dice hp 44
Initiative +16 (Exceptional)
Armor Class 0
Base Attack/Grapple +5/+6
Attack Claw +7 melee (1d6+1)
Full Attack 2 claws +7 melee (1d6+1)
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks Energy Drain, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities fast healing 2, darkvision 60 ft.,
immunity to electricity and poison, resistance to acid 10,
cold 10, and fire 10, spell resistance 18,
telepathy 100 ft., tongues
Saves Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +6
Abilities MV 10, Fl 18 (C); ; THACO 12; irAT 2; Dmg 1-3/ 1-3;
SA drain; MR 30%; SZ M
Skills Bluff +18, Concentration +9, Diplomacy +10,
Disguise +16* (+18 acting), Escape Artist +9, Hide +9,
Knowledge (any one) +11, Listen +18, Move Silently +9,
Search +10, Spot +17, Survival +2 (+4 following tracks),
Use Rope +1 (+3 with bindings)
Feats Immune to fire, Never surprised,
Standard Tanar'ri Abilities
Environment The Abyss
Organization Solitary
Treasure Standard
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Experience Points 9,000
  • Note: If Nari decides to attack, she first approaches the strongest member of the party and attempts to kiss them, draining them of experience levels. She will then gate in lesser Tanar'ri to assist her in battle. If she is in danger of being defeated, she will attempt to escape the battle using her Tanar'ri as cover to do so.


Nari, also known as Nari The Favored, is the newest member of the Original Sins Cartel. She rules no known realm in the Abyss but has grand plans for herself. Unknown to Nari, she was accepted into the Cartel to be a scapegoat for the rest of the members. She is a fairly young succubus, but very successful in her soul-gathering skills. She has something of a "child prodigy" mentality and her early success and induction into the Original Sins Cartel gave her a major ego complex and with this came grand plans for power. She strives to take over control of the Cartel from the three founders, and all of her plans are towards the goal of gaining more power status within the Cartel.

A short story about Nari

The following is a portion of a story authored by Ken Lipka.

Triad of Evils
By Ken Lipka
Part III - Wrath

She paced angrily back and forth across the waiting room floor, the black evening gown tearing as it ineffectually tried to contain her legs. The screams of souls being tortured in chambers below did nothing to soothe her wounded pride.

How long will she keep me waiting? I have information she told me to get and now I have to act like some groveling mortal? Bah! I think I'll take this to some one else who can pay for it. Now which layer should I start with...?

As if in response to the mental threat to leave, the stone doors to the throne room ponderously swung open to reveal her hostess' current consort, in all his dog-like intellect. Panting furiously, the nalfeshnee announced, "The Mistress will see you now, little one."

Wisely biting back a sharp retort in case Ygrax should decide to live up to his moniker of "the Skull-biter" in her presence, she sketched a curtsey with as much venom as her fiendish heritage would allow and then marched into the throne room of Broken Reach to talk to Red Shroud, the ruler of the Abyssal gatetown and her superior. The dark-skinned woman moved quickly down the scarlet carpet which paved the way to throne, causing further damage to the gown she wore. As she reached the bottom of the dais, she heard the doors to the immense chamber boom close with the finality of eons. Swallowing her pride for the moment, the visitor dropped to one knee in front of the occupant of the throne. "I am here, Red Shroud, to report success in the task you assigned to me."

The ruler of Broken Reach swept her bright scarlet, leathery wings back behind her and took the time to carefully arrange the yards of crimson silk with which she clothed herself. The succubus' eyes glowed a dull red as she regarded the one who remained bowed at her feet. Red smiled as she detected the barely contained rage within the other. After a few more moments of silence to assert her dominance, she spoke. "Success or failure is bein' entirely my right to determine, Servant-Junior-Partner. Remember that. But now you may rise and be done with that ridiculous human guise, Nari."

Nari slowly straightened and willed the mortal guise to dissolve. Bat-like wings, a bright garish pink in color burst forth from her back while her hair resumed its normal spiky, blondish-pink appearance. The change caused the tattered remains of the evening dress to fall to the floor, revealing a skin-tight leather body suit with slits strategically placed to reveal her fiendish beauty. The young succubus replied sarcastically, "Thank you, Mistress- Senior-Founder. Can we get on with this, Red?"

Shroud's eyes narrowed at the familiarity in the tone. "I am three thousand years your elder, as well as one of the Founders. You'd do best to remember that, Tanar'ri, if you want to remain in the Cartel. Now tell me what you've accomplished that gives you the impudence to declare your mission a success."

The other smiled to herself.

She's upset. Good. That means I still have room to push and advance with the Cartel. I may get her seat yet...

But Nari let none of this show. Instead, she took on an almost-acceptable tone and proceeded with her report.

"I have done as you directed. I found where the man and your renegade offspring are hiding in Sigil. I've also got a clue as to who they bang around with. They're the same ones who approached you earlier about the poison as well as the same ones who played messenger for Chiryn. Using the money and name you provided, I managed to peel that fool Fated of theirs into letting those mortals fight the gladiator. Even given the rumored skill, he should have fallen given the magics in use. But he didn't! That undead bane unguent you gave me was worthless! Those mortals were killed and I barely escaped. What's the dark there, eh?"

Red smiled again. "Of course it didn't work. You didn't ask my confirmation to go ahead with the assassination attempt. You really should learn to follow plans properly. In fact, if you spent less time on other projects, such as that pre-occupation with that Doomguard..." The elder succubus paused when she saw the younger turn red with anger. The point had been made. "But regardless, yes, you are actually correct in that the mission was a success. I now know where to find them in Sigil, thanks to Meerena as well as you. And, since you did wound the Athasian, I can find him anytime that the petulant Kalak desires. You are now free to pursue your own pleasures - such as they are. But do keep an eye on them for me, won't you, Nari?" The tone stated that this was not a suggestion.

Nari swallowed nervously. "Of course, Red Shroud. I will let you know if anything changes." She bowed again, and then teleported away.

Red Shroud dropped the pleasant facade and hissed in fiendish anger.

Damn impudent child-fiend! Skilled or no, I should never have let Chiryn and Maretta talk me into voting her into the Cartel. Well, her time will come soon enough. Whatever she hopes to accomplish in Sigil will fail, whether we have to help it or not. Still... her impertinence does tell that my servant-granddaughter did steal some of my cure. Otherwise the undead unguent would have slain Killraven where he stood.

The succubus allowed some of the anger to drain away.

She actually thought she could bob me. I guess my work is succeeding faster than I hoped. I wonder if the poor man is addicted to the 'cure' yet? Perhaps I won't turn him over to that self-titled 'sorcerer-king' just yet after all. Yes... I'll let him suffer a bit longer, until he's good and hooked. But Lilah, she must be punished for stealing from me. What to do? Perhaps I have her learn her friend's True Name. That should cause a bit of Chaos right there. In the meantime, I have another errand for Meerena to hire my servant-granddaughter for...

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