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Katelyn by DarkShadow
Name Katelyn
Title(s) Realm Fashionista
AngelKitty Ember
Age Physically mid-20s, though she is actually several centuries old
Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Tail Colour Gold
Personality Somewhat self-absorbed with a tendency to be focused on the superficial
Strength(s) An innate sense of fashion and knowing what would attract others
Weakness(es) Can easily be lost in fine details and miss the larger picture
Favorite Place Realm Savvy Fashions
Home in the Realm Flamewood Square
Alias The Seamstress
Created By TeraS
Quote Oh that will just...
never, never do.

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Katelyn, better known as the Realm's leading fashionista, is one of the younger members of the Collective Succubi. She is a gold-tailed succubi; her AngelKitty is called Ember.

Katelyn is not a member of Tera's immediate family, however she is close to many of Realm Royalty amongst many others. She appears in physical form to be a young member of the succubi in her mid-twenties. Her role in the Realm is that of being one of the premier fashion experts, driving Realm fashion towards both the erotic and the exceptional in her eyes.

Physical Description

Katelyn is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-twenties. She is a gold tailed succubi and is slightly shorter and slimmer than Tera. Her normal scent is rosewood. Katelyn has straight dark black hair which falls to the mid-point of her back. There is always one long lock of hair which drapes over her shoulder and teases against her cleavage. This has led to a personality quirk in which when Katelyn is flustered, she will comb through this lock of hair until inspiration strikes her. She has light blue eyes but rarely is seen with glasses.

Katelyn is well endowed as one of the succubi, she being sure that her choice of dress accents her mocha skin tones and her cleavage to the fullest. She never dresses informally as her role as the Realm's leading fashionista, in her thoughts, requires that she set the example for others to attain. Her focus in dress is specifically towards being overtly sexual in appearance which can, in her mind, only lead to the excitement that comes in unwrapping the clothing that tease her many charms.

Katelyn's sexual appetites are almost legendary, she particularly enjoying the use of scarfs to bind her sexual partners. She prefers to be "on top" and in control of her encounters to the point of being nearly unstoppable in her drive to dominate others. There doesn't seem to be a submissive part of her being, she never seeing, or feeling, the need to give into anyone save for her encounters with Tera and Keith.


Powers and Abilities



Chloe is Katelyn's Tailself, being a orange tailed member of the Succubi with bright red hair. She is not at all interested in fashion, far happier being dressed in baggy clothing and off somewhere on the shoreline of the Lake of Fire watching the tide roll in. Extremely moody, she suffers no fools and has been known on many occasions to tell others exactly what she thinks of them without a filter. Her personality is reflected in her red hair and while she accepts Katelyn for who she is, Chloe holds a secret that she has not shared with anyone save Tera. In the past Chloe was immersed in some of the darkest times of the Realm being pressed into helping the sick, injured and dying. At some point during the final dark time, something happened which made her turn away from the Realm and enter the Lake of Fire to become one of the Tails. She is very protective of Katelyn and woe be to anyone that brings any harm to the gold tail.


Ember is a pink tabby with white wings, though she is very rarely seen in this form. She acts as the greeter to those entering Katelyn's fashion story, acting as something of a filter between those who should, and should not, see her. Her human form is that of a waif of a woman, seeming to be very fragile in her body shape. Ember's body shape is best described as being a match for her cool and slightly aloof personality. A shockingly white pixie haircut with frosted pink tips leads to purple eyes that hold no emotion in them and a form which acts more like a hanger for the clothing she wears than to accent her form. Ember brooks no fools, having little time or patience for them and is well known for being blunt like a hammer in her interactions with others.


  • Katelyn is never seen in casual dress, her goal being to accent her mocha skin tones to the fullest and garner as many compliments as possible.
  • Has managed, on two occasions, to drive Earth fashion in unexpected directions.
  • Believes that whatever the cost of fashion, it is worth the price.
  • Has a hidden envy of the SuccuDress, in that she feels none of her creations can truly match it.
  • Katelyn first appeared in the story Constant Love on Tera's Blog.


  • Never has tried an alcoholic beverage, tending more towards water.
  • Prefers her incubi tall and her succubi with ample curves.
  • Is never seen without a sketchbook filled with fashion ideas.
  • Was in a torrid relationship for half a century, but broke it off for reasons she will not speak of.

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  • Tera - Queen of the Succubi, one of Katelyn's fashion inspirations
  • Allison - Usually roped into modelling various combinations by Katelyn
  • Erika - Tera's Aunt and Red Tailed Succubi Dominatrix of the Realm who expressly sources her corsets from Katelyn