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Krakow (Webcomic)

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Krakow webcomic banner showing the characters Lucretia, Kia and Guinness
Author Sean Lindsay
Website http://www.krakowstudios.com/krakow/
Current status / schedule Abandoned
Launch date October 5, 2000

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Krakow was a webcomic created by Canadian artist Sean Lindsay using the pseudonym Krazy Krow. It featureed roommates Tom and Case as well as Case's girlfriend, a succubus named Kia that he summoned one day. It was set in Canada, though some strips also featured Kia's family in Hell.

The strip was generally a gag-a-day type strip, though there had been extended plot arcs. These have included Tom's job in Japan and stories about Kia's family. It was drawn in a mostly manga-style.

There were four characters in the series that were , or were partially, Succubus in nature: Kia, a full Succubus, Elise, Kia's stepmom who is part naga and part Succubus, Lucretia, Kia's older Succubus sister, and Guinness, Kia's younger sister who is mostly naga with a little bit of Succubus in her.

Series Information

  • Title: Krakow
  • Creator: Sean Lindsay
  • Date Started: October 5, 2000
  • Current Status: Abandoned

Series Theme

The series follows the character Case and his friends, one of which is Kia, a Succubus he summoned. Over time Kia and Case married and Kai's family appeared in the series from time to time.


  • Tom: The more straitlaced and brown haired of the two roommates, Tom is somewhat disapproving of Case's relationship with Kia. He has worked for a firm in Japan that manufactured giant robot prototypes. While not entirely unlucky with women, he has a habit of picking up some strange ones.
  • Case: More freewheeling than Tom, Case picked up an interest in the occult from reading Harry Potter books, and summoned a succubus for his entertainment one day who stayed and became his permanent girlfriend. His father works (or worked) at Area 51 dissecting aliens. He has been brainwashed by a knife company at least once.
  • Kia: Summoned by Case one day, she became his permanent girlfriend and they are very happy. Though theoretically evil, Kia seems generally goodhearted and has given up the soul-sucking business for the time being. Kia is sometimes naive about the human world (such as the time she decided to start going to church and the holy water in the baptismal font burned all of her hair off). Generally scantily clad in leather lingerie, she is occasionally known to dress in a more human manner (to the chagrin of her older sister).
  • Cute Video Store Girl: A girl who was known to Tom and Case as CVSG who had a mutual crush on Tom; they did ultimately get together, but not before she got obsessively into bodybuilding. In the end it was reviled that her name was infact Cvsg, as she had been named by her Swedish grandmother. [1]
  • Hannah: A psychotic German girl who fell for Tom, Hannah is literally a Nazi. Usually wears a black stormtrooper uniform.
  • Tom's Professor: A bitter Russian emigrant who had dreams of scientific greatness under Soviet rule, he is now an insignificant sciences professor at a Canadian university. Tom was briefly married to his sister Tatyana.
  • Kia's Father: The devil, or someone like him, the dark red hood and menacing eyes hides a rather avuncular and loving father to three daughters. On at least his second marriage. Not particularly fond of Case.
  • Elise: Kia's stepmom, another succubus who claims to be part-naga. Not quite respected by her stepdaughters, though Kia at least tolerates her. Her naga grandmother Allante is more or less insane.
  • Lucretia: Kia's bossy, three-eyed older sister. Does not like Elise and harbors suspicions about her fidelity.
  • Guinness: Kia's high-school-aged younger half-sister. More naga than succubus, generally nice, but with a tendency towards being a chaos magnet. Reluctant friend of Regan.
  • Regan: The school rebel and Guinness's only school friend. Listens to Christian rock.


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