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Lilith (eBook IX)

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Lilith eBook Cover, written by Kelly Shamblee
Lilith eBook Cover,
written by Kelly Shamblee
Author(s) Kelly Shamblee
Series Demon Chronicles
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date October 14, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 61 Pages

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Lilith is an eBook written by Kelly Shamblee. It is the first work in the Demon Chronicles series by this author. In this work the character Lilith is a Succubus.


  • Title: Lilith
  • Author: Kelly Shamblee
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 61 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B009R9XTMG
  • Publishing Date: October 14, 2012

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Plot Summary

Lilith is not your ordinary sophomore in college. Although she has everything going for her, an amazing boyfriend, she lives with her best friend in an awesome house, and she currently has her dream job, shes also a demon and her father is in fact Satan. Lilith has been enjoying her life not harvesting souls for her father for the past two years, but now he wants her to continue or else their will be dire consequences that she dare not entertain in her head.

All goes terribly wrong when she kills a man and draws a great warrior angel to her location and then accidentally shattered the angels halo and sends the angels soul to hell. Now she must travel through time and find the pieces of the shattered halo and forge them back together while she tries to juggle her currently life and the lives that she must live in the future and try to avoid being killed by her fellow brother and sisters in the process or else she and the angels soul are literally doomed for all eternity.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on July 24, 2016

Lilith seems like an ordinary, average girl at college. She’s not stunningly beautiful, although her rich roommate tries her best to make her be so. She’s pining for a boy, which might be her soulmate, but can’t have him. She wants to be on her own, away from her father’s influence, but that’s everywhere. The life of a succubus who just wants to be herself and free gets more complicated when she does the right thing for the right reasons and is made to pay for that. No good deed goes unpunished, even when your father is the Devil himself.

Lilith, the succubus, or demoness of the work, is funny, cute, intelligent, and more than anything else is the focus of things as she should be. She’s miffed at her roommate a lot, she’s desperately attracted to a boy she meets. The trials of college live, of finding a job, and dealing with it, just bring so much to her character that the fun in her becomes the best part of the work. It’s clear that Lilith wants to be herself, needs to be, and tries to be.

But, of course, her father appears, demands she “does her job” and after a deal is made, things slowly start to go wrong. How that happens is told in a way that’s not telegraphing the entire story and that works well. There are some lovely hints about “claimed souls” which I think I know the answer to. There is a moment when Lilith does the right thing, being that she was attacked, quite brutally, and the one that did so deserved what happened. Among moments of joy, the first stirrings of love for Lilith, there are moments when her true, hidden self comes out. I’ll say that when she dresses up in a devil costume, then tosses away a pair of sparkly horns before making her own appear, in that moment, Lilith was perfect as far as I was concerned.

Still, her good deed brings an unwanted fight with an angel that doesn’t care about anything save removing Lilith from Earth. A battle comes, and then the ending arrives. The ending is abrupt and unclear. The event unfolds in a meaningful way, there is story being told and then it all comes to a literal crashing halt. The ending doesn’t even feel so much like and ending so much as it does seem like the author left off at least a page, possibly more. Being that there hasn’t been another work in the series, that’s a real shame and one has to look back at the book blurb to get an idea of where the author was going to take things. I really wish they had.

There’s no real erotica in this work, really it is a story of growth and how that unfolds for Lilith. Core to that is one single truth. Lilith has never had sex with anyone. But the one soul she encounters, that draws her. Even when she realizes that he is “spoken for” that doesn’t stop the attraction. It seems fairly obvious where that plot thread is going, I wish for that to be, but as this was the only work to appear… we’ll never know.

We’ll never know who the characters are, I feel like there are a few that her devils and angels around her. We’ll never know how the story unfolds, what happens to Lilith in her future, what she faces to make things right. It is the loss of that, the promise of what was to comes that it the saddest thing of all. But there is a major flaw in this work as well.

The single major problem with this work is the really poor editing. Even in the book blurb, there are a number of mistakes which take away from things. There are spelling mistakes, tense errors, words missing, or used wrong. Almost every page has a little stumble which gave me pause and shouldn’t have. The story itself is strong, the characters are too, but the lack of editing care just makes this work not shine as it really should have.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I wish I could give this the four it really should be, but there are so many spelling, grammar, and word mistakes that I just cannot do so. That doesn’t mean that the story idea, the characters and how things unfold isn’t well done, for it is.

The larger shame here is that the series never continued, never told the latter part of the book blurb and didn’t allow for the story to move from an unfinished thought to a complete tale. It might never be, but the little moments that made me smile about Lilith herself I will remember…

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