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Lilith's Return (eBook)

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Lilith's Return
Lilith's Return eBook Cover, written by Tamara Jock
Lilith's Return eBook Cover, written by Tamara Jock
Author(s) Tamara Jock
Publisher Tracy St. John
Publication date May 31, 2013
Media type eBook
Length 270 Pages
ISBN 9781301327652
Preceded by Lilith

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Lilith's Return is an eBook written by Tamara Jock. It is the second work in the Lilith series by this author. In this work the Succubus Lilith appears as one of the main characters of the work.


  • Title: Lilith's Return
  • Author: Tamara Jock
  • Published By: Tracy St. John
  • Length: 270 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • IBSN: 9781301327652
  • Publishing Date: May 31, 2013

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Plot Summary

When Alex, Colwyn, and Jacob Lasham exiled the mother of demonkind from Earth 25 years ago, they thought they’d never see her again. Yet evil refuses to stay dead, and Lilith has a score to settle with the trio. She is determined to have Earth as her undisputed realm, and the Lashams will be the first to fall in her renewed war.

Alex and Colwyn’s daughter Lena has no interest in the family business of destroying demons. She is young and carefree and wants to be normal ... as normal as a clairvoyant quarter-demon can be, anyway. However, Lilith’s return threatens her family, and Lena is forced to take up the fight alongside her parents and uncle.

This time, Lilith has the upper hand and the destruction of mankind is imminent. Lena discovers that to save the Earth she must do the unthinkable: join forces with the one creature more deadly and profane than even Lilith. But will Lena’s agreement with the Father of Lies be worth the lives of all mankind, her sanity, and her soul? Or will she become the gateway for a greater destruction to Earth?

Book Review

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