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Krysanth Desiree

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Krysanth Desiree
Series Free Form
3.5 D&D
First appearance Elliquiy.com
Created by Esclavage
Game information
Homeland Not Revealed
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Class Succubus/Assassin
Age Not Revealed
Title None
Alias La Belle San Dams Merci
Setting Free Form
3.5 D&D

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Krysanth Desiree is a Succubus character concept created by Esclavage on the Elliquiy.com Forums. She originally was a free form role playing character, but the author was searching for help to convert her to be used in the 3.5 Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. She is described as being a Succubus that has been captured by a church, and is now bound to serve them against her will.

Character Information

  • Name: Krysanth Desiree
  • Alias: La Belle San Dams Merci
  • Racial/Character Class: Succubus/Assassin

Physical Appearance

Krysanth is stunning; her features make it next to impossible not to drawn attention wherever she goes. A classical beauty, she possesses accentuated cheekbones, full, luscious lips with perfectly straight and white teeth, and a delicately curved nose. Long, black curls fall from her head to frame her almond-shaped face, each curl being a thick ringlet of hair. Her eyes are a dark, murky brown that seem to smolder and sizzle with a burning hunger behind them that gives her a predatory look.

Her limbs are long and graceful, seemingly to go on forever. While possessing a distinct muscle tone, it only serves to heighten her curves. Her proportions are perfect in an impossible sense, possessing a large bust, narrowed waist, and flared hips that even the best magicks would fail to duplicate. Whatever gods she worships, they seemed to have gifted with her an unbelievable beauty that is in many senses, otherworldly. In many ways, she is the distilled essence of desire for every man and the envy of every woman whenever she is.

She seems to exude a type of 'liquid lust' as she walks, her very presence typically drawing all eyes to her when she enters a room. Perhaps the strut of the walk is what gains her attention; it offers both a promise of a passionate night of love-making and the threat of a swift death to anyone brave or foolish enough to lay a hand on her.

Normally, she dresses in a tight, risque leather top and short, black halter mini-skirt that leaves little to imagination. The leather top is extremely low-cut and tight against her bosom, allowing someone to peer into the depths of her cleavage. Her breasts are large, round globes of flesh that seem to defy gravity, practically bursting out her top. A sleek, leather jacket that is one size too small for her is on her back, molding to the contours of her body. Generally it is unbuttoned, hanging off her in an enticing manner. A faint, sweet fragrance of lilacs and honeysuckle lingers around her, a heady scent that inflames the blood and send the heart racing. Fishnet pantyhose and knee-high leather boots with a slight heel that scream 'easy' complete the ensemble and seem to indicate her professional calling of a prostitute.

A silver crucifix hangs in between her breasts, attached by a black leather collar, supple in appearance. Three small jewels are inset on the crucifix, being an emerald, a sapphire, and a ruby. It almost seems ironic that such a tawdry woman who even wear a symbol of her faith. However, any snide remarks about it will earn her ire almost immediately.


Vain, cruel, and haughty: these words perfectly describe Krysanth. She is a very arrogant person, trusting in her own skills and own ability to work things out even when the odds are not in her favor. Shrouded in mystery, she does not like to speak of her past or even what she does now. Ironically, she has a large number of both men and women willing to bed her despite her anti-social nature. Even more ironic is the fact that she seems to enjoy the attentions lavished upon her by them. Another person might be self-conscious, but Krysanth seems to take such things for granted and even expects them. There are even the constant rumors whispered about her and her particular tastes, but never to her face.

Not much a team player, she has trouble being under anyone's command which makes her a liability to a team normally. She will insist on being the one in charge and the one in control. If those wishes cannot be met, then her services will not be offered. Even if she was forced onto a team, there normally would be no guarantee that she would follow the leader's orders. Instead, she most likely would perform actions on her own initiative. There is only person that she seems to listen and obey, who is the Mother Superior Elena Daedricson. Whatever her orders are, they are carried out to perfection. How such a woman commands loyalty from her is a mystery.

A study of contrasts, she believes for living in the moment but at the same time is cautious and meticulous by nature. Much like her appearance and the crucifix that she proudly displays, Krysanth is an enigma. She is not one to immediately lash out at someone who offends her. Instead, she will nurse her grudge and pay them back at the most opportune time.


  • Roundel dagger (Kyrie): The dagger has a stiff, triangular point designed for thrusting attacks. It has a minimal disk-shaped guard and parallel disk-shaped pommel design.


Krysanth is not a free demoness. Bound by this powerful, enchanted collar, the three jewels inset in the crucifix actually are control mechanisms to ensure her obedience. To ensure that she cannot remove it, there is a powerful enchantment on it which causes her to go into powerful convulsions whenever she attempts it. Another enchantment ensures that anyone else attempting to remove the collar without the proper password and voice recognition will immediately be subjected to a lethal electrical shock. The three gems restrict the level of power accessible to her and when all three gems are active, Krysanth is essentially a normal human.

  • Situation D: All three gems are active. Krysanth has no access to any of her demon powers or abilities. Instead, she is literally the same as any other everyday average person. This is very rarely activated unless to punish the succubus.
  • Situation C: The emerald is deactivated. Krysanth is allowed to access approximately one-fourth of her strength but none of her demonic powers. At this level, the succubus can match up with some of the world's very best in terms of reflexes and combative capability.
  • Situation B: The sapphire is deactivated as well. Krysanth is allowed to access approximately half of her strength and some of her demonic powers. There are noticeable improvements in all categories of her agility, hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, and ability to take punishment.
  • Situation A: All three gems are switched off. In this mode, Krysanth has full access to all her powers and full usage of her demonic heritage. There are not many things that can face her when she is fully released. So far, a time has not yet come for this situation.


  • Has a poor habit of clicking her tongue in disappointment when she disagrees with something. This habit is a sure dead giveaway if the person she is impersonating never does this.
  • Tends to drum her fingers over her right thigh when she is seated. She always goes from her thumb to pinky finger in order, without missing a beat. This particular habit is another giveaway if the person she is impersonating never does this.

Story Concept

The idea of this character is a ancient, but captured succubus who is forced to serve as the darker side to the church. Krysanth would carry out the seductions, assassinations, and whatever else is not allowed by conventional means. The sole authority figure that she obeys fully is the Mother Superior; anyone else gains her scorn. Krysanth's position is rather interesting. On the one hand, she is highly valued and very proficient at what she does. On the other hand, she is like a collared pet that is forced to do her master's bidding.

Converting from Freeform

The following is the creator of this Succubus character's thoughts and what their plans were gor the character going forwards

These are my own observations to making the succubus a PC class. Like I said, the GMs should feel free to chime in and agree or disagree. I want to see the idea of viability for these things. But the thought is having a full succubus character but without her powers at all times. Basically, I would like hardline number modifiers for the collar effect. Based on the succubus 3.5 template, it is at least clear to me that she would have +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +6 Int, +4 Wis, and +16 Cha along with damage reductions and spell-like abilities if at full power, which supposedly is a +6 ECL. But I'm not exactly sure how to qualify them for the Situations and appropriate bonuses and would appreciate any input. Though I was liking along the lines of something like allowing Situation C (X times/day), Situation B (Y times/day), etcetera. Essentially, I wanted to know if this character is possible to create in D&D and if so, how would one best go about doing it?

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