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Incubus (disambiguation)

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Incubus may refer to the following beings, items and other similar representations of this word. Generally these instances are fictional in nature.


  • Incubus, a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them.
  • Collective Incubi, a race of beings calling themselves Incubi who are part of a Realm which believes that Incubi are more than what the traditional myth tells them to be.

Various Definitions from the web

Movies and Film

  • Incubus (1966 Film), a 1966 black-and-white American horror film filmed entirely in the constructed language, Esperanto and starring William Shatner.
  • Incubus (2006 Film), a Horror film starring Tara Reid
  • Ink (Film), a 2009 American fantasy film in which the antagonist of the movie is described as being an Incubus.
  • Inkubus (2011), a 2011 American horror movie.

  • Killing Ariel, a 2008 American horror movie in which an Incubus and a Succubus appear.

  • Succubus (Short 2012/2), a short Danish film by Martin Vrede Nielsen in which one of the characters is a Succubus and another is an Incubus.

Role Playing Games

  • Rosier (Marked), an Incubus player character in the Marked role playing game.
  • Incubus (Warriors Of Myth), a monster type in the Warriors Of Myth role playing game.
  • Cologne of Incubus Allure, an item for Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.
  • Salilus, Demon of Incubus‎, an Incubus character for the In Nomine role playing game.
  • Seducer Devil, a OGL compatible Incubus/Succubus based on Medieval Lore first seen on The Engine of Oracles blog.
  • The Gentleman Caller, an Incubus-like NPC character which appears in the Van Richten's Guide to Fiends sourcebook for the second edition Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.
  • Thorn Roseblood, an incubus player character in the Virtureverse setting of the City of Heroes role playing game.

Second Life Skins

Story Universes

  • Incubus (Metamor Keep), a fantasy story universe with over 350 stories within it. PG-13 tales of magic and adventure.

Television and Web Series

  • Heartless (TV Series), a Danish drama television series broadcast in 2014 in which one of the main characters is an Incubus and the other is a Succubus.

Books and Novels

  • Kandi (eBook), an eBook by Jewel Quinlan in which one of the characters is a Succubus and another is an Incubus.
  • Katarina (eBook), an eBook by Arden Masters in which one of the main characters is an Incubus.
  • Kiss of the Incubus (eBook), an eBook by Skye Eagleday in which one of the main characters is an Incubus.
  • Kissing Darkness (eBook), an eBook by Fionn Jameson in which one of the main characters is an Incubus.

  • Zozo (eBook), an eBook by Carlton Lamberth in which both Succubus and Incubus themes appear.

Book Series

The Order of Lilith series by Freya Duquesne

The Incubus Fantasies series by Dark Ones

  • Victor
  • Luna - Part of the Succubus Fantasies series
  • Leah - Part of the Succubus Fantasies series

