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Jeqon, Demon of the Succubi

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Jeqon, Demon of the Succubi
Series In Nomie
Created by Eric Alfred Burns
Game information
Gender Female
Race Hellborn Impudite
Age Appears to be in mid-20s in age
Title Impudite of Lust
Balseraph of Lust
Djinn of Lust
Impudite of Theft
Dark Desire
Baron of Eternal Ecstasy
Demon of the Succubi
Breath of Slumber
Alias Jacqueline Mordant
Setting In Nomie

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Jeqon, Demon of the Succubi, is a character designed to be used in the In Nomie role playing game created by Steve Jackson Games. The character was originally created by Eric Alfred Burns.

Character Statistics

Character Base Stats
Corporeal Forces 3 Strength 4 Agility 8
Ethereal Forces 6 Intelligence 12 Precision 12
Celestial Forces 6 Will 12 Perception 12
  • Name: Jeqon, Demon of the Succubi
  • Title: Impudite Baron of Eternal Ecstasy
  • Word Forces: 10


  • Seductive Female/4 (Charisma +3); Teenaged Female/2 (Charisma +2); Male College Student/1 (Charisma +2)


  • 3 Soldiers of Hell (Servant/5); 5 human Servants (Servant/4); a number of Servitors assigned by Andrealphus


  • Jacqueline Mordant (erotic horror writer)/2 (Status: 4)


  • Affinity (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/2); Attraction (Ethereal/3, Celestial/5); Blood (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/3, Celestial/2); Direction (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/1, Celestial/1); Draining (Corporeal/2); Dreams (Corporeal/2, Celestial/1); Ecstasy (Corporeal/2); Form (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4); Harmony (Ethereal/4); Harvesting/2; Motion (Celestial/3); Nemesis (Celestial/3); Nimbus (Ethereal/2, Celestial/1) Numinous Corpus (Tail/2; Tongue/5; Wings/3); Possession/3; Open (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2); Self (Corporeal/2); Sensation (Ethereal/3, Celestial/2); Sight (Corporeal/2, Celestial/3); Sleep (Ethereal/6); Tongues (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3)


  • Acrobatics/2; Artistry/3; Climbing/2; Detect Lies/3; Dodge/3; Driving/2; Emote/6; Escape/4; Fast-Talk/6; Language/3 (French); Language/4 (German); Language/3 (Italian); Lockpicking/4; Lying/6; Move Silently/6; Savoir-Faire/3; Seduction/6; Small Weapon/3 (Dagger); Small Weapon/2 (Whip); Swimming/1; Tracking/6


  • Bottle of Lustii; Polarizing Shades; Silver Tongue Pendent; Body Bag/3; Cool Shades/1; Silhouette Neck Choker (Reliquary/6, Convenient, may be worn); Amethyst tipped navel ring (Reliquary/6, Convenient, may be worn)


  • Impudite of Lust; Balseraph of Lust; Djinn of Lust; Impudite of Theft; Dark Desire; Baron of Eternal Ecstasy; Demon of the Succubi; Breath of Slumber; Songmaster

Special Rites

Lull a victim to sleep, then seduce them; successfully pleasure a victim who has an oath of chastity (asleep or awake). Jeqon can give her rites to servitors.

Special Attunement

As the Demon of the Succubi, Jeqon can alter her form subtly in dim light. When in the indirect light of a candle, a night light, indirect light from an outdoor streetlamp, the early dawn or the like, Jeqon can create highlights and slight details to her appearance that makes her seem like a single victim's "dream lover." She is also aware of these details, and generally can act accordingly. This gives her a +3 on any reaction roll the victim makes, should they accidentally awaken or already be awake when she arrives.

Servitor Attunement

  • Breath of Slumber: Jeqon can grant this Attunement to her Servitors (or others, theoretically) as well as use it herself. When encountering a sleeping victim, the Demon can breath on his (or her) face and -- at the cost of one essence and a Will roll -- ensure that nothing the Demon does short of a body hit of damage will awaken him for a number of hours equal to the Check Digit. Further, Impudites who use this attunement who then bring their victims to orgasm can use their Resonance to steal the victim's essence without the victim being able to resist. The victim can resist this attunement with a Perception Roll. A check digit of five or six on the victim's perception roll -- or a check digit of six on a failed Will roll for the demon -- fully awakens the victim.