The Demon Lovers series edited by Deborah Teramis Christian

The Succubi & Incubi Association series by M.M. Merryweather

The Incubi Chronicles series by M.R. Lee

The Desolate Incubus series by Sherri Jordan-Asble

The Dream Lovers series by P.L. Midnight

The Cedric series by Valerie Willis

The Incubus, Inc. series by Gloria Thicke

The Demonic Dreams and Succubus Seductions series by Dalia Daudelin

The Sin City Collectors series by Amanda Carlson

The Children of Garaaga series by Paul Cooley

The Incubus Club series by Cora Blanchett

The Len du Randt series by Len du Randt

The Dark MMF series by Sol Serano

The Demon Erotica series by Jessica Stone

The Damon Snow series by Olivia Helling

The Sex Demon Trilogy series by Jaye Shields

The Jade Calhoun series by Deanna Chase

The Monster and Possession Erotica series by Desiree Silver

The Escaping Hell series by Inna Don

The A Demon's Desires series by Satine LaFleur

The Fiends With Benefits series by Damien Hart

The Masters of Seduction series by Various Authors

The Guardian series by Damien Hart

The Dominated by Demons series by Jeniffer Grant

The Sorcerer's Bride series by Rosanne Graystone

The Incubus Stories series by Felicity Quill

The Lure Academy series by Cara Wylde

The Darkness Becomes Her series by Darque Maven

The In Nocturnes series by Olive Malloy

The Seduced by the Incubus series by Lia Sinclair

The Modern Hell series by Virginia Locke

The Incubus Among Us series by Mac Flynn

The Enchant & Release series by Imogene More

The Ashwood Falls series by Jessica Werner

The Dark Rhythms series by Magi Silverwolf

The Demon Trilogy series by Dean Chills

The Immortelle: Claudia Bell series by Abigail Hawk

The Demonsong series by KT McColl

The Incubus series (V) by Abigail Fox

The Desire Eternal series by Louisa Crane

The Archon series by Veronica Storm

The Little Incubus series by David Ketter

The Caitlin Faire series by Skye Malone

The Descendants of Lilith series by Rhozwyn Darius

The Incubus Chocolatier series by KuroKoneko Kamen

The Taken series by Lee Clarkson

The Witch Way series by Crystal Dawn

The Half-Breed series by Debra Dunbar

The That Which Lies series by Shawn Francis

The Haunted by Desire series by Lily Cox

The Underworld Seduction series by Crystal Dawn

The Ten Points series by Shawn Francis

The Steel & Stone series by Annette Marie

The Rae Erickson series by Kimber Lee

The Summoning series by Kad Aver

The Allure Of The Demon series by Cordelia Shade

The My Erotic Abyss series by Lilith Asenath

The Incubus Tails series by Talus Ripley

The Kael Family series by T.S. Huxley and Adele Huxley

The Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare series by Ashley Ehlers

The Possessed by a Demon series by Kat Firestone

The Memoirs of a Male Succubus series by Annie Oakfield

The Khandi Tales series by Khandi Leeker

The Underworld Seduction series by C.J. Harwin

The Grim Saga series by Jacquelynn Gagne

The Sexopolis series by Melissa Midnight

The Mina Marley Chronicles series by Deborah C. Foulkes

The Sex Demon series by Nanea Knott

The Inkubus series by K. de Long and Michelle Browne

The Pearl Bracelet series by Melissa Leister

The Incubus Dreaming series by Vicky Payne

The Escape from Hell House series by Ashley Knott

The Ouija Lover series by Roberta Stuart

The Supernatural Chronicles series by Julia Crane

The Supernatural series by Rosemary Carr

The Demons in Darkness series by Erzabet Bishop

The 'Wicked Demons series by Reece Vita Asher

The Shadowlust Stories series by R.K.B. Kirin

The Cambion Novels series by Siana Wineland

The Blame The Goth Girl series by Bettina Busiello

The Mara series by Carley Rose

The Daemon Lover series by Amelia Ravenhearst

The Mission: Magic series by Diana Pharaoh Francis

The Soul Fires series by C. J. Black

The Demonesse series by Kimberly Jayne

The Curvature series by Amber Stuart

The Alpha's Human series by D.J. Heart

The Demon Made Her Do It series by Charlene Hunt

The Suki & Inku series by Alexis D. Ginn

The King of Hearts series by Havan Fellows

The Incubus series by Jeanna Pride

The Demons series by C.J. Hartnett

The Cravings series by Carley Rose

The Coven Pointe series by Deanna Chase

The Angels and Demons series by Amanda Swallows

The Horny Mage Academy series by Thorn and Nin

The Brimstone War series by Leila Bryce Sin

The Romance with the Incubus series by Danielle Voelkel

The Lechomancer series by Eric Stoffer

The Writ of the Succubus series by Linc Jericho

The Incubus Journal series by The Mad Hatter

The Incubus series by Christina Waters

The Incubus series by Lynn Carter

The Offsprings series by rekeaux nyte Rekeaux

The Beautiful Monsters series by Jex Lane

The Incubus series by E.S. Hutch

The Witchy Boys in Love series by Brigid Hart

The Demon's Call series by Kaye Draper

The Seduced by the Sex Demon! series by Veronica Sloan

The Castle Sedgebrook! series by Anne O'Connell

The Agents of The Bureau series by Kharma Kelley and Brittany Clarke

The Virgin's Invocation series by Georgia Lucas

The Cubi series by Meraki P. Lyhne

The Daemons of London series by Michaela Haze

The Fallen Springs series by Lorelei Kirk

The Unbound series by Rosalie Banks

The Night of the Demon Anthology series

The Demon Slave series by Ruby Thurston

The Sinful Supes series

The Warriors for the Gods series by Jaclyn White

The A Succubus for the Holidays series by Zayna Noble

The Blood Stone series by J.M. Friedman aka J.R. Thorn

The Sons of Sariel series by Sarah Winters

The Four Kingdoms Saga series by Bri Amari

The Trenton Investigations series by Felicia Beasley

  • Nephilim Falling
  • Descent
  • Scent of Brimstone - Never Released
  • Hell Bound - Never Released
  • Soul Eater - Never Released

The Clem Starr: Demon Fighter series by Kat Cotton

The Nefarius Judge series by Cinnamon Sin

The Demon's Den series by Kenzie Quinn

The Temptation of Tina series by Chamo Silver

The Clockwork Dom series by Shiloh Saddler

The Savage Chronicles series by Nanna Katt

The Great Dagmaru series by Linda G. Hill

The Matty's Monster series by Cinnamon Sin

The Hearts Duology series by SF Benson

The Lore series by Stephanie Ketchum and Tabitha King

The Nix & Nox series by Angela Chance

The Magic and Mischief series by N. R. Hairston

The Incubus series by A. H. Lee

The Incubus series by Emma Jaye

The Sempire Seductions series by Jocelyn Dex

The Moondreamer Chronicles series by Tamara Mataya

The Incubus Trilogy series by Adele Huxley

The Spell Weaver series by Annette Marie

The Children of the Incubi series by Lana M. Wiggins

The Kindred series by Cory Lure

The Incubus series by Alycia Amore

The Eros Demon series by Bo Naidal

The Incubus Legacy series by Melissa Leister

The Fallen Angels Trilogy series by Kirk Dougal

The Demon's Wager series by J. Baron

The Beast Me series by Sable Collins

The Seven Wardens series by Laura Greenwood and Skye MacKinnon

The Death Kiss series by Robin Thorn

The Tykhon series by H.K. Breckenridge

The Hidden Alchemy series by Holly Evans

The Virgin and The Five Incubus Brothers series by C. M. Kaul

The Vampire Wrath and Incubus Issues series by Azuki Lemons

The Demonic Temptations series by Steven Sterup

The Silverlight series by Laken Cane

The Victorian Incubus series by Victoria Spice

The Little Monster series by Gabrielle Prevot

The Incubus series by Heidi Byrne

The Adventures in Succubus Training series by Lula Voss

The Twice Bitten series by Crystal-Rain Love

The Another Falls Creek Romance series by SF Benson

The Incubus Master series by Rowin Khalamov

The Line of Lilith series by R. A. Boyd

The Incubus's Harem series by Reed James

The Incubus Files series by Jae Williams

The Demon Lovers series by Morgana Rose

The Chase series by Roxioxx

The Prairie Magic series by Cori Vidae

The Born in Sin series by Ruby Winchester

The Arcane Shot series by Joey W. Hill

The Arcana Imperii series by August Li

The Rise of the Incubus series by Rowin Khalamov

The Incubus series by Venus Calva

The Incubus Cowboy series by Alla Dayle

The Saraid Maddox series by Rayna Crimson

The Gravidam series by Ki Brightly

The Lovers and Reapers series by André Lampreia

The Tales from The Keep series by Jenna Castille

The Familiar Touch series by Ada Reight

The Professor Pennyworth series by Mark Basker

The Sons of Gomorrah series by Katerina Ross

The Lust Witches series by Michael Levi

The Demons series by Marina Simcoe

The Dark Court series by Ruby Duvall

The Incubus' Passion series by Reed James

The Last Days series by I Vélez

The Incubus Tamed series by Theresa Hissong

The Monster Pounders series by Maxwell Avoi

The Soulchester Chronicles series by Eve Neveling

The Incubi-Reihe series by Kristina Licht

The Incubus' Passion series by Reed James

The Sword & Sassery series by Phoebe Ravencraft

The A Witch Among Warlocks series by Lidiya Foxglove

The Demons of Areth Saga series by Leigha Stoirm

The Lilith series by Dana Fredsti

The Devil's Advocate series by Michaela Haze

The Mated Incubus series by Idris Macmanus

The Stever Morgat: Queer Warlock series by Buck de Bono

The Craving More series by Riley Rivers

The Ubiquity series by Allyson Lindt

The Lughnasadh Elite Academy series by Layla Heart

The Dark Demands series by Lucina Jade

The Caelum Trilogy series by Serena Akeroyd

The Soul Twins series by Brandi Bell

The Immortal Protectors series by H.M. McQueen

The Demons of Areth series by Leigha Stoirm

The Origins of the Six series by A.K. Koonce and Aleera Anaya Ceres

The Soul Twins series by Brandi Bell

The Wakeful Dreams series by Trina Bates

The Tales of the End Times series by Mary Trepanier

The Lusty Demons series by Nadia Collette

The Trice City Lovers series by Megan Derr

The Incubus Life series by Molly Rebecca