Character Information

Jeqon is a Hellborn Impudite, who first went to Earth early in the second century A.D. He generally affected male vessels and seduced "proper women" back then, leading them towards Lust, but also had a female vessel to work her wiles on the professionally chaste. He was effective back then -- enough to attract Andrealphus's approval. The seduction and Fall of a young Servitor of War assured Jeqon's Knighthood. As Rome went into decline, Jeqon shifted to a predominantly female vessel and helped accelerate the decadence of the reigns of Caligula and Nero, and with Nero the fall of Rome itself. This gained Jeqon a Captaincy in Andre's Service, which she carried with her into the Dark Ages.

During this time, Jeqon took to stealing into the bedchambers of men and seducing them, stealing their essence when sleep dulled their wits and wills. While she didn't try to keep them asleep at this time, legends began to grow. Men of virtue seized upon the legends, claiming that nocturnal emissions were the work of the Devil and demons called Succubi, who seduced virtuous men in their sleep. Jeqon became enamored of this, and working with Andre spread the legends further, emulating their actions. By never being caught in the act, Jeqon never gave proof of Infernal powers. At the same time, she spread the Word of Lust's power by making natural biological actions seem dirty and infernal.

In time, Andrealphus sponsored Jeqon for the Word of the Succubi, which she received -- making her a demon with a Word of a kind of demon that didn't exist. Jeqon has since taken the title of Succubus as her own, and Servitors assigned to her (who receive her Breath of Slumber Attunement with good service) are collectively known as Succubi as well. A good number of Andrealphus's Servitors have spent some time as a Succubus, then moved on to other service.

Jeqon has proven especially skilled at keeping the Word and concept of Succubi in the public's consciousness through the intervening centuries, growing powerful and learned, as well as gaining a good number of Word Forces, giving her strength and abilities. With them has come her Baron's distinction, and Jeqon has been an excellent Servitor for her Superior. She is very happy with her life and role, and extremely loyal to Lust. Certainly, she has worked hard to make the idea of sex with a demon alluring instead of horrifying.

The only significant thorn in her side is Salilus, the very Servitor of War she seduced into Falling when she became a Knight. A Balseraph who was assigned to her as a Succubus, Salilus served well -- but also served Lilith with a number of important tasks. In return, Lilith agreed to sponsor Salilus for the Word of Incubus. Andrealphus didn't interfere -- after all, the Word would support his own, but at the same time he wouldn't directly be undercutting his Servitor's authority or mission. A victory all ways, from his point of view.

Salilus managed to compete with Jeqon successfully for some time, by using her own rites and Servitor Attunement to weaken her. However, in the centuries of this conflict, Jeqon managed to keep the Word of Succubi much higher in profile than Salilus managed with Incubus. Clearly far more powerful, Jeqon now seeks to capture him and force him to grant her his Awakened Dream Attunement, while stripping him of her own. Then she can let him live and promote her Word, or let him waste away.

Jeqon appears as a woman with raven hair, most generally. Her body is lush, but athletic, and she dresses seductively. As Jacqueline Mordant, she has had some success writing "Goth romances" and erotic horror. Her current series is about a race of mortal succubi living among men, surviving through sexuality. She is trying her best to surpass the popularity of vampire fiction (and bring Lust over Death as a result). She is generally warm and friendly, if seductive. It's usually assumed she's affecting a seductive attitude to match her fiction. She generally has servants around her -- regular humans and soldiers alike -- both to protect her and to scout out new prey for Jeqon and her servitors. As far as her Servitors go, she accepts service from any of Andrealphus's Servitors, but always checks with her Lord first -- to ensure he has no other plans. She prefers Impudites (who stand to gain the most from the Breath of Slumber attunement), but tries to have a Lilim on call as well. Shedim need not apply.

Designer's Notes

Jeqon is a powerful but subtle demon, old and well favored by her Prince. She lacks combat ability in the Corporeal Realm, but is very good at escaping from bad situations. Engaged Celestially, she's far more effective and dangerous an opponent, and does not hesitate from fighting all out unless the odds are truly against her. Most often, potential opponents will need to work through a series of her Servitors, soldiers and servants before reaching her -- only to see her fade away. Jeqon works best in subtle campaigns with a strong societal emphasis.

Additional Notes

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