The Fortuna Academy series by JB Trepagnier

The Ebony Child series by B C Morgan

The Godmother Tales series by S.E. Isaac

The Gentleman Incubus series by E.M. Hardy

The Academy of The Devil series by Eva Brandt

The Naughty Witch series by Sammy Hain

The Halloween Heat series by B.J. Wood

The Secrets of Fae Duet series by J.J. Dean

The Daughters of the Grey Man series by M.C. Logan

The Bad Luck Dragon series by Shan Marin

The Incubus's Naughty Harem series by Reed James

The Demon's Chat Room series by Allison Nicole

The Rise of an Incubus Overlord series by Jack Porter

The 800-Incubus series by Johnnie Shadows

The Son of a Succubus series by Sarina Dorie

The Sexy Sins Academy series by Lilith Darville

The Angel's Fate series by Tessa Cole

The Academy of the Elites series by Alexis Calder

The Fae Academy series by A.S. Green

The Monsters and Miseries series by A.K. Koonce

The Erotic Incubi Encounters series by Jillian Rose

The Elysian Heights series by Frey Ortega

The Ghostly Shadows series by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Incubus Inc. series by Randi Darren

The Becoming Lust series by Destiny Diess

The Summoned Demon series by Layla Piper

The Her Dark Fae Prince series by Juliann Whicker

The Poisonwood & Lyric series by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes

The Dread Allies: Shadow King series by Ophelia Kee

The Gods and Demons series by Kaye Draper

The Grim Reaper Academy Legacies series by Cara Wylde

The Incubus Senator series by Ellis Levi

The Tainted Power series by Rory Miles

The Dark Fate series by Stuart Grosse

The Incubus Twins series by Shannon Ivy

The Sexy Sins Retreat series by Lilith Darville

The Ashford Asylum series by Analeigh Ford

The Incubus Legacy series by Ella Hanson

The Ember's Flames series by Sadie Waters

The Paranormal House Flippers series by Lidiya Foxglove

The Broken Monster Academy series by Avery Free

The Sating Father Ryan series by Idrissa Valentine

The Jessie Solomon series by Morgaine Swann

The Incubus series by Kina Keyna

The No Consequences series by Carl East

The F My Life series by HP Mallory

The Demon's Daughter series by Carrie Whitethorne and ZL Morris

The Incubus Hero series by Ella Hanson

The Feeling Voices series by Jasper Katt

The Unhallowed Love series by Tara Fox Hall

The Brambles series by Morgan Ray

The Flirting with Monsters series by Eva Chase

The Incubus Desires series by Arya Karin

The Bloodfire Academy series by Alexis Calder

The Searching Trilogy series by Paige Orr

The Incubus Dreams series by Cassandra Vayne

The Eros Academy series by C.T. Rhames

The Dreamweaver Saga series by K.G. Reuss

The Deck of Souls series by Bonnie L. Price

The Of Astral and Umbral series by Bonnie L. Price

The Rebecca Cross series by Felicia Mayday

The Inhuman series by Eros

The Lake City Stories series by Annie Nicholas

The Theft by an Incubus series by Ellie Ellis

The Lil Harvest series by Meraki P. Dark

The Incubus series by Brandon Varnell

The Original Sinners series by Micah Hayden

The Incubus University series by M. Bell

The Satellite Night Brigade series by Shiloh Love

The Demon Guardians (II) series by Skye Malone

The Infernal Contracts series by Tessa Hastjarjanto

The Boys of Lake City series by Jaymie Acosta

The Our Ethereal Legacy series by Hank Dolworth

The Willing Submission series by Ciara Bane

The Midnight Huntress series by Piper Fox

The Call Your Name Quartet series by A.M. Boone

The Unruly series by Aster North

The Her Flawed Four series by Avery Rae

The Claimed series by Sheyla Drymon

The Contractor's Curse series by Ember Morgan

The Gray Matter series by Ashley Amy

The Phoenix's Quest series by Alice Winters

The Courtship series by D. Rashawn

The Queen of Time and Thunder series by Sadie Anders

The Pizza Shop Exorcist series by Dakota Brown

The Asylum Bound series by Analeigh Ford

The Vacancy series by A. K. Caggiano

The Poppy's Potions series by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory

The Wickedly Charmed series by Rosemary A Johns

The Boringville series by Robert Clark

The Evil Obsessions series by Nadia Nightside

The Born of Hellfire series by Erzabet Bishop & Gina Kincade

The Desires series by Ash Johnson

The Made in Hell series by Logan Jacobs

The Seven Realms series by S.J. Stewart

The Orion's Bay Trilogy series by Luna Blake

The Incubus' Secretary series by Anna Kendra

The Paranormals series by Andie M. Long

The Avalar Explored series by Deacon Frost

The Our Dark World series by C.L.L. Saikali

The Undercover Elementals series by Anna Durand

The Forbidden series by J. Lynn

The Valens Heritage series by Jan Stryvant

The Innocent Devil's Harem series by Kaizer Wolf

The Incubus R.A. series by Virgil Knightley

The Killian Blade series by Stella Brie

The Witch's Rebels series by Sarah Piper

The Princess of Hell series by Kitty Siberia

The Creature Cafe series by Clio Evans

The Stolen Legacy series by Candice Bundy and Piper Fox

The Freedom's Harem series by Elizabeth Brown and Torri Heat

The Priest and the Demon series by Avery Arden

The Perimeter series by Vladamir Jones

The Rise of the Morningstar series by Domino Savage

The Her Every series by Becca Saylor

The Witches, Vampires, Satis and Succubus series by Stephenson Holt

The Lewdmancy series by Eden Redd

The Lustful Detective Agency series by Buck de Bono

The Forsaken Ones series by Denna Holm

The Wildewardian Tale series by Gwyneira Blythe

The Mystic Angel series by Cerise Rose

The Tower Full series by Coyote JM Edwards

The Anal Nun Academy and the Femboy Incubus Invasion series by Kythe Fraulust

The Incubus' Harem series by Nina Grace

The Tartarus Mafia series by Lena Moore

The Death Maiden Chronicles series by R.R. Born

The Demons are People, Too series by Kristin Lance

The Ever Dark Academy series by H.P. Mallory

The Memphis Magic series by Andrea Hagan

The Royal Occult Bureau series by Barbara Russell

The Purgatory Prep Academy series by Kerry Keller

The A Demonic Romantic Comedy series by Latrexa Nova

The Terra Vane series by Katie Everwood and Katie Epstein

The Spirit Chapters series by Bree Nan

The Monster Island series by E.M. Bradshaw

The Bubbling Cauldron series by Titania Thorne

The Sons of Gulielmus series by Holley Trent

The Wild Hunt series by Nancy Corrigan

The Aggie's Boys series by Raven Storm

The Kingdom of the CZARS series by Dana J Wright

The Incubus Inside series by Mark Rivett

The Primal Sin series by Ariana Nash

The Perpetual Fantasy, Rock Band series by Ann Edwards

The Perpetual Fantasy, Rock Band series by Jen Lynning

The Dangerous Lovers series by Maggie Bonnet

The Devine Sex Inc series by Pen Ghost

The Cain series by Beth Hildenbrand

The Angelic Academy series by Alisha Williams

The Larkwood Academy series by Jayce Carter

The Siren's Cafe series by Levie Bryant

The Frayed series by Olivia Lewin

The Incubus's Women series by Julie Libídeo Griffin

The Killers and Kings series by Leigh Kelsey

The Eleven Kingdoms of the Anzu Demons series by Anne Riland

The Shadowcraft Academy series by Yve Vale

The Sacred Order series by Maria Warren

The Gilded Blood series by Rachel Rener

The Omegaverse series by Liz E. Cooper

The Incubus series by Maeve Black

The Cambion Journals series by Andrew P. Weston

The Darkbriar series by Isla Hart

The Incubus Chronicles series by Adam Wilson

The Magic Wars: Her Immortal Monsters series by Kel Carpenter and Aurelia Jane

The Desire Aforethought series by Kyra Alessy

The Underworld University series by Bex Deveau

The Becoming Lust series by Emilia Rose

The Vesperwood Academy: Incubus series by Evan Thorn

The Capturing Her Dreams series by GK Grayson

The Echoes of the Void series by Mallory Dunlin

The Gamble of Souls series by Tolanda St. James

The Settlement series by Warren Cook

The Gamble of Souls series by T St. James

Comic Books, Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, etc.



  • A Dark Eldarwarrior in the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000

Figurines, Dolls and Models

In Music

  • Incubus, an American alternative rock band from California.
  • Inkubus Sukkubus, a British Goth metal band.
  • Opprobrium, an American death metal band from Louisiana which changed their name in order to avoid confusion.
  • "Incubus", a 1984 song by Marillion on the album Fugazi.
  • "Incubus Succubus", a song by Xmal Deutschland.


  • Incubus, a beer in the Belgian Tripel style made by Sly Fox Brewery of Pennsylvania, United States of America.

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